WCW Thunder 1/22/98


This is the go home show for Souled Out. Minutes before the show went on the air, a press release was made regarding the WCW Championship at Souled Out. Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Scott Hall are advised to be there. And Roddy Piper will be there, too. 

Konnan vs Scott Steiner

DiBiase is out with Scotty, so he must be okay with his attitude change. Motherfucking Virgil out there, cheating. I think the first Thunder show had Ted beating up Virgil and Tenay saying that Ted was getting years worth of revenge. I guess because Ted is now a face and Virgil is now a heel, it’s totally cool that Ted had a slave. Match only goes a few minutes before Buff and Norton hit the ring. Rick Steiner and the Boss Man come out to help. Scott ends up taking them all out on his own. Buff and Scott have a pose off. Up next, Mexican tag team action!

Kevin Nash comes to the ring, wearing a fanny pack. He knows that he will be $1.5 million richer in the next hour and a half. He guarantees it. “The Giant wants me worse than a lap dance after 20 years at sea.” 

Chavo Guerrero Jr/Super Calo vs La Parka!/Silver King

Fuck yes. Chavo and the King start it off. Raven heads down to ringside. Calo wins with a top rope victory roll on Silver King. La Parka hits everyone with chairs after. Then all of the other luchadores hit the ring and we have a brawl. Here are gifs: 

EARLIER TODAY. Nick Patrick tries to have some interview time. Rick Martel arrived and was attacked by Saturn and Kidman. He was thrown through the plate glass door. That’s great that it is January and the ad for WCW magazine has pictures from WW3. Which was in November. An add for the Boston Brawl pay per listen. $7.95 to listen to WCW commentating over a house show. Lee Marshall keeps talking about Real Video and it makes me not nostalgic at all for the internet of 1998.

Marty Jannetty vs Dean Malenko

Oh shit. Starts with some chain wrasslin before Dean goes for some leg work. Nice slingshot in the corner. Roll up only gets 2. Marty hits an accidental McGillicutter. They don’t have very good chemistry, which is kind of weird since Marty had chemistry with everyone. They’re just both off and struggling with each other to do basic moves. Tiger Bomb into the cloverleaf for the win. 

Kendell Windham vs Bill Goldberg

Kendell was great. Not quite as good as Barry, but really on that level. It’s a shame he never went anywhere. Bobby Duncum Jr was also a great rugged dude who would kick you in the face and lariat your head off. WWE really needs a few of those guys today. Bill drops himself on his head trying a rolling knee bar. Kendell comes back with a full on Windham lariat. Spear and jackhammer for the win. You know that dude in the WWF vs WCW thread saying that Goldberg wasn’t really over and WCW had to manufacture everything about him? Well, that’s bullshit, because he gets bigger reactions every week and at that point had only been around for a few months. And he’s about as over as anyone except the top top guys already. They aren’t chanting his name, but they are going ape shit when he comes out and hits the spear/jackhammer.

Scott Hall comes to the ring. He’s gonna slap The Giant around tonight and shut Larry’s mouth on Saturday. The PPV is on Saturday because that was Superbowl weekend. Louie Spicolli enters the ring with Larry’s golf clubs. Louie breaks the 2 iron. And then the 4 iron. He breaks a few more and Larry comes out. With pyro, but no music. Louie says Larry couldn’t even beat him, let alone Scott Hall. Louie runs right into a guillotine choke. It’s so weird that Larry was so much more over as an announcer in 1998 than he ever was as a wrestler in WCW. 

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr WCW Cruiserweight Championship

YES. Eddie gets head scissored out of the ring and gets his leg stuck in the apron. Eddie then goes after Rey’s already injured knee. Brainbustahhh. He goes for the frog splash, but Rey hops up and hits a superplex. Rey hits a flip and hurts his knee. Jericho then runs in and attacks. Eddie and Jericho then beat up Rey. But Eddie isn’t very happy that Jericho just ruined his chance at a title win. Chris Benoit hits the ring, but Jericho doesn’t see him. Eddie backs off and leaves Jericho for Benoit.

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit

Dean Malenko helped Rey to the back with a ref. We come back from break to see Benoit hitting a suicide dive. Maybe the name should be changed. It’s mostly all Benoit. He hits a dragon screw and Jericho fakes an injury, which allows for him to sucker punch Benoit. Lionsault only gets a 2 count. Raven is in the crowd looking totally stoned. He’s straight up nodding off. Fisherman superplex from Jericho. Snap German suplex. Crossface is locked on and Jericho taps out before he even hits the mat. Benoit invites Raven into the ring, but he declines. But it was a SWERVE and Raven jumps Benoit!

Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring. Vince was better as the big evil boss, but Bischoff always had him beat in the smarmy cunt department. They again state Hulk is the real champ and will be getting his belt back at Souled Out. Hulk is the patient fisherman. He doesn’t strike me as a fisherman. The fish would probably be a bigger audience than TNA, though.

Saturn vs Rick Martel

Model sprints to the ring and is looking to deliver an ass beating. It takes the rest of The Flock to distract him long enough to Saturn to get some offense in. Exploddaaahhh. Martel goes into the post and gets put in a Fujiwara armbar. This followed by a cross arm bar, but Martel turns that into the Regal stretch. We come back from the break to see a second rope clothesline and Saturn then turning a Rings of Saturn into a pin and a sit out backslide. Martel rolls through a sunset flip and locks on the Quebec Crab for the win. After the match, Kidman tries to dive on him, but landed on Saturn instead.

A clip of Roddy Piper giving a dude an airplane spin on top of a car on Walker, Texas Ranger is shown. 

The Giant vs Scott Hall

Giant dominates for a few minutes until Hogan and Nash come out.Nash decks Giant with a roll of quarters. Probably. That’s the WCW/Wrasslin go to. Hogan gets in the ring and attacks, but the match isn’t called off. Savage climbs on the ropes, but is thrown off by Lex. He’s put in the Rack on the floor and Nash taunts him while in it. Hall eats a chokeslam. Nash breaks up the pin and the match is finally thrown out. Nash taunts Giant, but since Giant can’t touch Nash until Souled Out, he shakes the ring apart instead.

The announced card for Souled Out

Bret Hart vs Ric Flair

Lex Luger vs Randy Savage

The Giant vs Kevin Nash

Larry Zbyszko vs Scott Hall

Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Raven vs Chris Benoit

Rick Martel vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Steiners/Ray Traylor vs Konnan/Buff/Scott Norton

Pretty good looking card.