WCW Thunder 11/18/99

Go home show for Mayhem.

Jerry Flynn vs Bam Bam Big Yellow Hardcore Match

Barbarian was out with Flynn despite the two getting into a SHOOT fight ending with Barb face down on the ground. Bam Bam won. Norman hit Knobs with a chair.

TO THE BACK. Disco was on the phone. The other person told him wrestling was fixed and Disco wasn't aware. Elsewhere, Buff asks directions from Terry Taylor. He also jumped from the WWF with Russo and Ferrara.

Disco Inferno vs TAFKATAFKAPI WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Prince can change his looks all he wants. He still sucks. I guess this wasn't a title match since Prince won after someone brought out a dead fish. It distracted Disco. He hit Prince with it after the match.


TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Evan about his match with Disco. He thinks there is something fishy about Disco. Elsewhere, Hammer tells Hennig he'll go easy on him in their match tonight. Hennig punches him for it. They were still brawling after the break.

WCW Mayhem The Music ad. So, they have a CD, PPV, video game, and best of Nitro video all using the Mayhem title. And all released/happening within a month period.

Evan Karagias vs The Maestro (Ohh La La)

Both of these guys suck. Stro needs to hit the gym. Dude is too flabby to be on TV with the prissy Gorgeous George style gimmick. He's allegedly the great nephew or grandson of the actual Gorgeous George. I don't know if that's true or not. I don't give a fuck. Dude is stuck doing shows in (the best) indie in West Virginia. Evan lost to a roll up. So both champion and challenger in a PPV match this weekend lost on the go home show.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with the Revolution. Saturn says some weird shit about Barbies. Elsewhere, Tony calls Disco, who is now panicking about the money he owes. Elsewhere elsewhere, Benoit didn't know Terry Taylor was back and asks for Buff. Buff shows up seconds later. He also wants to talk.

Nitro recap.

TO THE BACK Gene talks with La Parka and Kaz Hayashi. Both of them are over dubbed. Elsewhere, Benoit and Buff are talking. Buff wants Benoit to job for him. Benoit won't do it and says Buff choked 2 weeks ago, so Buff attacks him.

La Parka/Kaz Hayashi vs El Dandy/Silver King

Tenay talks about how TPTB have little interest in wrestlers who don't speak English, even if the fans have come to love them. Parka's red suit is so rad. The Chairman and Kazmaster/Kazanova won.


TO THE BACK. Curt Hennig and Buff bumped into each other and started brawling.

Curt Hennig vs Van Hammer

Fucking Hammer. This angle with Hennig is still stupid since Russo could just fire Hennig if he wanted. There is really no need to have the stipulation of getting pinned means he's fired. Just fire him. Buff came out. He eventually attacked Hennig on the floor. Benoit came down to fight him off. Perfect Plex for the win. Did Buff just turn heel? Shouldn't he feel some solidarity with Hennig since they're both getting fucked over by Russo?

TO THE BACK. Chavo is trying to sell Liz stuff while Lex works out.

Lash LeRoux vs Kenny Kaos

Fucking Thunder. Lash won.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to the Filthy Animals about the mixed elimination tag at Mayhem.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Barbarian

Chavo tried to sell Barb some shit before the match. Barb hit him with the briefcase, booted him in the face, and pinned him.

Tournament recap.

TO THE BACK. Meng headed to the ring as Lex watched on a monitor. Elsewhere, Buff got his stuff pumped.

Vampiro vs Meng

Jerry Only was out with Vamp. He got put in the death grip, which caused a DQ somehow. Meng pulled him into the ring to do it. Liz came out and apologized on behalf of Lex. Meng went to put her in the death grip. Lex then ambushed him and hit him in the head with a chair like 6 times and then worked over Meng's legs.

TO THE BACK. Benoit heads to the ring.

Chris Benoit vs Buff Bagwell

I think Buff's a heel, which makes absolutely zero sense with the angle he's been doing for the past month. But such is Russo. Hennig came out and distracted Buff, allowing Benoit to lock on the Iron Crossface. Hennig and Benoit showing each other respect and helping each other out makes no sense after the Horsemen angle and their feud at the beginning of the year. The go home show ended with Buff and Hennig brawling.

DQ Count: Who cares?

Announced card for Mayhem:

Bret Hart vs Sting Tournament Semi Final
Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit Tournament Semi Final
Tournament Final
Sid vs Goldberg I Quit Match
David Flair vs Kimberly
The Filthy Animals vs The Revolution Mixed Tag Elimination Match
Buff Bagwell vs Curt Hennig Retirement Match
Norman Smiley vs Brian Knobs WCW Hardcore Championship
Evan Karagias vs Disco Inferno WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Meng vs The Total Package
Vampiro vs Berlyn Chain Match