WCW Thunder 10/1/98


Raven vs Goldberg for the title under Raven’s Rules tonight!

DDP vs Lodi

Number one contender jerking the curtain. Lodi has a sign that reads “You will get banged”. Surely by that point, DDP would had to have realized what it sounded like when he said he was going to bang dudes constantly. Poor Lodi. Guys had zero issues stiffing him with every shot. Kanyon Cutter for the squash. BANG! 

Pretty sure Lost in Space was Pacific Rim’s inspiration, based on the home release commercial I saw.

Mike Enos vs Jerry Flynn

Jobbers, jobbers everywhere. Jobber for you. Jobber for you. And you. And you. Flynn hits some kicks. Enos throws him to the floor. Flynn does the veteran move by making Enos chase him back in the ring. Hall strolls down, drink in hand, and gets in the ring. The ref doesn’t throw the match out until Hall decks Flynn. Mike Enos wants a fight. Maybe he wants revenge for Hall ruining that match back in 1996. The drink gets knocked away, which pisses Hall off. Outsider’s Edge for both men. He’s sick of Nash telling him what to do. He’ll only meet Nash on his terms. 

Kanyon vs Riggs

The dual tapings are becoming obvious since nothing from Nitro is being referenced and Kanyon has his hand tapped up, which wasn’t taped up on Nitro, but was on last’s week’s Thunder taping. That and the arena had a very distinctive ceiling. This is Riggs’ first post-Flock match. Kanyon wants to know where the peg leg and parrot are. Kanyon talks just a bit too much and gets put on his ass for it. Kanyon’s getting his ass kicked for this whole match so far. A stun gun in the corner finally changes the match. Second rope fameasser. Fireman Flapjack Norton. A second attempt at the fameasser is countered into a powerbomb. Flatliner for the win. BANG! 

TO THE BACK. Raven is…somewhere in the building talking about his parents telling him not to get attached to anything, because everything leaves in the end. At 6 years old. 

Ciclope vs Wrath

If you’re a luchador that isn’t Rey or Juvi and you’re facing a white person, you are going to lose. We’re coming up on half way through the show with no gifs. Another squash for Wrath.

Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Wait a second. Chavo just lost a contendership match on Nitro. And what happened to Juvi facing Kaz later in the show? That didn’t happen at all. Chavo hangs out on the floor with Pepe and gets nailed with a pescado. Chavo comes back in the ring with a Diva style face buster. Hip Toss reversal series sends Kidman to the floor. Chavo hits a dive of his all. Lot of chin locks for a cruiser match. Kidman goes for the tornado bulldog and gets dropped on the ropes as we head to commercial. Kidman finally mounts a comeback with a lariatoo. Hie misses a drop kick. Chavo hits a back suplay. Kidman goes for the SSP, then gets caught and hit with a superplex that was more like a throw. BK Bomb. SSP. Title retained. 

Van Hammer vs Lenny Lane

Come, guys. WCW, you can do better than this. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in this year. I’ve even seen in the year 2000. Hammer won with a pretty gnarly Alabama Slam. 

TO THE BACK. Raven rambles about something else sad and depressing. 

Damian vs Disco Inferno 

Damian grabs a head lock right away. He hits a cross body and Disco begs off. Damian does some dancing while on the ropes. It motivates Disco to get his shit together. Piledriver for the win. This is turning out to be yet another nothing show. Disco lays the boots in after the match. Juvi runs out and hits a missile dropkick and dive. 

Stevie Ray vs Konnan

Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse. Stevie hit that sucka with a slapjack. Good. Nash made the save and powerbombed Virgil. Hall comes to the ramp, but doesn’t come to the ring. 

A commercial for Strangeland. Man, I’ll watch just about anything with Robert Englund. Freddy’s Dead was the first movie I remember seeing, because my parents were clearly irresponsible to let a 3-5 year old watch A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. I also have a vivid memory of watching Predator 2 alone at night while I’m pretty sure now that my mom was boning this guy. Well, the scene with Predator standing on the building with the spine was too much for me to handle and I tried really hard to stop it, but what I actually did was pause it, so that fucking thing was stuck on the screen. For years I thought Predator 2 was terrifying. It wasn’t until around the time of AvP when I watched it again and realized it was one of the worst movies ever. But back to Strangeland. It’s also pretty god damn terrible. I’ve seen a lot of Robert Englund movies. Most of them are pretty bad no matter how entertaining he is in them. It might be the worst movie with him I’ve ever seen.

Raven vs Goldberg WCW Championship

Raven never even got his rematch. Goldberg tries a flying knee in the corner and goes all the way to the floor. Raven rams him into the post repeatedly. Raven tries to put Goldberg through a table. Goldberg moved. Raven and the ref get speared. Kanyon attacks with a chair. DDP hits the ring. Evenflow on Goldberg. Kanyon Cutter on Kanyon. BANG! Jackhammer for the win. DDP and Goldberg have a stare down.