WCW Thunder 10/22/98


The real go home show for Halloween Havoc. I will be blazing through this. Not with weed, but with speed.

Super Calo vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey comes out wearing a Rey Jr. sweatshirt. The old man kind, not hoodie. Calo hits a springboard drop kick and big slam. He takes Rey to the floor and hits that wacky lucha senton. Rey hits a sweet head scissors. Super rana for the win. Eddie tries to get Rey to join the LWO. Why didn’t they ask Super Calo? Rey declines.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. DDP is the guest. Goldberg has done zero promo work for this feud. The only promo he’s had was in regards to the nWo. DDP lives the American Dream on the edge of a lightning bolt. Sweet reference. He’s jumping off that lightning bolt and onto Goldberg. “Is it you who’s going to Bangtown?” Fuck, I wish I could go to Bangtown.

Alex Wright vs Johnny Swinger

Swinger got a jobber entrance. Even Super Calo gets an entrance and he hasn’t won a match all year. Jobber jobbed.

Recap of Sting/Hart from Nitro.

Kanyon vs Chris Jericho WCW Unified Television Championship

Jericho takes the mic and says the reason people answer “nobody” to Kanyon’s question is because they have accepted Jericho as their savior. Kanyon gets bumped to the floor and we go to break. Jericho is doing a stalling suplex when we come back. Kanyon hits a superplex from the second rope with Jericho on the apron. People stealing from Kanyon even today. Reverse suplex from Jericho. Catching Northern lights from Kanyon. Electric chair drop. A missile dropkick lays out both the ref and Kanyon. Raven runs in for an Evenflow and gets promptly put in the Liontamer. He’s had a bad few weeks. The match is thrown out. Jericho retains.

Recap of Hogan beating up Whoreass on Nitro. 

Saturn vs Norman Smiley

Norman catches a super kick into an Achilles lock. Saturn comes back with a Fujiwara arm bar. Saturn hits HHH’s face buster and a neckbreaker. Norman does a stalling butterfly suplex. Saturn comes back with a series of suplexes and a superkick. DVD for the win.

Riggs vs Lex Luger

Lex has no match for the PPV. The nWo feud has really been completely aimless since War Games, with Hall vs Nash being the only concrete thing going on. Lex wins in a weirdly competitive match.

TAFKATAFKAPI vs Juventued Guerrera 

Disco tried to cost Juvi the match, but ends up actually causing him to do a split leg moonsault for the win. Disco then tries to piledrive Juvi. Kidman breaks it up. Juvi then attacks Kidman and they all brawl.

Recap of the Mayor throwing Bischoff out of her city.

Konnan vs Scott Armstrong

More jobbers.

Kendall Windham vs Dean Malenko

Kendall grabs a mic. He says the Horsemen are the best of the best. That ain’t Malenko. Kendall hits a big boot and Windham lariatoo. Leg lariatoo from Dean. Cloverleaf. That’s it. Two moves from Dean. He also grabs a mic. He calls out Bischoff as a cunty fuckhead. He brings out the rest of the Horsemen. Arn doesn’t care about what Eric says about him, but you can’t talk about his family. Flair reveals that he’s planning on taking Bischoff’s job. 

The Giant vs Sting

Sting locks on the Deathlock and the nWo hits the ring. They attack Sting’s leg with a chair. Rick Steiner comes out with a bat, throws it to Sting, and chases Scott away. Sting then runs off the nWo. The rest of the Wolfpac show up AFTER Sting already cleared the ring. WE’RE OUTTA TIME. JOIN US FOR HALLOWEEN HAVOC.

Nothing new announced. The full announced card for Halloween Havoc

Goldberg vs DDP WCW Championship

The Warrior vs Hollywood Hogan

Bret Hart vs Sting WCW US Championship

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall

Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner No DQ