WCW Thunder 2/19/98


Go home show for Superbrawl. Sting vs Randy Savage tonight!

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay tries to interview Jericho when Savage and the nWo went running by. They beat down Savage and Lex.

Fit Finlay vs Bill Goldberg

Oh shit. No way Finlay doesn’t drill Goldberg in the face at least once in this match. You know, Bobby did the best at putting Goldberg over as a big deal. Finlay attacks with his shoulder pads as Goldberg enters the ring. Press slam to gutbuster. Sadly, it didn’t look very good. God, this crowd is molten for Goldberg. Goldberg dares Fit to hit him harder. He does in the corner. Judo throw to get out of the sleeper. Crowd loses their minds at the spear. Jackhammer. Goldberg is awesome. The haters can suck it. And now Finlay is back, so the midcard just got even more awesome. 

Hypnosis vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The show is off to a pretty good start. We also have Benoit/DDP vs Raven/Saturn and Sting vs Savage. The main event will probably be more of an angle than a match, but still. Tag match should be awesome. Lol at Hypnosis trying to do shit in the corner and the ref counting him and him getting pissed about it. Big powerslam to Chavo. Hypnosis damn near breaks his neck, shoulder, and leg at the same time running into the ring post. Chavo then does a huge tope. Dude had hops. Chavo gets drop kicked off the apron. Springboard bulldog only gets 2. Missile dropkick to the back. Chavo could win this right now. Instead, he took too much time and Hypnosis wins with the guillotine leg drop. His music always seemed more like it was for a Japanese wrestler. 

Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring to coke ramble. I don’t know what Hulk was saying. I’ve learned to tune his voice out. But he totally said “J-Date Dillon”. 

Scotty Riggs vs Booker T

Riggs is a male from America. I believe he has the clap. Riggs always sucked. He was one of those guys I never understood why WCW had and kept. Book hits a big spinebuster and Riggs bails. Whatever. Riggs sucks and I don’t want to watch him having a match. Book wins with the ax kick.

TO THE BACK. Mike Tenay checks on Lex Luger in the training room. He wants to know what he was doing with Randy Savage in the parking lot. Lex chases him off.

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera 

Kidman gets snapmared from the top and Juvi hits a diving rana. Kidman comes back with a wheel barrow suplex. Head scissors over the ropes opens Juvi up to do a dive, but Lodi tripped him. Lodi holds Juvi for Kidman to dive, but Juvi gets out of the way. Juvi Driver. 450. Juvi goes on to Superbrawl with momentum. Jericho attacks. He pulls off Juvi’s mask. But Juvi had a second mask on! What a SWERVE! 

The Outsiders vs Mike Enos/Wayne Bloom

Are you fucking kidding me? A Beverly Brothers reunion? And it wasn’t even hyped? FOR SHAME, WCW. For shame. Hall hits the chokeslam on Enos, who comes back with a powerslam. Nash has Bloom in the corner and Hall just clobbers the guy with a lariat. Nash punches the ref and powerbombs Bloom. Nash’s fines are up to $255,000.

Recap of Crush’s debut and Flair/Hart shaking hands.

Brian Adams, Curt Hennig, and Rick Rude all come to the ring. They’re all dead. I wish Rude was still wrestling at that point. They talk about Bret. Pretty sure Curt is loaded. This brings out Anvil and Bulldog. Gross. Another dead guy, too. 

Brian Adams/Curt Hennig vs Jim Neidhart/British Bulldog

All in street clothes. Street clothes to Anvil are sweat pants and Bret Hart leather jacket. 1992 Superstars. This is just a brawl. Ref has no control and they’re just all fighting around ringside. Rude gets involved over and over with chokes and kicks and whatnot. Match is thrown out. During the break, security had to break it up.

TO THE TENAY. Mike brings out The Steiners. Rick is the only one to talk and it was a waste of time.

La Parka vs Super Calo

WWE should bring in La Parka for Tons of Funk. He’d be the most over guy in a week. Arm drags! More arm drags! And then, more arm drags! Spin wheel kick with Calo in the tree of Joey Lawrence. Calo comes back with a reverse bucklebomb. Double jump super rana. Then a double jump baseball slide and wacky lucha senton. Disco comes in with Parka’s chair, but the ref throws it back out. La Parka was on the ropes and hit a Whisper in the Wind for the win. Disco comes back in with the chair only for Parka to hit him with it. 

Benoit/DDP hype video. I don’t know why it had a sitar in it. 

Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

“I want you…to want..me!” “He thinks he’s Peter Frampton.” Uh, wrong reference, Tony. He’s going to unmask Juvi, who is really, really ugly, and then call him Air Quazy, because he looks like Quasimodo. Because he’s really ugly. Dean doesn’t even care that Jericho won’t take off the strap. Apparently, Jericho wore that to a restaurant earlier today and wouldn’t give a tip, but would let people touch the belt. Reverse suplex from Jericho. Dean is getting his back worked over. Dean finally comes back by throwing Jericho to the floor. He almost gets he Cloverleaf on. Tiger Driver is reversed, but Dean rolls through, but Jericho rolls through that and wins with the Liontamer. Jericho can’t even. 

Raven/Saturn vs DDP/Chris Benoit

Hyped. Saturn and DDP start. Big belly to belly from DDP. DDP Evenflows Raven! Benoit goes all in on Raven only to get superkicked by Saturn. Double underhook belly to belly. Gangrel style. Raven breaks up the Crossface. DDP comes flying off the ropes with a clothesline. A few lariats later, he goes for the Diamond Cutter, but Riggs pokes him in the ribs with a chair. Total Elimination! Kind of. The ref misses Benoit getting the hot tag. Of course. DDP fights back, but gets hit with the drop toe hold on the chair. Saturn goes for a moonsault and misses, and kind of clips the chair. DDP makes the tag. Saturn and Benoit play hot potato with the chair, until Benoit just punches it. Snap suplexes on the chair. Saturn gets DDP in the Rings of Saturn. Benoit breaks it with the diving headbutt to the kidneys. Kanyon Cutter on Raven! BANG! Crossface on Saturn. Benoit and DDP win! 

Randy Savage vs Sting

The nWo carry Savage to the ring like he’s some kind of sacrifice. Or maybe Jesus. Savage is in a Sting mask and has been spray painted. Hulk says the match won’t happen and that Sting wouldn’t dare show his face with the whole nWo around. That was Sting’s cue to come from the back. They eventually swarm him until Lex comes to the ring. Savage is still dead in the middle of the ring. 

The announced card for Superbrawl:

Sting vs Hollywood Hogan for the vacant WCW Championship

Lex Luger vs Randy Savage

The Outsiders vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

DDP vs Chris Benoit WCW US Championship

Rick Martel vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Saturn vs winner of Booker/Martel for WCW TV Championship

Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera Title vs Mask

British Bulldog vs Steve McMichael