WCW Thunder 11/11/99

Lash LeRoux vs Evan Karagias

Shit. Disco was out for color. He was very colorful. Madusa came out. She and Disco flirted. I guess this was supposed to motivate Evan or something. Or maybe Disco was just being a bro. Evan beat Disco up. He still lost to Lash. Disco bets Evan $25K that he can beat Evan at Mayhem. Lash came back and laid Disco out again. God damn. He is just like Sheamus.

WCW album promo. That CD fucking sucks.

TO THE BACK. Gene asks Berlyn if he used to dance. He didn't like it. Elsewhere, Sid arrives and finds Terry Taylor. He wonders what Terry is doing here and asks for directions to find Rick Steiner.

Berlyn vs Curly Bill

Jerry Only came out and cut a promo on Wall and Berlyn. Wall left to chase him. Vamp then attacked Berlyn from behind, causing a DQ. Virgil tried to pin Berlyn anyway.

TO THE BACK. Mean Gene talks with Silver King and La Parka. La Parka now speaks with a vaguely Southern accent and speaks perfect English. It sounded like maybe it was Brad Armstrong doing the voice. Elsewhere, Chavo tries to sell shit to a Villano. Elsewhere elsewhere, Gene talked with Rick Steiner when Sid ran up and they had to be pulled apart.

La Parka/Silver King vs Lizmark Jr./Villano V

La Parka cuts a promo about going to the trouble of learning how to speak English when he's still booked in crappy matches like this. It was Ed Ferrara doing the voice, not Brad Armstrong. Parka's red variant suit is boss as fuck. They have your standard heavyweight lucha match with a ton of arm drags. La Parka pinned Lizmark.


TO THE BACK. Wall and Berlyn are beating up Curly Bill. Elsewhere, Gene talks with Curt Hennig. Hennig might retire tonight if he loses to Dean Malenko tonight.

TO THE BACK. Chavo tries to sell stuff to Kaz Hayashi.

Nitro recap.

TO THE BACK. Gene asks Booker about that big lady who hit the ring on Nitro. Booker just said that they've known each other for a long time. Elsewhere, Sid is watching Rick Steiner on the tiniest monitor like the biggest sexual predator you've ever seen. Elsewhere elsewhere, Disco is on the phone with someone about his debts. The idea is given to him to try to take Curt Hennig out and gain favor of TPTB.

Rick Steiner vs Booker T. WCW TV Championship

Are they really shoving Booker back to the TV division? It was pretty weird when they brought Scott back for one show to cut a promo in the ring and then didn't mention him again until he was interviewed after back surgery a few months later. Rick pulled the ref in front of a missile dropkick. Sid came out and powerbombed Rick. He put Booker on top of Rick. New champion! A second ref came in and reversed the decision. Sid powerbombed both refs. Then Rick and Sid had another pull apart. Title retained.

TO THE BACK. The Revolution and Curt Hennig head to the ring.

Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig

Perfect tries to win with a series of roll ups and cradles. Why can't TPTB just fire Hennig? Why do they have to have him lose a match first? Perfect hurt his knee doing the neck whip. Saturn keeps hitting on a ring girl. Shane hit Perfect with his cast. Disco came out and tried to pin Hennig. Dean and Hennig both hit him, and Asya suplexed him. Chris Benoit came out and did a diving headbutt on Dean while he had Hennig covered. Perfect wins. 4 run ins for a Thunder match.

TO THE BACK. Sid and Rick Steiner are still brawling. Elsewhere, Gene asks Maestro (Ooh La La) about having to be in a hardcore tonight. Symphony of destruction! Elsewhere, Gene talked to Knobs about the match.

The Maestro (Ooh La La) vs Brian Knobs Hardcore Match

Stro has both pyro and bubbles. Norman came out for color and brought an instrument with him. Jimmy got all up in Norman's shit. Norman was scared of him. Norman hit Jimmy with a violin case and then hit Knobs with pipe. Stro wins! OOH LA LA!

TO THE BACK. The Filthy Animals head to the ring.

Filthy Animals vs Barbarian/Jerry Flynn WCW Tag Team Championships

Flynn tried to hit on Torrie. She slapped him. I bet she'd have fucked him if he still had his mullet. Barb has weird hair now. The Animals won after Kidman hit a splash on Barb who had just superplexed Konnan. Titles retained.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Lex and Liz. What a surprise, another production error. Maybe that's Lex's new gimmick.


Recap of Nitro Girls EXPLODING. This featured all of the girls talking and taking sides, including using SHOOT names. AC Jazz vs Spice in a wrestling match on Nitro.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with the Revolution. This is the start of Saturn starting his random non-sequiturs. Dean asks who writes his promos.


The Total Package vs Kaz Hayashi

Lex is still working his knee injury and is out in street clothes. He won't be able to wrestle tonight, but he will be okay to wrestle on Nitro if he rests. Kaz calls him "chicken shit" and Lex recovers. Torture Rack for the win.

TO THE BACK. Sid walks. Elsewhere, the Revolution argue. Elsewhere elsewhere, Kaz and La Parka have an animated discussion.

Sid vs Saturn

Sid ends up dropping Saturn knees first on the guard rail, with Saturn falling into the crowd. Saturn countered a chokeslam with a kick to the dick. Sid had the match won with the powerbomb. Asya pulled the ref out, causing a DQ. Dean got powerbombed after the match. Asya almost got one, but Rick Steiner came out and we get another Sid/Steiner brawl.


DQ Count: 3 out of 8 matches.

In addition to 4 tournament matches, Nitro will have AC Jazz vs Spice, Rick Steiner vs Sid, and Norman Smiley vs Jimmy Hart in a hardcore match.