WCW Thunder 2/18/99


The go home show for Superbrawl.  Until one of the most awful Nitros of all time, WCW had been doing a pretty decent job of building up for Superbrawl.  Then on the real go home show, they ignored all but two matches and made me not want to see the show at all.  Last week's Thunder just replayed all the backstage skits from Nitro.  This a go home show, but it is also Thunder. There is a cage above the ring tonight.  The Horsemen will face Horace/Crush with the winner going on to the finals of the tag tournament against Hennig/Windham.  We're told Goldberg will be on the Tonight Show tomorrow night and will make a challenge that will set the world on fire.

TO THE BACK.  Stevie tries to recruit Booker into the B Team.  Book tells Stevie that Hogan doesn't give a shit about the black and white.  Disco walks in and is excited that Harlem Heat is reforming, because that opens up a spot for him in the black and white.  He's in the Wolfpac, why would he want on the B Team?  "What, is this a brother thing?"  Wrong thing to say to Booker.

TO THE TORRIE.  The Deadite gives Torrie Scott Hall's stun gun.  She says she's very experienced with such things.  Giant black dick shaped things?  How suggestive.

Part one of Raven's Day Off.  I can't believe they're going to reair all of those again.

Disco comes out with a mic.  He brings out his idol, someone he grew up watching: The Rowdy Scott.  It's Scott Hall, you see.  SWERVE.  Instead of talking about Piper, he hypes up Disco vs Booker.  Booker has been in WCW for 6 years climbing the ladder, and he's still on the first rung. You can't stop the Disco train!  Hall then makes fun of Piper and takes his kilt off to prove he's a real man.  Hall is cut off by the Wolfpac music before he could say anything else.  This is for real the first build for Disco/Booker since it was announced 3 weeks ago.

Part two of Raven's Day Off.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Lash LeRoux

The match goes on for about a minute and a half before...

TO THE BACK. The Wolfpac limo arrives.  Rey attacked Lex as he was getting out.  THUG LIFE!  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?

Actually, this was revealed to have taken place earlier today.  So they cut into the match to show an earlier today segment?  If WCW doesn't care about the match, then I don't care about the match.  Chavo gets disqualified when he puts Lash in a tree of woe and refused to stop attacking.  Lash was hanging on the outside of the ring.  Kidman ran out to stop Chavo, but ended up getting thrown into Lash and took a tornado DDT off the steps on the floor.

Part three of Raven's Day Off.

Recap of Flair's beat down.  Even all of the segments condensed into a few minutes, it still felt like an hour long. 

TO THE BACK.  Scott Steiner arrives in his limo, but makes sure DDP isn't there before he'll get out.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?

Part four of Raven's Day Off.

TO THE BACK.  Horace and Crush deliver a short promo about having the hardest road in the tournament and they're ready to go to the finals tonight.


Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera

Chris Jericho comes out and makes fun of how poorly Saturn wears a dress.  So he brings out Ralphus in a grandma dress to show what a real man in a dress looks like.  Saturn vs Jericho hasn't actually been announced for Superbrawl.  Makes sense that it would happen, but it hasn't been announced.  We go to a break after about 25 seconds.  Ralphus almost gives Juvi a kiss.  Juvi punches him and down goes Ralphus.  Juvi does a few ranas, but is caught in the Liontamer in a very short match.


Buff comes to the ring.  He'll be returning to wrestling soon.  He announces Scott Steiner.  Without the TV Championship, of course.  He knows he's in DDP country because of WHITE TRASH.  WHITE TRASH.  WHITE TRASH.  WHITE TRAAAAAAAAASH.  He'll only agree to the match with DDP if he gets Kim for 30 days when he wins.  Too bad the match has been announced for weeks.  He wants to fight anyone tonight.


Scott Steiner vs Bobby Blaze

Bobby's mullet gives Jerry Flynn's a run for its money.  Scott mauls poor Bobby.  Bobby is put on a stretcher by the worst EMTs who do no kind of stabilization.  Scott throws him off and beats his ass some more.



Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Silver King/Hector Garza

Fucking Konnan.

TO THE BACK.  Dean and Benoit deliver a short promo about the tag tournament.


Booker T. vs Jerry Flynn

Disco comes out to cheer Flynn off.  Jerry kicks him.  What a jerk.  Booker gets his head trapped in the ropes on an Irish whip.  He comes back with the flying forearm and spinewalkbusterslam.  Disco low bridges him and hits the Chart Buster on the floor.  Flynn hits a spin kick for the win!  Flynn is on a roll, having defeated Saturn and Booker.


Remember that popcorn commercial that implied a 10 year old was about to have a 3 some with two grown women because his popcorn was so good?

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. President Ric Flair makes his first appearance since his beat down on Nitro.  He comes out with sunglasses and bandages on his face.  Serious bidness Flair tonight.  Not screaming.  He resents anyone who thinks Hogan and the nWo are cool.  Hogan spent 20 years being given props and hanging out with Johnny Carson and Dolly Parton while he spent 20 years being the best.  He is bound by his parents, wife, and kids to kill Hogan at Superbrawl.  Gene is truly ashamed to be associated with pro wrestling after Monday night.   Me too.

TO THE TORRIE.  She's still talking to the Deadite.  The camera has a hand and gives Torrie tickets to Superbrawl.  These are so stupid.


Horace/Brian Adams vs Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko Steel Cage Match

The winning team will be in the finals of the tournament and will have to defeat Windham/Hennig twice at Superbrawl to win the titles.  I don't think this really needs to be a cage match.  The rationale was because the nWo has been trying to prevent this tournament from happening, but they haven't done that for weeks and there is an nWo team not only in the tournament, but in THIS match.  The cage has the garter for a roof, but doesn't actually have a roof.  VINCE came out.  Ref bump.  Of course.  In a cage match.  Benoit is thrown out of the cage and a chair is slid in.  Benoit climbs back in and does a diving headbutt from the top of the cage to Crush.  Malenko makes the pin and they are in the finals.


DQ Count: 1 out of 5 matches.

Announced card for Superbrawl

Hollywood Hogan vs Ric Flair WCW Championship
Lex Luger/Kevin Nash vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan Luchas de Apuestas
Scott Hall vs Roddy Piper WCW US Championship
Goldberg vs Bam Bam Big Yellow
Barry Windham/Curt Hennig vs Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko WCW Tag Team Championships
Scott Steiner vs DDP WCW TV Championship
Booker T. vs Disco Inferno

Here are all the teams that were in the tag tournament up to the finals to the best of my knowledge:

Super Calo/Lizmark Jr. (1 loss)
Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor (2 losses)
Faces of Fear (2 losses)
Bobby Duncum Jr./Mike Enos (3 losses)
Brian Adams/Horace (2 losses)
Chavo Guerrero Jr./Kidman (2 losses)
The Outsiders (0 losses)
Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko (1 loss)
Barry Windham/Curt Hennig (0 losses)
Kaz Hayashi/Van Hammer (1 loss)
Mike Enos/Scotty Riggs (1 loss)

In addition, Mike Enos actually wrestled 6 times in this tournament.  Two DQs with FoF, 3 losses with Duncum, and 1 loss with Riggs.