WCW Thunder 10/29/98


On Nitro, the Warrior decided he was going to continue his feud with Thunder by never appearing on it, Judy Bagwell reformed M.O.M, and DDP won the US Championship from Bret Hart. The Giant vs Raven is the main event, but we’ll also have TV and Cruiserweight Championship defenses. 

Van Hammer vs Wrath

No one can stop Wrath. Not even Meng. What chance does this hippie have? Meltdown for the win.

We’re shown an extended clip of Alex Wright vs Finlay from Halloween Havoc, that wasn’t actually even shown on the PPV itself. Or was it? I really don’t know. It wasn’t on the tape that I just watched nor was it on the PPV when I recorded it in 1998.

Fit Finlay vs Alex Wright 

This is the rematch to a PPV dark match. Finlay isn’t fucking around this time and works of Wright’s leg right away. Trying to take away the man’s dancing career! What a jerk. The ref gets bumped on a missile drop kick. He checks on the ref. Finlay hits the tombstone for the win. Fun little Euro match.

Recap of Steiner attacking JoJo on Nitro.

Disciple vs Tuff Tom

Oh Jesus. So jobbery. Stunner for the win. Beefcake doing jobber matches with the C-team of WCW jobbers on prime time television. What the fuck, Eric? No wonder WCW got bought out for a pack of Gushers.

Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko

GANG WARZ. Indie RESPECK stand off. Eddie comes back from break with a springboard rana and low dropkick. Dean slows it down with a corner AXE BOMBAA and works a headlock. Eddie gets out of it with a back suplex. Flapjack Norton from Dean. He goes for the Cloverleaf, but Eddie gets to the ropes. A fan pushes Eddie. He told him to suck it. Dean doesn’t fall for the handshake. LOL at the cameras zooming in on Eddie’s face while he’s doing the “kiss my ass” sign. How could TBS have violent movies and pro wrestling with their standards and practices being so strict? Superplex from Dean. It goes to the floor. Both guys get sent into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Eddie locks on the Gory Special, drops it into a pin, which leads to a roll up sequence. The LWO hit the ring, continuing the tradition of WCW stables ruining good matches. Mongo and Benoit clear the ring. 

Disco Inferno vs Chris Jericho WCW Unified Television Championship

Disco wants Jericho to go ahead and put the belt around Disco’s waist and not even bother with the match. Jericho does it and SWERVES Disco with a lariatoo. Disco bumps Jericho to the floor, but Jericho comes back in the ring and dominates. Disco makes a come back with an atomic drop and lariatooo. He stomps a mudhole in the corner and hits a second rope elbow. Piledriver is reversed into the Liontamer. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Chavo really should have hidden some weapons inside of Pepe. Chavo gets the better of Kidman in the opening minutes and sends him to the floor. Kidman comes back in with a head scissors and hits a rebound lariatoo in the corner. Slingshot legdrop. Pepe kisses Kidman. How sweet. Big German suplex. High cross body from Kidman. BK Bomb. Chavo gets Pepe. They fight over it and Kidman ends up rolling both of them up for the win. The LWO comes out after the match. Eddie says Chavo isn’t cutting it. He says if Chavo wants in the LWO, he has to earn it with Eddie.

Recap of Warrior’s ramblings on Nitro. 

The Cat vs Villano V

Cat wins with the Feliner in short order. Cat calls out anyone. Sonny Ono comes out. I thought they were already together since they walked out together a few shows ago, but since it was on Thunder, it didn’t count. Sonny pulls out a wad of cash and they head off together.

Scott Hall vs Steve Armstrong

Mike will be wearing lucha masks for Halloween. Obviously a jobber match since this is an Armstrong not named Road Dogg. Hall wins after two Outsider’s Edges. No drinks tonight. 

Recap of DDP beating Bret on Nitro. They show SO MUCH when they do these recaps. Like 5-7 minute recaps each time. It ends up being 1/3rd of the show every week.

The Giant vs Raven

Raven has been on a huge losing streak, has no one around him besides Kanyon, and is apparently quite depressed. I don’t think he has much of a chance in this match. Giant dominates until Raven gets a a chair out . Kanyon gets a table out as well. Raven ends up getting chokeslammed through it.