WCW Monday Nitro 2/9/98

We’re getting closer to finally having a champion again at Superbrawl. Only a solid 2 months without a champion. 



Hogan and Bischoff start the show off. Well, that’s not good. That just means they have a lot longer to ramble and not get cut off. Hogan is sick of the gaga and keeps hearing it in the gyms and girly bars. Are girly bars female strip clubs or male strip clubs? He’s tired of hearing about Savage doing what he wants and everyone should worship him. HOLY SMOKES! Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan tonight on Nitro! HOLY SMOKES! Savage starts talking from somewhere in the crowd. He accepts the challenge. HOLY SMOKES! “I’m gonna put on my wrasslin clothes!” Once Savage wins tonight, he’s going on to Superbrawl to face Sting. 

Larry is nowhere to be found and no one knows where he is. I hope it isn’t a family issue. 

Recap of the Bulldog/Mongo feud. 

Glacier vs Steve McMichael

Apparently, Glacier is a heel. He turned on the Cat and uses aggression more than karate now. Louie Spicolli joins the announce team. He brought Larry’s bags. He says they made amends, but he doesn’t know where Larry is. I swear I remember Cat being the one to turn on Glacier. This sucks. Mongo wins with the tombstone. Mortis hits the ring right after the pin and attacks Mongo. Mongo fights him off and hits the tombstone on Mortis. Bummer. 

Norman Smiley vs Konnan

Man, I get so happy to see Norman, and then Konnan comes out. Norman is in canary yellow. Looks great. Louie’s commentary is pretty depressing in retrospect. He’s talking about being a wayward youth and celebrating his 27th birthday. He dies in a few days. I don’t like having to sit through a Konnan match. He did hit a gross DDT. That reminds me, a rough DDT and two tombstones in two matches, yet the powerbomb is banned for being dangerous? Those two moves intentionally spike people on their heads and JJ doesn’t seem to have an issue with them. 187 and Tequila Sunrise for the win.

TO THE TENAY. WCW is sponsoring a new NASCAR car. This sounds and looks like it was taped an hour before the show actually started. 

Nick Patrick comes to the ring to ref a match. JJ comes out and says he’s still suspended. Nick Patrick says he’s been with WCW since before it was even WCW, unlike JJ, who will put himself on the market to the highest bidder. He’s going to sue the shit out of JJ pretty soon. JJ exercises his authority to keep Patrick from reffing.

Yuji Nagata vs Disco Inferno

Disco is cut. Nagata is not. Backdrop drivaaaah. Disco comes back with a neckbreaker, but his offense doesn’t last long. Explodaaaaah. Wheel kick. I used Nagata a lot in Revenge. Belly to belly. He went for the Nagata lock, but Sonny Onoo wanted him to do more damage. Chartbuster! Disco wins! La Parka hits the ring and lays Disco out and dances. Then he lays Nagata out and dances some more. 

TO THE TENAY. Mike brings Lex out. He’s gonna kill Macho Man. I think he meant he was going to kill the Macho Man’s ex wife. Dick.

Eddie Guerrero/Chris Jericho vs Chavo Guerrero Jr/Dean Malenko

Tony again says Chavo and Eddie are brothers before correcting himself. But that isn’t the first time he’s said it. Eddie is MONSTER over. They are in El Paso. Eddie starts by ambushing Chavo. What a shitty uncle. Tiltawhirls everywhere. Eddie begs off and tags Jericho, who is still wearing his championship. Chavo gets the best of Jericho and tags out after hitting a big springboard bulldog. Dean drilled Eddie and sent him flying off the apron. Eddie breaks up the Cloverleaf with a missile dropkick to the ear. Eddie and Jericho do some cheating during the abdominal stretch. Such heels. A lot of double team stuff on Dean. Dean hits a hot shot from the center of the ring, which sends Eddie straight back into a belly to back. Butterfly backbreaker to Dean. A missed Lionsault gives the chance for Chavo to come in. It doesn’t take long for him to get beaten down. He climbs up top, only for Eddie to shove him off the ropes. Jericho puts him in the Liontamer for the win.

Recap of the Steiner Brothers and their problems.

El Dandy vs Juventud Guerrera

Starts out with normal lucha stuff until they go to the apron, where Dandy gets back dropped over the ring post and to the floor. Juvi hits a big plancha afterwards. It goes back in the ring and Dandy uses his size to lay in some heavy strikes. Juvi Driver and 450 for the win. Jericho runs out and attacks Juvi after the match, but Juvi fights him off. He claims he was just trying to congratulate Juvi. Juvi gets on the mic and says something in Spanglish. Jericho translates. Juvi said he wanted a shot at Jericho’s belt. Title vs mask at Superbrawl!

