WCW Thunder 1/8/98


The debut show of Thunder! A 3 hour debut! We’ll have Kevin Nash vs DDP for the WCW US Championship tonight. We’re also going to see the footage of Sting vs Hogan and Larry Z vs Bischoff from Starrcade. Tony, Brain, and mother fucking Tony the Tiger himself are your announce team for tonight. The first match was to have Randy Savage, but he has yet to arrive.

We’re shown a recap of the nWo problems and new rules laid out on Nitro.

Chris Adams vs Randy Savage

The Gentleman got pyro and lasers. Macho had my favorite version of the nWo theme, because random Savage drops are great. And Liz was so hot. Savage attacks before the bell. A nice gut wrench suplex. It goes to the floor where Savage continues to dominate. Adams comes back with an Irish whip into the ring post. Lex Luger OUTTA NOWHERE with a chair shot! Chris Adams defeats Randy Savage on the inaugural edition of Thunder! 

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff come to the ring. They have THREE themes play before they get to the bottom of the ramp. nWo, Bischoff’s, and Voodoo Chile. Hulk rambles. His point is that he’s the real champion. “I’m too big. I’m too rich. And I’m just. Too. Darn. Tan.” Then he starts talking like a slave. 

TO THE TENAY. He’s with JJ. He’s reverses the results of the opening match. Lex comes out and says it is some bullshit that the nWo has run roughshod for a year and a half and it is time for WCW to fight back. Hopefully they give me something to gif soon.

Louie Spicolli vs Rick Martel

Martel has some weird music. Louie is wearing a shirt that says “The Real Innovator”. Cross promotion feuds! Louie gets knocked to the floor, gets back in, and gets drop kicked back out. The Flock find their seats. Only a half hour into the show. This match probably happened on the first year of Raw. Louie went for the DVD and got decked in the face. Spinebuster into the Quebec Crab for the win. Nothing giffable except the weird crowd reaction and dude with a green mustache.

TO THE STARRCDE. We’re shown Kevin Nash no showing Starrcade and Scott Hall taking the wrath of The Giant. Giant powerbombed Hall. 


nWo Japan’s music was cooler than the mainline nWo’s. nWo vs NJPW. I don’t know who Ohara is. I thought it was Hakushi at first. Brain says this guy is so popular that Chicago named their airport after him. Tenay claims he is like the Ray Traylor of Japan. I don’t see it. Crowd could not care less about this. This is a weird show already. Random 80s dudes and now Japanese guys that no one knows. And 20 minutes of recaps. Praying powerbomb only gets a 2 count. Second rope Mongolian chop. TTD followed by a long range diving headbutt gives Tenzan the win. 


A recap of the Flair/Hart promo from Nitro. 

Chris Jericho vs Ric Flair

Jericho again has a new suit jacket for Penzer. He once again apologizes for his hissy fits. This is a first time ever match up. Jericho is so young. And Ric looks at least 30 years younger than he does today. Jericho gets a monkey flip, spin kick, and back drop. On the back drop, Flair sold as if he injured his ankle. Jericho went in to check on him and got poked in the eye. The first SWERVE in Thunder history! Flair’s corner flip into the springboard dropkick. Jericho then suplexed Flair back in and missed a Lionsault. He then get hit right in the balls. Jericho makes a comeback and almost wins with a diving back elbow. Too bad he missed a missile dropkick soon after. Figure Four for the win. Tony claimed this was one of the biggest wins of Flair’s career. Lol. Jericho throws another fit.

Meng vs The Giant

Meng attacks right away and gets hit with a big power slam. And then a huge back body drop. But none of this matters because Ric Flair vs Bret Hart and Giant vs Nash have been announced for Souled Out. Giant misses a splash in the corner, which gives Meng the chance to chop and kick him down to the mat. Giant gets up and hits the chokeslam for the win.

Steve McMichael vs Bill Goldberg

Rematch from Starrcade. Fuck that, here comes Mongo!  Mongo opens with what was pretty much a suicide dive.  Goldberg then goes HARD into the steps. Back in the ring, he hits the press slam to power slam. Rolling heel hook.  Mongo comes back with a chop block and diving shoulder block. Spear! Jackhammer for the win. 

Buff Bagwell/Konnan vs The Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

“I really think the Steiners are a lot more smarter than announcers give them credit for.” Oh, Tony. Scott doesn't appreciate Buff’s posing and lays him out with two Steinerlines. Rick and Konnan come in. Konnan’s dick gets rammed right into the turnbuckle. Seems like a bad omen when Buff and Rick hilariously botch a neckbreaker. Rick goes up for the bulldog, but Scott decides to pin Konnan with a top rope Frankensteiner. 


