WCW Thunder 8/5/99

We see highlights of Nitro's main event and some post show footage after Hogan was powerbombed through a cardboard table.


I wonder what the deal was with Prince being the Cheetah Kid just for that one segment of Eddie making all the luchadors unmask.  He was never on Nitro or Thunder under the gimmick.  Sid runs in and lays both guys out.  And pins both of them.  He ranted after this and proclaimed himself the Millennium Man and will begin taking out as many victims a night as he needs to to match Goldberg's record.


Buff Bagwell vs Scotty Riggs

AMERICAN MALES EXPLOOOOODDDDEEE!!!  I bet Buff had those jealous, lustful eyes.  2 minutes in and I wish Sid would come back out.  Buff won with the Blockbuster.

Harlem Heat hype video.

A clip of DDP on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

Eddie Guerrero vs Kidman

I thought Eddie was a face now.  He's been teaming with and saving Rey, but now he's facing one of Rey best bros.  Vampiro comes out and lays Eddie out.  Kidman dove after Vamp instead of doing a frog splash on Eddie.  Vamp bailed, only for Rey to run behind him and throw him back in the ring.  All 3 men took him out, with Eddie doing the frog splash.

Rad Bork!  On Nitro!

BA/SWOLL vs Lenny and Lodi

It sucked.  Lenny and Lodi did a lot of gay innuendo.  SWOLL pinned Lenny with his one and only move.

Hogan/Nash hype video.

KISS hype.

Bam Bam Big Yellow vs Booker T.

Obviously, DDP ran out and caused a DQ.  David Flair also ran down and gave DDP a can of spray paint.  A yellow diamond was spray painted on Booker's back.  Is that like an Asian pussy or something?  Stevie came out, but was also laid out and spray painted. 

  Randy Savage comes out to talk about Rodman's lustful eyes.  Nash is like this: Brushes dirt off his shoulder.  Rodman is like this: Brushes dirt off other shoulder.  Hollywood is like this: Brushes dirt off his dick.  Gene tries to get Savage to reveal stuff on the hotline.  He implies that he might be behind Sid palling around with Nash.  He's got a bodyguard for George for Road Wild, which is also the driver of the Hummer.  He'll reveal the info on Nitro.


DDP on Hollywood Squares.

Rad Bork on Nitro!!!!

DDP vs Chris Benoit

More YO MAMA jokes.  They're really going to run this match 4 times in a month, before a PPV match.  David came back out, got decked, but threw the title in the ring, which DDP used to block a diving headbutt.  DDP wins.  Whatever.

Public Enemy vs Goldberg

I feel like this is probably punishment for PE jumping to the WWF for a few weeks.  I guess this is actually just Rocco Rock vs Goldberg.  But PE came out announced as PE.  The ref was poked in the eye and somehow missed dudes bringing chairs and tables into the ring right beside him. Goldberg speared them both through a table.  This was obviously taped before Nitro since Goldberg doesn't have the giant knot and stitches on the back of his dome and the NLS have moved on to being Dennis Rodman's bodyguards.


DQ Count: 3 out of 7 matches.

My wrestling spirit is reaching an all time low.