Steven Regal vs Goldberg

YES. This is the match where Regal intentionally blows Goldberg up for the lolz. Regal immediately takes Goldberg down with a cravat. Some awkward chain wrasslin. Man, they are not even in the same match. Regal with a dick move kicking Goldberg in the face out of a pin. This is awkward. Goldberg is clearly getting frustrated. Regal is really the one not cooperating here. Regal by far has had the most offense of anyone on Goldberg, but it was because he was doing what he wanted. Spear. Jackhammer. I’d be pissed if I were management. That’s not something Regal should have done on TV. He should have done that on a house show and it wouldn’t be a big deal. But he was intentionally trying to make Goldberg look bad to prove a point or something. To be fair, Goldberg actually came off as more than just a super strong dude who can throw guys around, but that isn’t the point. It was pretty unprofessional. 


Louie Spicolli vs Chris Adams

WCW should have brought in Gino Hernandez. Oh. Louie hits Adams in the head with Larry’s briefcase. Does he think he’s IRS? Larry runs in and chases Louie off. 

Booker hype video.

Ultimo Dragon vs Saturn

Oh my. I could never figure out why they made Ultimo so fat in Revenge. Dragon hits the corner headstand kick to the back of the head. He went for his kick combo, but Saturn caught it and turned it into an ankle lock and then STFish move. Saturn turns a sunset flip into a head and arm Tazplex. Some hard strikes back and forth, but Saturn puts on a number of arm bars. Super rana. Dragon sleeper is reversed, but the spinal tap isn’t. Saturn gets to the ropes on the second try. In ring Asai moonsault. Another attempt at the Dragon Sleeper is countered into a pin. Saturn wins. Good match.

3rd hour pyro fest.

Recap of DDP/Benoit

Booker T vs Raven WCW TV Championship

The title belongs to the Flock. Saturn specifically. The Flock attack before the match. I think the match is thrown out before it even starts. Booker fights off Riggs and Sickboy. Then Lodi and Kidman. Raven finally gets out of the corner and attacks. Evenflow. Saturn is back and puts the Rings of Saturn on. Benoit is not in the building to make the save. Neither is Rick Martel, apparently. Or Stevie Ray.

Another recap of the Savage/nWo problems.

Hollywood Hogan vs Randy Savage

Megapowers EXPLOOOODDDDEEE!!!! Savage attacks during Hogan’s entrance. Lol. He also decks Bischoff for fun. Off to a good start. Savage chokes Hulk with his own bandanna repeatedly. Hogan comes back with an eye poke and chokes of his own. They’re trying to out heel each other. Except this is how both of them wrestled as faces, too, so I guess it is just normal. Hulk starts dominating. AX BOMBA in the corner. Low blow from Savage. Low blow from Hogan. Just a couple of old tan, bald bros hitting each other in the balls. Savage almost goes after a cop/security guard on the floor for some reason. Macho crashes and burns into the guard rail after missing a double ax handle. Liz takes a chair from Hogan. Savage hits Hulk in the back with it. Flying elbow! Savage has it won when the rest of the nWo hit the ring and attack Savage. Hogan with a chair shot to the head! Savage is back up and attacks Hulk in the aisle. You can’t keep that crazy asshole down. 

Lex Luger comes out to the ring and calls out Savage. The shits on him for not being there. Liz comes out. Savage comes out from the crowd and attacks. Sting comes out and saves Lex. The rest of the nWo come out to laugh at Savage. WTF, a net drops from the ceiling on top of Sting/Savage/Luger. Is this Looney Tunes? 


The Outsiders vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

Before the match, normal Outsiders promo, but they also made fun of Savage and wish Syxx a speedy comeback because 1998 is the year of the Wolfpac. I bet they’re going to be pissed in a few weeks. Rick and Hall start out. Scotty comes in and gets chokeslammed. Hall turns around into a belly to belly. Nash gets a knee in as Scotty runs the ropes. Scott just decks him for it, but turns around into a lariat. Nash gets tagged into and takes Scotty to the corner. Extended offense on him. Nash teases the powerbomb twice just to troll the fans. Scotty hits the tiger bomb. Rick wants the tag, but Scott won’t give it to him. Hall pulls Scott into Rick, which counts as a tag. Hall doesn’t realize it and goes for the Outsider’s Edge. Rick does the flying bulldog, which actually landed on Scotty. New champions!