WCW Thunder 10/21/99

The go home show for Halloween Havoc. I don't know if this was taped before or after Russo's first day. I guess we'll find out on this show.

I really like that the Thunder intro is full of clips from early 1998 and even still has nWo vs WCW stuff in the graphics.

The Maestro (Ooh La La) vs Norman Smiley

Norman! And Stro! Stro debuts by playing piano while being lowered from the ceiling. He wasn't acknowledged, but there he was. He shows up to wrestle a few weeks later and basically gets squashed with no explanation of who he is or his character. Norman wins and the Maestro character is not off to a strong start.


Disco/Lash hype video.

MVP vs Horace

MVP is the renamed Dale Torborg in his baseball uniform. No one cares about a wrestling baseball player in 1999. Horace won with a Samoan drop.

They show some stuff from Saturday Night, which appears to have more guys involved in storylines that make sense than Nitro.

Flair/DDP hype video.

Curly Bill vs Lash LeRoux

Why would Lash be fighting a heavyweight a few days before his Cruiserweight title match? Why does Lash get a PPV title shot to begin with? And why did he attack Disco on Nitro when Disco hasn't done a single thing to Lash? They haven't had any interaction whatsoever before that. Lash wins.

First Family/Filthy Animals hype video.

Harlem Heat vs Steve Regal/Dave Taylor

More jobber entrances since WCW again taped a title match and then changed titles on a live show before the taped show aired. The First Family hit the ring and caused a DQ.

Sid hype video.

Goldberg/Sid hype video.

Goldberg hype video.

Lol, yes, they really did a Sid, Sid/Goldberg, then Goldberg video package all in a row.

Berlyn/Brad Armstrong hype video.

Kendall Windham vs Brad Armstrong

Ref got distracted, Virgil accidentally hit Kendall with his boot, and Brad won with the Russian leg sweep.

Halloween Havoc hype video.

Juventud Guerrera/Silver King vs Blitzkrieg/Kaz Hayashi

Blitz and Kaz got a jobber entrance. Blitz didn't get to do anything cool. Juvi pinned Kaz with the Juvi Driver.

Buff getting BURIED on Nitro recap.

Rick Steiner vs La Parka

It'd be great if Rick Steiner did the same thing as Buff did. Parka comes out with a plastic bucket chair tonight. Parka got destroyed.

Benoit/Rick Steiner hype video.

Sting/Hogan hype video.

Full Nitro recap video that was longer than all the PPV hype videos. It was the entire show turned into a montage. Like, every segment. So lazy.

The Total Package vs Buff Bagwell

Buff got a jobber entrance and seems to have no problem wrestling tonight after his hissy fit on Nitro. Liz is there after getting hit with a guitar on Nitro. They really should try not to have weird continuity errors by actually planning out what happens on Nitro before they tape two weeks of Thunder that will end up not acknowledging things that happened because they don't make sense any more. Lex won.

DQ Count: 1 out of 8 matches.

Announced card for Halloween Havoc:

Sting vs Hulk Hogan WCW Championship
Sid vs Goldberg WCW US Championship
The Total Package vs Bret Hart
DDP vs Ric Flair
Filthy Animals vs First Family WCW Tag Team Championships
Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit WCW TV Championship
Lash LeRoux vs Disco Inferno WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Berlyn vs Brad Armstrong