WCW Thunder 12/23/99

This show sucked so much I'm not even doing a real review of it. This is the last fucking Thunder I will ever watch. Such a garbage show from day one. WCW and Thunder can suck my dick.

PG13 vs Varsity Club

Ended in a double DQ for absolutely no reason in under 2 minutes.

Tank Abbott vs La Parka

Ended in a no contest in under a minute.

Norman Smiley vs Fit Finlay

Ended with Norman pinning Finlay after Meng interfered in under 3 minutes.

Harris Brothers vs Jeff Jarrett/Curt Hennig

Ended with Hennig being pinned and Jeff never showing up. It was under 2 minutes.

Bam Bam vs Maestro

Ended with Kanyon and J. Biggs costing Bam Bam the match in under 2 minutes.

Konnan/Kidman/Duggan vs Revolution

Ended in a sunset flip in under 5 minutes.

Kevin Nash vs The Wall

Ended in a DQ in just over 2 minutes.

Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit

Ended in a DQ in under 5 minutes.

It fucking sucked. nWo beat downs, Harris Boys turning face and basically doing the DOA gimmick, and Goldberg might have raped Kevin Nash in the shower. The only things of note were 3 Count debuted, David and Daffney met Crowbar at a gas station, and Goldberg killed the nWo angle by trying to fight a limo.

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