WCW Thunder 2/11/99


Show starts with Torrie talking to the camera man person whatever from Nitro.  Maybe it's a Deadite she's talking to.


Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Faces of Fear

Bobby and Mike should be eliminated from this tournament.  They've lost twice.  It's double elimination.  This is now the 3rd time this match has taken place in this tournament.  The first two had nWo interference.   Still, Enos/Duncum should be eliminated since they've lost to The Outsiders and Perfect/Windham.  This match shouldn't be happening at all.  Actually, I think FoF might have two loses as well.  Maybe this is the losers losers bracket.  This is like a 15 minute match.  I like that Thunder has long matches now, but I don't like that they suck.  Barbarian turns on Meng and costs them the match.  Jimmy reunited the team specifically to win the tournament.  Now he's telling Barb to turn on Meng.


Recap of Raven Bueller's Day Off.

Recap of Kim getting thrown out of a car.

Back to Raven's Day Off.


Lash LeRoux vs Super Calo

Calo Cara?  Sin Calo?  He's definitely going to botch something.  Lash was a Saturday Night kind of guy.  He wasn't good enough to be on Nitro and Thunder and eventually PPVs.  He definitely got his push because he was white.  Lash wins with the Whiplash in a short match.  Calo botched, but nothing major.

Saturday night has Juvi vs Rey, Kidman, Benoit, and Booker.  Seems like a way better show than this.

The second Torrie thing.  I can't believe they're just full on putting all the backstage stuff from Nitro on Thunder, even in the same order.

TO THE BACK.  Cat was talking with Sonny when Glacier came by, wearing Zubaz and a leather jacket.  Glacier buries his own gimmick and tries to sell his entrance to Cat.


Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor vs Kidman/Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Kidman shouldn't be in the tag tournament, but whatever.  This should be a lot more enjoyable than the last match.  Chavo and Finlay start out. Chavo seems less crazy after the brutal murder of Pepe in front of his very eyes.  Finlay is mean.  It's great.  Chavo rallies and tags in Kidman.  Finlay hits a back breaker and we go to break.  We come back to see Finlay beating on Chavo.  Hot tag to Kidman.  The run didn't last very long.  Dave Taylor is also mean.  A couple of mean Yuropes.  Finlay Roll.  Kidman goes flying to the floor.  Finlay slaps the ring post, but gets back in the ring and locks in an STF.  This is transitioned into a nasty hold where he put his foot in the back of Kidman's knee and yanked.  Finlay gets a chair.  Chavo dropkicks him, which actually sends to the chair into Kidman's head.  Tombstone for the win.  I believe the cruisers should be eliminated.


TO THE BACK.  Glacier is now trying to sell his gear to Cat and Sonny.  Kaz walks by and Sonny convinces Kaz to buy at extremely marked up prices.  They were also subtitled.  Remember just about a month and a half ago, Kaz was in a feud with Cat and Sonny?  Actually, Sonny left Kaz for Cat.

Another Torrie/Deadite thing.

More of Raven's Day Off.  What a maroon.


Disco Inferno vs Chris Adams

Adams got a jobber entrance.  Nothing stops the Disco Train.  Disco was cocky and paid in the opening moments.

TO THE BACK.  Kaz is still getting fleeced.  Who cares about the match?  Cat buys the helmet and the eye.  Kaz gets everything else.

Disco wins with the Chart Buster, which is somewhat ironic since Chris Adams trained Steve Austin.  Disco looked grumpy after the match and his dancing was cut short to Brain to read copy for Clint Westwood in a Fistful of Donuts.

The final Torrie/Deadite thing airs.

TO THE BACK.  Gene caught up with Kidman.  Gene tries to stir the shit.  Kidman tries to say it was just miscommunication.  Gene says Chavo is trying to undermine Kidman.  Chavo shows up and knocks Kidman on his ass.

Goldberg/BAGalow promo airs.

The end of Raven's Day Off.

Recap of Piper vs Hart from Nitro.

Recap of Hogan telling all the B Team members that they were the leader.


Kaz Hayashi/Van Hammer vs Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko

This is the main event.  Hammer and Kaz in the main event.  They also became a tag team tonight for the tournament that has been going on for a month and a half.  And the brackets have still never been shown.  I'm betting there will be an odd amount of teams competing, multiple teams will be have more than 2 loses, and some teams will be eliminated with 1 loss.  A pretty nothing match that the Horsemen win.  You know no one cares about Thunder when Benoit is half assing it.


DQ Count: 0 out of 5 matches

This was legitimately offensive that WCW just re aired most of the backstage stuff from Nitro.  I'm amazed that they didn't air all the Janitor Bischoff stuff.  A new low in lazy Thunders.