WCW Thunder 1/14/99


Go home show for Souled Out.  The main event tonight is Benoit/Mongo vs Hennig/Windham.  The tag team tournament will continue tonight.  I don't know when it was announced or who the competitors are.  Hall mentioned it on Nitro and Tony mentioned it tonight, but that's it.


Scott Putski vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

This was a nearly 10 minute competitive match with Putski, which makes Bam Bam look like a punk.  He went from going head to head with Goldberg to 10 minute matches with Scott Putski?  Fuck.  Kliq ruining his career again.  Bam Bam won, but it didn't at all make me think he could beat Wrath this weekend.




Norman Smiley vs TAFKATAFKAPI

God damn, this is becoming Kidman vs Juvi.  Norman has won every match decisively, yet they keep having matches.  Norman again shows he's a far better wrestler.  Camera mostly misses the Big Wiggle because TBS can have that kind of sexual suggestion.  They're afraid of the sexual prowess of an African Anglo.  He'll bang your wife and have tea.  Southern folks can't handle it.  They don't even understand how a black guy could have a British accent.  Norman confuses them greatly.  He again wins decisively, even though this a another nearly 10 minute match.



TO THE MEAN GENE. Jimmy Hart is the guest.  He has reunited the Faces of Fear.  I'm sure that just means we'll see Meng turn on Barb 8 times this year.

Recap of Bischoff on the ring crew, leading to Nash using a wrench he left under the ring.

Chris Jericho vs Van Hammer

Jericho says Saturn doesn't have the legs to wrestle in a dress and will have to retire since his ego can't handle the embarrassment.  Hammer sucks, so this match can't be that good.  Saturn comes out to ringside. He plays no role in the finish and Jericho wins clean with the Liontamer.

Recap of Goldberg's interview from Nitro.


Faces of Fear vs Bobby Duncum Jr./Mike Enos

This was basically another extended squash with little happening besides a gnarly Meng piledriver.  The MEGA nWo hit the ring, causing the match to be thrown out.  They reiterated that the tag tournament won't happen.




Wrath vs El Dandy

Remember, any Mexicans that aren't Rey or Eddie will definitely lose to a white guy every time.  Especially a big white guy like Wrath.  Poor Dandy.  I'm starting to doubt him.  Another squash until Bam Bam runs out.  Match is thrown out.  They brawl.  Wrath gets the better of the exchange.

Recap of DDP vs Steiner from Nitro.  Then a recap of Nash/Giant.  Then of Rey and Konnan getting beat up.


Disco Inferno vs Super Calo

Disco is offended that someone else would dare dance in his presence.  Were lucha guys still working in Mexico while in WCW?  Disco is just running through Calo.  Calo makes a brief comeback with the most amazing tiltawhirl slam you'll ever see.  Scott Hall stunned Calo right into the Chart Buster, which was actually a Kanyon Cutter.  BANG!  Hall says the Wolfpac doesn't forget those that hurt them or help them.  Hogan and Nash want to see Disco in the back.  Hall says that Goldberg might have have won a lot of wrasslin matches, but he's never won a gimmick match.  He suggests Goldberg go rent some of Hall's ladder matches from Blockbuster.  Lol, Blockbuster.



Barry Windham/Curt Hennig vs Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael

Really wish it was Dean instead of Mongo.  Mongo is wearing a shirt.  Dude looks like he's done nothing but drink for the last month.  Benoit's mullet I swear grew 4 inches in the back in 3 days.  He and Perfect start out.  Can you imagine 1990 Perfect vs 199anything Benoit? Or 1992 Windham vs 1996 Benoit?  You'd think Benoit would like these tall, blond haired guys, but he's fucking Hennig up.  Mongo gets tagged in and unleashes some MOOEY TIE knees.  Barry comes in and gets knocked on his ass.  Back suplex from Barry.  We come back from commercial to see Mongo still getting worked over.  Double clothesline.  Hot tag to Benoit.  Diving headbutt to Barry.  There is a minute left, still time for a DQ!  Iron Crossface.  Perfect hits the ref and Benoit with a chair.  DQ, I assume.  Flair comes out to fight and, after trading low blows, gets laid out.  David runs out to save his dad.  Hennig is about to hit him with a chair and WE'RE OUT OF TIME.  TUNE INTO SOULED OUT!



DQ Count:  3 out of 7 matches

Announced card for Souled Out:

Scott Hall vs Goldberg Ladder Stun Gun Match
Ric Flair/David Flair vs Barry Windham/Curt Hennig
Saturn vs Chris Jericho Saturn wears a dress if he loses
Bam Bam Big Yellow vs Wrath

Chavo vs Norman seems logical to get added to the card, as does Lex vs Konnan or Rey.