WCW Thunder 2/5/98


La Parka vs Hugh Morrus

The best way to open a show. Well, it was when La Parka came out. La Parka gets a Cena reaction. I’m so torn. I love La Parka, but I don’t want to see him jobbing to Humorous. Parka didn’t even get any offense. Terrible start to the show. Hugh wins with the moonsault. The good news is La Parka got to use his chair and dance after the match.

Goldberg hype video is shown.

Jim Powers vs Goldberg

Fuck. ANOTHER random low card WWF guy who hasn’t been relevant in years? Super squash. 3 moves. 

Buff does an ad for The Blues Brothers coming up next on Movies for Guys Who Like Movies.

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera 

Spinning head scissors to open things up. A second ends in a face buster. Poor Jewvy. A springboard dropkick sends Kidman to the floor. With Kidman on the apron, Juvi does a diving rana, which sends Kidman flying into Lodi on the floor. He tries a guillotine leg drop to come back in the ring, but missed. Another super rana in the ring. Juvi Driver! He went for the 450, but ended up dropkicking Lodi instead. Shooting star press for the win. 

TO THE TENAY. Mike brings out DDP. He’s here to compete against the best and wants to prove to everyone who the best is. Hyped for this match. 

Villano IV/Villano V/Silver King vs Super Calo/Lizmark Jr/Chavo Guerrero Jr

Hypnosis hit the leg drop on Chavo OUTTA NOWHERE to give the rudos the win. Here are the gifs.

Recap of Savages problems with the nWo.

Steiner Brothers vs Buff Bagwell/Konnan

The nWo all hid on the stage so they could ambush. Dream ran Lee Marshal off and reclaimed his spot. He’s being hilarious. nWo is mostly dominating. Tony is disgusted with Dusty. Scott hits the tiger bomb, Ted starts beating on Virgil, and the match is thrown out. The Steiners go for the bulldog, but Hall pushes Rick off the ropes and they crash into each other. Really quick.

Marty Jannetty vs Raven

Hollywood Blonds theme really doesn’t fit Marty at all. A rematch. Raven doesn’t have theme music yet. Marty meets Raven in the aisle and goes to work. Lodi gets superkicked. Twice. Fuck Lodi. Raven hits the Cactus Elbow, but it looks shitty. Bulldog on a chair. Crippler Crossface from Raven. Raven tries a Vader Bomb on a chair. Doesn’t work out. Then he goes up top and gets dropkicked to the floor. Lodi is still dead. Rocker Dropper into the Evenflow for the win.

Another video of Giant’s injury is shown.

Disco Inferno vs Saturn

I like Disco. I like Saturn. Hopefully this is better than the shitty Regal/Booker match. Starts off with some chain wrasslin. Saturn hits a belly to belly right as they went to break. Disco tries to jump off the ropes and gets caught in a head and arm Tazplex. Falcon Arrow. I feel like you don’t see Falcon Arrows in mainstream wrasslin anymore. Chartbuster! Kidman sneaks Saturn’s foot on the ropes. Diving fist drop is missed. Saturn was out on his feet on the ropes. One of his Flockers shoved him on top of Disco. He laid there for a while before he came to and locked on the Ring of Saturn for the win. Kind of a weird finish. Booker comes out to save Disco after the match. 

TO THE TENAY. He talks with Nick Patrick. He says the announcers have brain washed the audience to think he was guilty. Nick Patrick will be reinstated on Nitro, so he says. 

LOL Raven doing ads for Blues Brothers and shitting on Dan Aykroyd and TBS. What a random dude to be doing corporate ads.

Louie Spicolli vs Jim Neidhart

Before the match, Hall challenges the Steiners to a title match against The Outsiders. They haven’t teamed since they won their titles. Anvil comes out and beats the shit out of Louie. Anvil puts on the Asiatic Spike, but Hall comes in and breaks it up. The Bulldog comes out. Hall runs off. Bulldog hits the powerslam on Louie. Mongo comes out and attacks Bulldog. Bret’s tagalongs dispose of him. 

Chris Benoit vs DDP WCW US Championship

This could be boss, but I feel like Raven is going to ruin it. They lock up and roll out to the floor. Tiltawhirl side slam. Sweet gut wrench gut buster. Crossface! DDP was too close to the ropes. Belly to belly from DDP. He’s had most of the big moves so far. Attempted Kanyon Cutter. Benoit backs out of it. Benoit goes after the kidneys and hits a back suplex. Benoit goes to town, just beating DDP down. But DDP won’t give up. DDP hits a big jumping DDT that no doubt contributed to some kid killing. The Flock hits the ring and ruins everything. Evenflow on Benoit. Kanyon Cutter on Sick Boy and Lodi. And Hammer. Kind of. Kidman jumps on DDP’s back and gets a Kanyon Cutter out of it. Benoit and DDP have a stare down to end the show.