WCW Thunder 1/7/99

Ric Flair is president, but the nWo has reunited and Hulk Hogan is once again the WCW Champion.

The show starts with a recap not of what happened on Nitro, but of the Flair/Bischoff feud.  5 full minutes of it.  Bischoff is no longer on the announce team.  "It was one of the worst broadcasts we've ever had....as an announce team."  Ric Flair will deal with Bischoff later in the show.

We're then shown the end of Nitro.  After the beat down, Goldberg challenged Nash to a fight as the Atlanta Falcons hit the ring as back up.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  This building reeks of tradition.  10 years from now, Hogan and Nash will have to explain to their kids how they made a mockery of pro wreslting.  Luger, YOU SUCK, PAL.  He feels like it all falls on his shoulders since he's the one that booked the match.  Bischoff better be in Flair's office at 8 AM.

Recap of Jericho convincing Scott Dickinson to DQ Saturn.

The Cat vs Saturn

I thought this feud ended pretty decisively at Starrcade.  Saturn is back to trunks.  Cat doesn't even get promo time.  Lots of kicks.  Gargoyle suplex.  Sonny Ono gets hit.  T-bone.  Falcon Arrow.  Saturn is on a roll.  Chris Jericho came out and pulled the ref out of the ring. Cat rolled Saturn up.  Scott Dickinson ran in and rang the bell immediately.  Cat wins!  Saturn throws a fit after the match.

TO THE BACK.  The nWo B-Team are waiting as the reformed Wolfpac/nWo PRIME arrive in limos.  Giant wants to know why he wasn't contacted about this.  BUT WHO WERE LIMOS?!?

Kidman vs Psychosis WCW Cruiserweight Championship

A pop up dropkick sends Hypnosis to the floor.  Slingshot cross body.  We come back from break and they're both on the floor.  Not sure why.  Kidman hits the rebound lariatoo and a BK Bomb.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN.  Juvi runs in before the SSP can be hit.  Don't start this shit already.  Juvi SPIKES Kidman with a spinning head scissors.  Hypno hits the leg drop.  Rey comes out and takes both guys out with a cross body. The Wolfpac come out take all four guys out.  Hypnosis gets the cattle prod.  Hogan talks about Flair always being in his shadow.  The B-Team come out.  Giant isn't very happy about any of this.  Hogan blames Giant for Flair being in charge because the big guy dropped the ball.  The fat is about to be trimmed.  There is only room for one giant in the nWo.  Big Sexy is that giant.  If Giant can beat Nash, he can take his spot.  It will happen on Nitro.

TO THE LEVY'S.  Raven, his mom, his grandma, his sister, and Kanyon are hanging out in the house.  Kanyon hits on his sister.  Raven doesn't want to go back to the institution or continue his treatment.  They all squabble and argue.

Bam Bam Big Yellow  vs Jerry Flynn

Jerry gets a jobber entrance and eats the Greetings From Asbury Park in about 30 seconds.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Barry Windham and Curt Hennig.  I wonder where Rick Rude went.  They're going to kill David.  Gene asks them if they're soft.  Maybe.  They were both in their 40s.

TO THE BACK.  Gene catches up with Juvi as he's trying to leave the building.  "You don't have to talk Mexican to me!"  It sounds like the Wolfpac has Eddie.

Disco Inferno vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Disco has his own shirt now.  Pepe has a neck brace on.  Chavo out quicks Disco.  Pepe then rides Chavo.  Do you think Chavo has a Mr. Hands video out there?  They trade atomic drops.  Snap suplex from Chavo.  Norman comes out and molests Pepe.  Chavo knocked him off the apron, but turned around into the Chart Buster.

Super Calo/Lizmark Jr. vs Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor

Oh shit.  These masked men are about to get fucked up.  Fit and Calo start out.  Calo tries a springboard lariatoo, but slips and barely connects.  Fit sold it like a champ anyway.  Taylor comes in and Lizmark gets tagged in seconds later.  He does the robot, much like he did at WW3, but gets knocked on his ass.  Finlay misses a Vader Bomb.  Lionsault from Lizmark.  Finlay Roll.  Taylor wins with a butterfly suplex into a pin.  The full nWo come out.  Man, I'd LOVE to see Finlay stiff the shit out of Hogan just once.  Cattle prods for everyone.  There is a tag team tournament starting, but Hall says it won't happen and the reason why there is no tag team wrestling on Turner is because The Outsiders were undefeated.

La Parka vs Booker T. 

The last time they had a match, Book hit a spine buster so hard that something flew out of the ring.  Parka gets thrown to the floor and feigns an injury.  It was all a trap to get Booker to follow him.  The camera only shows his dancing from the hips up.  Perhaps TBS had the same people who censored Elvis working for them.  They brawl until Parka hits an enziguri.  Spinning kick from Book.  Ax kick.  Spinebuster reminiscent of the NFL.  But Parka goes right back on offense seconds later.  He brings the chair in the ring.  Van Harlemsidekickinator!  Booker wins.

TO THE LEVY'S.  They're all out by the pool.  Their neighbor, Jim, stops by.  Kanyon gets bumped into the pool.  Jim stops by to talk to the family.  Raven is upset that they occupy his friend's time.  Sandman in a polo and canary yellow boat shorts and generally being a rich WASP is THE BEST.

TO THE BACK.  La Parka is down on the floor with a chalk outline of his body and NWO on the floor. 

Konnan vs Chris Jericho

Jericho attacks during Konnan's rap bullshit.  Good.  That cunt.  Konnan is the only nWo guy not to be out with the MEGA nWo.  And Sting, but he doesn't count since he's been out since October.  Scott Dickinson got bumped.  Jericho got an international object out and hit Konnan.  Saturn pulled Dickinson out of the ring and counted the pin for Konnan.

Chris Benoit vs Barry Windham

Nice.  Main event time.  I feel like even at Barry's worst, this could be a really solid match.  This goes to the floor right away.  Chops for everyone.  Benoit goes for a hockey style beat down.  Dragon screw.  Barry hits a low blow and his awesome DDT.  It's so smooth and flowing. I remember when he did the Impaler for a bit in 1992/1993 and just MURDERED guys.  Floating suplex.  Benoit comes back with a snap suplex that was almost a DDT.  Gutwrench suplex from Barry.  Ref bump.  Benoit's mullet is growing back out.  Hennig runs in and right into the Iron Crossface.  Barry stomps Benoit's head and gets the win.  Mongo runs in after the match.  This was only about 5 minutes, but it made me want to see a solid 10-15 minute PPV match between them.