WCW SuperBrawl 2/21/99

The opening promo is really weird with Flair, Hogan, Dusty, Nash, Luger, and Goldberg having their heads spinning in front of a black back drop.

We are shown a recap of the tag team tournament.  Kidman and Chavo broke up.  The freshly reunited Faces of Fear broke up.  The Horsemen will have to defeat Barry Windham and Curt Hennig twice tonight to win the titles.

Disco Inferno vs Booker T.

Don't stop the Disco Train.  Booker wins the opening exchange with a hip toss.  Disco ducks a lariatoo and hits a swinging neck breaker to a big pop.  Disco for president!  We could have boogie oogied into the new millennium.  Arm drag!  Disco is out smarting Booker.  Too bad he walks right into a lariatoo.  Big back body drop.  Flying forearm.  He telegraphs another backdrop and Disco slaps on a sleeper.  Lariatoo sends Book to the floor.  Disco is OVER.  Second rope elbow.  Spin kick from Booker.  Ax kick.  Spinewalkslambuster.  Booker takes a Fatu bump for a Western Lariatooooo.  Disco went for a superplex.  He was shoved off.  Harlem Hangover for the win.  The Disco Train has been derailed.

Chris Jericho vs Saturn


Jericho shit talks Saturn before the match, trying to make him angry.  "You are a cross eyed, cross dressing freak!"  He actually wants Saturn to take the dress off.  Saturn declines and wallops Jericho.  It goes to the floor and then into the crowd.  Scott Dickinson is the ref.  How does that make any sense?  Back in the ring, a t-bone.  A slingshot sends Jericho back out.  Pescado by a man in a dress.  Ralphus gets rolled into the ring.  Saturn rips his dress off.  Poor guy.  This opens Saturn up for Jericho to make a come back.  COME ON BABY!  Jericho does a dropkick/karate kick to the floor.  Jericho does a stupid twisting splash that he missed.  Superfly Splash from Saturn.  Jericho rolls Saturn up and has his feet on the ropes, but still can't get the win.  Liontamer is countered into a roll up.  Jericho gets out of a powerbomb and hits a German suplex.  Super cross body is countered into the Rings of Saturn.  Jericho got to the ropes.  Falcon Arrow.  Saturn misses a Lionsault.  Jericho hits one.  DVD!  Instead of making the pin, he DVDs Scott Dickinson.  He walks away.  I'm going to assume this is a DQ and not a count out.  It actually is a count out.  That doesn't make sense.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship


Standard cruiserweight opening moments with arm drags and dropkicks.  Chavo bails.  He gets back in the ring only to bail again seconds later.   Kidman follows him out and Chavo begs off.  They fight on the apron.  Chavo pulls Kidman into the guardrail.  Brainbustaah.  Big hilo from Chavo.  Kidman comes back with a crossbody.  Chavo ends the run with a tilt a whirl back breaker.  Chavo goes up top for a frog splash, but is caught with a dropkick.  Tornado bulldog is more like a tornado body block.  Super rana from Chavo.  BK Bomb.  Chavo does a hanging DDT in the corner.  Didn't look good, though.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN!  SSP for the win.  It was okay.

Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs Barry Windham/Curt Hennig WCW Tag Team Championships


This is potentially 2 matches in one.  The Horsemen have to win two matches in a row.  The heels only have to win once.  Dean and Barry start out.  Barry tries to outsmart and out quick Dean, but he can't.  Tags are made.  Benoit gets the better of the exchange.  He and Perfect get into a slap fight and it breaks down into a brawl.  Big chop from Benoit sends Perfect to the floor.  Barry can't fight off the chops, either.  Dean gets confused on if the heels made a tag or not and ends up getting caught in a suplex.  Double lariatoo.  Perfect takes a delayed bump on an Irish whip in the corner.  Diving headbutt on Perfect.  Barry breaks the pin.  He then keeps the ref distracted for what could have been a win for the Horsemen.  Dean dropkicks Curt off the ropes and throws him to the floor.  The ref clearly sees a low blow.   Gutwrench suplex from Barry.  Snot rockets from Benoit.  Lariatoo.  Curt tried to make a tag in the wrong corner.  Superplex from Barry.  Dean breaks the hold.  Kind of.  I think he actually missed Barry, but Barry sold it anyway.  Dean gets the hot tag and puts Barry in the Cloverleaf.  Hennig breaks it up.  He goes right back to it.  Barry taps out!  We will now have a 30 second rest period between falls.  As the second fall started, Dean went right back to the Cloverleaf, but Barry had taken his belt off and wrapped it around Dean's neck.  Dean goes down and Barry pins him with the belt still around Dean's neck.  New champions!