Larry Zbyszko vs Eric Bischoff Special Guest Referee: Bret Hart

This is the match in full. One time only. Bret Hart, not even a full month removed from Survivor Series, is a special ref for a match between a non-wrestler and retired announcer. Bischoff going shirtless. Dusty is FIRED UP. Tenay says this is a mixed martial arts match. Bischoff throws quick jabs and bails. Hall tries to get him to do the crane kick. Headkick! This pisses Larry off and he just beats the shit out of Eric until Bret pulls him off. Sleeper! Bret breaks it up, saying it was a choke. Head scissors is also deemed a choke. Standing figure four, but Eric gets to the ropes. This is basically Bischoff getting his ass kicked and Bret breaking it up. This included a really mistimed spot of Bret catching Larry’s arm before a punch lands. Eric is going positively Vader in the corner. This was a ploy by Larry. Rope a dope! Tree of Joey Lawrence. This gives Hall a chance to put a metal plate in Eric’s boot. Shame the thing goes FLYING out as soon as he kicked. Bret just kind of stood there with no reaction and then punched Eric. Hall jumped in and Bret showed Razor what was up to a MOLTEN crowd. Your winner, I guess via DQ, Larry Zbyszko. 

TO THE TENAY. Mike brings Larry out to talk about his match against Scott Hall at Souled Out. He talks about how when he was the champ in the AWA, he wrestled Scott Hall, and Hall couldn’t beat him. He also claims he benches 405 pounds. This is a pretty awesome promo, actually. He references wrestling for presidents and emperors and stuff.

A package of Ray Traylor’s issues with the nWo is shown. 

Scott Hall vs Ray Traylor

This show is SO 1993. God damn. I never understood why anyone would want to wrestle in leather pants. Or wear leather pants in general. Boss Man dominates until the ref gets poked in the eye and Hall hits him with a title belt. I don’t know which belt that is. Bogus tag team belt, apparently. Diving bulldog from Hall. Larry comes out to prevent a chair shot. He’s wearing either a sunset or lava shirt. Hall turns around into the Boss Man Slam for the win. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Ultimo Dragon WCW Cruiserweight Championship

YES. Finally. It should take until the 3rd hour to get to a cruiser match. Ultimo looking boss in black and gray. Leg sweeps and head scissors. Juvi tries a springboard wheel kick, but it was lame. Dragon gets Juvi down in the corner and kicks him RIGHT IN THE FUCKING FACE. Twice. He misses the handspring elbow. Juvi goes for a super rana, but gets tossed off. Dragon then does a moonsault to the floor and probably hurt his knee. It looked like they both probably got hurt. They go back in the ring where a series of reversals end in a German suplex from Dragon. Juvi gets caught with a drop kick when jumping off the top. Powerbomb is countered into a DDT! Juvi Driver! 450! AKI all up in this bitch. New champion! 

TO THE TENAY. Mike brings Bret Hart to the ring. Bret got scared by his pyro. He’s also wearing cowboy boots that are the same color as his jeans. Ric Flair comes out as he’s talking. They have basically the same promo they had on Nitro. Flair is pretty amped up and talks about wrestling Brody in Singapore while the natives were restless. He resents Bret saying he’s the best. 

Scott Norton vs Lex Luger

Lex gets knocked to the floor right away. You don’t fuck with Flapjack and his mullet of doom. Norton chops some nipples off, but misses a splash. Lex hits some clotheslines and Buff comes out. He gets knocked off the apron and then gets hit with the shoulder breaker. He kicks out, hits the forearm and wins with the torture rack. Buff gets put in the rack as Savage comes out, and Lex just dumps Buff onto Savage.

Recap of Sting/Hogan from Starrcade. Well, Hogan definitely won with a clean 3 count. We’re then shown the “near riot” after the end of Nitro 2 weeks ago. Randy Anderson got bumped, Nick Patrick came out, and Hogan pulled the tights to win the title back. Randy Anderson thought the match was still going. Hogan again taps out to the Deathlock. So Sting wins. Or does he? Bischoff and JJ came out. Eric kicked JJ. Sting beat up Eirc. Then the nWo all ran out. Then a bunch of WCW guys came out. Certainly wasn't a riot. 

TO THE TENAY. JJ is in the ring. He calls Hogan and Sting out to the ring. The title is being vacated. Sting pokes JJ with his bat, and speaks for the first time in a very long time to say that JJ has no guts and Hulk is a dead man.

DDP vs Kevin Nash WCW US Championship

DDP doesn't have his ribs taped. Nice neckbreaker that was almost a DDT. DDP’s hair is amazing. My brain can’t figure it out. Nash goes to work on the lower back. “Nash looking like he hasn't lost a step.” This said as he’s going about as slow as you've ever seen him. DDP’s back is being destroyed. DDP was about to hit the Kanyon Cutter when Hulk hit a heart punch. Giant comes out after the match and brawls with Nash to end the show. A 3 hour show that went into overtime. Sound familiar?

Well, this was definitely Thunder. Lots of filler, lots of recaps.