WCW Thunder 8/12/99


Go home show for Road Wild.  And the show starts with highlights of past shows set to Wrath's music.  I guess since he's no longer on TV, he doesn't need it for anything.

Rick Steiner vs Spyder WCW TV Championship

Spyder is the Danny Trejio looking former body guard of Eddie in the LWO.  Rick isn't even wearing knee pads, which shows how much he gives a fuck about this guy.  Why was Rick not reprimanded at all for attacking Scott Hudson?  Why was Sid not reprimanded at all for attacking Eric Bischoff?  Total squash.

Recap of a bunch of shit from Nitro that no one cares about.  The a recap of Sid last week.  The video just went black.  I hope that was an actual production error and not a copy error.

Sid vs Disorderly Conduct

Double squash.

More Nitro recaps.

The same Road Wild video from the start of the show.

Harlem Heat video.

More Nitro recaps.

Bobby Duncum Jr./Barry Windham vs Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko

Shane pinned Duncum with the Pittsburgh Plunge.  The Rednecks did a beat down after the match.  Saturn made the save and was also beaten down.

Berlyn hype video.

Nash/Hogan timeline video.

More Nitro recaps.

Randy Savage vs Evan Karagais

He asks if people want to know who the driver of the Hummer is, and then tells everyone not to worry about it.  Evan told Savage he didn't appreciate how Randy has been treating his women, especially Mona.  Savage beat the shit out of Evan.  Mona came out to stop it.  She tripped and he grabbed her by the hair, so the ref jumped on Savage's back and started punching him.  He got a piledriver.  Evan got 3 elbows.

The main event was the 6 man from Nitro.

DQ Count: Fuck

Announced card for Road Wild

Hulk Hogan vs Kevin Nash WCW Championship Career vs Career
Randy Savage vs Dennis Rodman
Sting vs Sid
Goldberg vs Rick Steiner
Chris Benoit vs DDP WCW US Championship No DQ
Harlem Heat vs Triad WCW Tag Team Championships
Buff Bagwell vs The Cat
Revolution vs West Texas Rednecks
Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman/Eddie Guerrero vs The Deadpool