WCW Thunder 2/4/99


Thunder starts with the end of Nitro, including JIGGLY JIGGLY JEW.  We don't know what has happened to David.

TO THE BACK.  Arn is on the phone with Ric.  David apparently didn't see anything of Hogan and has no idea what they were talking about when mentioned to him.

EARLIER TODAY.  The B Team were in their limo.  They bury VINCE. 

Scotty Riggs vs Chris Jericho

Riggs has his eye back.  He also is back to tights and is smiling.  We'll see more of Flair's reaction to the end of Nitro on the next Nitro.  Not tonight.  The eye thing is mentioned.  Raven wouldn't let him see a doctor, but when he got out of the Flock, a doctor found that he was totally fine.  So he never even needed the eye patch.  Riggs breaks a padded chair by drop kicking it while Jericho was holding it.  No one wants to see a long match with Riggs.  Maybe if his opponent was Scott Norton, who would spend the entire match beating the shit out of him.  Liontamer for the win.

The Liz/Lex promo from Nitro airs, completely with full on Powerpoint templates in the back ground on a projector.

Recap of Lex/Nash agreeing to a mask vs Liz's hair match with Rey/Konnan.


Disorderly Conduct vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan

It's Thunder.  Boy, is it Thunder.  How am I to believe that Rey can beat Nash or Lex when Disorderly Conduct is dominating him?  Just leave it to Konnan.

EARLIER TODAY.  The B Team arrived in their limo.  VINCE arrives in his own personal limo.  Hulk sent it for him.  Virgil also says that Hulk put him in control.  BUT WHO WERE LIMOS?!?

TO THE BACK.  Stevie is hyping Crush and Horace up for their tag match tonight.  VINCE walks in and tries to do the same.  VINCE is in charge.  "You know what?  Your mama's in charge."  Miz steals lines from Crush.


Norman Smiley vs The Disciple

Can't believe that A. They're still using Beefcake at all and B. They're still using the Disciple name.  It makes no sense to have it when he isn't with Hogan and Warrior is long gone.  Beefcake is awful.  I just want to see Norman dance.  Norman wins with the crossface chicken wing.



TO THE BACK.  Horace and Crush hyped themselves up.  This shit with VINCE and Stevie is driving them crazy.  Disco comes in and asks if they've seen VINCE.  "Yeah, he's down there."  I believe Crush made a dick joke.  "Your mom" and dick jokes.


Faces of Fear vs Whoreass/Brian Adams

There still are no brackets for this tournament.  It's been going on for weeks and people are still deciding to enter themselves in it without issue.  This sucked.  Barb now has braids glued to the back of his head.   Whoreass pinned Barb after VINCE hit Barb with a slapjack and Horace did a second rope elbow.

Recap of Hall/Benoit from Nitro.

Recap of Goldberg challenging Bam Bam BAGalow.


Jerry Flynn vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

Bam Bam wins, but it takes him way too long for a guy who is about to face Goldberg.  He shouldn't be having competitive matches with jobbers.

TO THE BACK.  Stevie Ray is choking VINCE in a bathroom.  He's pulled off only for Disco to start choking him.


Recap of Kim's fall and DDP's message for the nWo.  And then Disco's message for DDP.  BANG!


Glacier vs DDP

Glacier gets melted.  Avalanche Kanyon Cutter for the win.  BANG!



Mike Enos/Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Curt Hennig/Barry Windham

Mike Enos gets a main event.  Maybe this was when they realized that Bobby Duncum Jr. would be a good fit for the band.  Nothing really happened.  Hennig and WIndham win.  I believe Enos/Duncum are eliminated from the tournament as they have two losses.  We'll see.

DQ Count: 0 out of 7.  TWO shows in a row without a DQ?  Am I still watching WCW?