WCW Thunder 1/28/99


What will the B Team get into tonight?


Psychosis vs Hugh Morrus

Very bad tape quality means I can skip through Thunder even more than usual.  Hypno got way more offense against Hugh than Eddie Guerrero did.   What kind of backwards bullshit is that?  A 10 minute match between these two and it wasn't good at all.  Hugh won with the moonsault.  Even if the tracking wasn't so terrible, there wasn't anything to gif.

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Silver King vs Chris Jericho

I bet Mean Gene doubts Silver King, too.  He implied that both El Dandy and Psychosis weren't legitimate competition for Bret Hart, and also told Juvi that he "didn't have to speak Mexican".  I wonder how close Gene and Benoit were.  Silver controls before the break and is still in charge after the break.  The King does a dive to the floor.  Jericho finally makes a come back with a reverse suplex.  C'MON BABY!  Oh shit, King tries to kill Jericho with his lasso.  Jericho doesn't take kindly to it.  Whirly bird.  Tornado DDT from King.  He might win this thing!  Liontamer for the win.  The King has fallen.



Super Calo vs Fit Finlay

Remember when Eddie formed the LWO because Bischoff was holding all the Latinos down?  Then Flair said they could disband because he was going to give them all the chance they deserved?  Do you think "jobbing to white guys on Thunder" was really what he meant?  Finlay Roll.  Fit got tired of all that rolling around bullshit.  He attempted to use a chair.   The ref wouldn't let him.  Liontamer!  This is transitioned into a half crab.  Outside of the first minute, Finlay has been knocking the shit out of Calo the whole match.  Calo makes a short come back with a kick and top rope splash.  He went up top again and botched, crotching himself despite not being touched.  Fit hits a jumping tombstone for the win. 



Bobby Duncum Jr./Mike Enos vs The Outsiders

TO THE BACK. We see Van Hammer down on the ground with Disco standing over him.  I assume this was part of the tag tournament and the nWo are still preventing it from progressing.  These jobbers take the fight to the Outsiders.  Enos powerslams Hall.  It doesn't take long for The Outsiders to be in control.  Great suck it from Nash while on the mat.  Jackknife to Bobby.  Easy win for The Outsiders.


Disco Inferno vs Hector Garza

Garza now dresses like Zorro.  Disco has the good fortune of being the white guy in this match.  Hector is faster.  We go to break with Hector in control.  After the break, Disco is in control.  Garza drills Disco with a moonsault from the second rope to the floor.  Disco was holding his ankle.  If that son of a bitch injured Disco, so help me...  He misses a top rope move in the ring and walks into the Chart Buster.  Disco wins!  The streak continues!  He's limping, though.  I hope Hector got fired if he hurt Disco.

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Bam Bam Big Yellow vs Kaz Hayashi

Poor Kaz.  Bam Bam literally squashes him.


The Outsiders vs Konnan/Rey Mysterio Jr.

Holy shit, Nash doing double duty.  On THUNDER.  Disco comes out with them.  Nash seems to think it is funny, but doesn't send him away.  Hall and Rey start out.  Rey's speed takes Hall down twice.  Springboard fameasser.  Rey tags out when Nash wants a test of strength.  The Outsiders try to regroup on the floor.  Rey does a 619 feint.  Disco tries to save his bros a little late.  Then he's invited into the ring and is part of the match.  Ref doesn't seem to have a problem with it.  He gets taken out and Hall throws him out of the ring.  Fall away slam to Rey.  Back superplex.  Hot tag to Konnan, who blows up 5 punches in. First Konnan botch gif of the year as he tries to leap frog Disco, but jumps so low that Disco basically has to do a squat and still couldn't get under him.  The MEGA nWo hit the ring and the match is thrown out.  Hulk whips Rey with his weight belt.  I hope there is a Rey/Hogan match this year.


DQ Count: 1 out of 7 matches.

Really bummed with the lack of B Team antics.