WCW Thunder 7/29/99

It's Thunder, so go fuck yourself.

Nash/Hogan history video.

KISS is coming to Nitro!

The Cat vs Barry Darsow

Smash!  He's been absent all year.  I believe he was doing his evil golfer gimmick on Saturday Night, but he's plain old Barry Darsow.  He also appears to have worn pants while tanning.  Cat easily wins.

Goldberg/Megadeath video.

Recap of Savage/Rodman stuff from Nitro.

Recap of DDP on Hollywood Squares.

Buff Bagwell vs Erik Watts

So weird that we joined this match in progress.  This probably happened in 1992ish.  It should have stayed there.  No idea why Erik Watts got a shot in WCW (again), ECW, and TNA around this time.  Cat ran in and caused a DQ.  Buff lariatoooed Sonny just for fun on the floor.

TO THE NITRO. The entire Goldberg vs Hennig match was replayed.

Rad Bork is coming to Nitro!

Bam Bam Big Yellow vs Booker T.

More YO MAMA jokes.  DDP was a 40 something year old man telling YO MAMA jokes.  DDP and Kanyon quickly got involved, causing a DQ.  Stevie Ray made the save.  Stevie challenged the Triad to a match with HARLEM HEAT!   Booker agrees as long as Stevie gets rid of the nWo colors.  He does without hesitation. 


Oh shit, that TV movie that Jason Hervey produced that has DDP in it isn't even a TNT movie, it is a TBS movie.  And despite Hervey being on Nitro pretty much the whole show, this is the first time the movie was named and given a time and date when it aired.

Recap of Nash/Hogan having a confrontation on Nitro.  Then the main event of Hogan/Sting vs Sid/Nash.  The whole match.  Two full matches from Nitro.  Why even bother with first run stuff?  Just make Thunder a 2 hour version of Nitro.

Dean Malenko/Saturn/Chris Benoit vs Ric Flair/DDP/Kanyon

In a Thunder main event where nothing happens, Kanyon pinned Benoit after Flair used an international object.  Shane Douglas hit the ring and bitched about Ric Flair.  Man, it kind of already pisses me off that Shane is acting like he's been in WCW this whole time being held back. That it is his place and his time.  Dean and Benoit had been held back in WCW for 4 years now.  Saturn for 2.  Shane JUST started in WCW.   He's acting like he's been in WCW since 1992 and Flair has been holding him back the whole time.  Get the fuck out of here with that shit, Shane.

DQ Count: 2 out of 4 matches.  3 out of 6 if you include the Nitro matches.