The Outsiders vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan Luchas de Apuestas

Hall replaced Luger, who tore his bicep in the attack from Rey on Thunder.  Hall and Rey start out.  Hall easily out powers Rey, but Rey comes back with ARM DRAGS.  Because lucha, BITCH!  Springboard fameasser.  Then a seated senton.  Fall away slam.  All I can think about is Konnan saying Nash or Lex going after Rey was like robbing a bank and then shooting the telling who was in a wheelchair.  Talk about burying a guy.  Nash comes in and tosses Rey around like a baby.  Konnan gets a hot tag.  Konnan makes my mouth sweat like I'm about to throw up.  Rey actually had Nash pinned for a good 10 seconds, but Liz had the ref distracted.  Outsider's Edge.  A down and out Nash is pulled on top of Rey.  Rey must now unmask.  He is revealed to be a 10 year old boy.

Scott Steiner vs DDP WCW TV Championship

Steiner brings a woman from the crowd into the ring.  It's not his fault that Kim digs him.  DDP chases Scott to the floor and starts unloading.   Scott comes back with a SHOOT double leg take down.  More brawling.  Eye rake from Scott.  Flying lariatoo from DDP.  Neck breaker.  Buff comes out to check on his buddy.  He actually gets in the ring and DDP fights them both off.  More brawling until it settles down to Steiner dominating.  Spinning belly to belly.  Buff distracts the ref, allowing for a chair shot to the back.  Buff then begins removing turnbuckle pads.  The ref catches him and throws him out.  Scott gets dumped to the floor.  Pescado from DDP.  DDP goes hard into the steps.  Scott chases the ref around the ring only to get caught by a lariatooo.  Super Frankensteiner!  DDP kicks out.  Diamond Dream (diving DDT).  DDP goes for the Kanyon Cutter, but is shoved into the exposed turnbuckle.  Then his head is rammed into it.  Repeated Oklahoma stampedes into the exposed buckle.  DDP passes out to the Steiner Recliner.  DDP is taken out on a stretcher.

Scott Hall vs Roddy Piper WCW US Championship

Hall takes forever to come out.  At least the Konnan match had Rey and Nash bumping around for him.  This would be better if Hall was still drunk.  This is terrible.  New champion.  Using Piper as a transitional champion was pretty stupid.  It should have been a guy like Booker getting an upset win over Bret and then getting cheated out of the title at the PPV.  Instead, they use a 45 year old Piper who moved like a 70 year old.  And not only that, it took Disco, Nash, and a roll up to beat him.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs Goldberg

Goldberg's big challenge Friday on the Tonight Show wasn't mentioned.  They lock up.  Stalemate, but Bam Bam uses the ref to give a cheap shot.   A shoulder block takes Goldberg down.  He comes back with a walking powerslam.  Flying shoulder block.  Deadlift fireman carry into an arm bar.  Standing dropkick.  Bam Bam uses the apron to injure Goldberg's leg/dick.  He spends the next few minutes working over Goldberg's left leg.  Goldberg finally comes back with a belly to back suplex.  I'm not sure fans really wanted to see Goldberg being put in knee bars and chin locks for 6 minutes straight.  Diving headbutt.  Bammer goes for the moonsault.  Goldberg throws him off the ropes.  Bam Bam narrowly doges a spear.  He couldn't avoid the second one.  Instead of doing the jackhammer, he does another spear.  Jackhammer for the win.  This was weird since a probably 70% of the match was Bam Bam holding a submission on Goldberg.

Hollywood Hogan vs Ric Flair WCW Championship

I'm sure this is going to be every Hogan/Flair match where Hogan dominates and makes Ric look like a shithead.  This would be even worse than usual after the last month of Flair being repeatedly embarrassed by Hogan and Bischoff.  Flair is bleeding a few minutes in and is getting his ass kicked.  All of Flair's come backs are cut off by a single punch which kills him.  The weight belt comes off.  Torrie Wilson (known as the Lady in the Red Dress) came out and slapped Flair.  Hogan's giant kick out causes a ref bump.  Hogan then elbow drops the already down and out ref.  Hulk misses the leg drop.  A masked man saunters out.  This guy uses the stun gun on Ric while he has the figure four on.  Hogan makes the pin.  The masked man was revealed to be David Flair.  SWERVE!  Hogan retains.  WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!?!?  I don't know, Tony.  I just don't know.  The David Flair reveal was ruined by him immediately kissing Torrie, so you could see half of his face.  This was every Flair/Hogan match, but with more punching.

DQ Count: 0 out of 9 matches.

This was a pretty meh PPV.  Nothing was particularly offensive besides Piper, but nothing was that good, either.  The tag title match was for sure match of the night.  David SWERVING his dad is stupid.  Piper being used as a transitional champion instead of a young guy who could get the rub from beating Bret is stupid.  Rey losing his mask is stupid, but at least Nash bumped around for him and basically was knocked out by him for the last minute of the match.