WCW Thunder 10/15/98


The Blade Runners reunited. Warrior couldn’t be bothered to get in his wrestling gear. Chucky made his WCW debut. Rick Steiner challenged him to a fight. 

Sick Boy vs Van Hammer

Come on. Flock explodes. Or something. The Flock is dead and now the Flock members besides Kidman have even less direction than they did as “guys who interfere in Raven’s matches and get beat up”. Hammer wins with a spinewalkbusterslam. 

Recap of the Horsemen partying and Bischoff being arrested from Nitro. All 15 minutes of it. WCW is so shameless with their padding.

La Parka vs Konnan 

Konnan ruins everything. Even La Parka. 

Riggs vs Fit Finlay

They’re spelling Finlay’s name right again. That really bothers me that they go months at a time spelling Finlay’s and Anvil’s names wrong and no one seemed to notice. Riggs does a leapfrog and hits a powerslam. Finlay comes back with a lariatoo. Spinal shock. Lot’s of using the ring as a weapon. Vader Bomb is countered with some boots up. Fit wins with the tombstone. 

Kidman vs Kaz Hayashi WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Half way through the show with zero gifs or anything of note. Hopefully it will change here. Kaz and Juvi never had their match as far as I’m aware. At least not on the main shows. A series of drop kicks sends Kaz to the floor. Pescado. They go back in the ring. Kaz dumps Kidman out right away. He hits his twisting dive. Rolling senton in the ring. Kidman tries to make a comeback. He misses a splash in the corner. Backbreaker. Kaz misses a moonsault. Kidman goes for the SSP. Kaz gets up and hits a jawbreaker from the second rope and follows it up with a brainbuster. Sonny Ono is now at ringside. Kaz gets a series of near falls, but makes the mistake of trying to powerbomb Kidman. SSP for the win. Ono gets in the ring and kicks the shit out of Kaz until Kidman runs him off. 

Recap of the Buff/Steiner break up. Then a recap of Rick Steiner challenging Chucky to come to the ring and fight him.

The Cat comes out and talks a lot of shit, challenging anyone from the crowd or locker room to fight him. Some fan gets in the ring and gets kicked in the throat. Security drag him out. 

TAFKATAFKAPI vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Fucking Prince. Get out of my computer. He bumps Chavo to the floor. Chavo takes council with Pepe. Chavo does a wet willy. Prince slaps Pepe around. Call PETA. This is so messy. I feel like they really dropped the ball with Chavo. Fans were STOKED for him when he broke away from Eddie and gained his freedom, but they just turned him into a midcard comedy guy. He could have at least had a run with the Cruiserweight title. Tornado DDT for the win.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. DDP comes to the ring. More and more fans each week are picking DDP to beat Goldberg. DDP says he’s both on cruise control and JACKED UP. I feel like those contradict each other. No one thinks he can beat Goldberg, which is how he likes it. This is despite the announcers and fans each week thinking DDP CAN be the guy to beat Goldberg. 

Stevie Ray vs Dean Malenko

This got a Buffer intro. I really hope he wasn’t on a pay per appearance deal. They go to commercial about 40 seconds in. Chucky talking about Scott Steiner being the star of his next movie is used as a bumper. We come back to Stevie Ray doing rest holds. I think Stevie has main evented every Thunder since joining the nWo. Dean hits a terrible back suplex that Stevie somehow takes as a stomach bump. Dean locks on the Cloverleaf. Virgil hits the ring and the match is thrown out. Norton also comes out. The Horsemen make the save. Arn openly acknowledges that they’re still in Indy and they’re breaking the restraining order given to them earlier in the night. Which was actually last week by the show’s timeline. 

So concludes another complete waste of 2 unopposed hours of prime time television.