WCW Thunder 10/7/99

The US, TV, and Cruiserweight championships will be defended tonight.

Dean Malenko vs Blitzkrieg

Blitz has a new outfit and mask that looks like Amazing Red's gear with a Power Ranger chest plate. Dean was pretty mean in this. Blitz got to do a sweet twisting Asai moonsault, but Dean mostly beat the shit out of him the whole match and won with the Cloverleaf.


Recap of Disco winning the Cruiserweight Championship.

Evan Karagias vs Disco Inferno WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Disco got a jobber entrance, which leads me to believe the title change on Nitro was another last minute thing like the Rednecks/Harlem Heat change a few weeks ago. Evan is about to get an actual push, which is terrible. Disco won with the Last Dance. "Title" retained. Even though he didn't have the title at the time the match was recorded and they actually did show a clip of Disco's entrance, which had him not having the title with him. Kind of defeats the point of doing the jobber entrance to hide that fact.

Bret Hart talks about his match with Benoit.

Reairing of the Berlyn/Brad Armstrong backstage interaction from Nitro.

Brad Armstrong vs Chris Adams

Adams is out of the NuBlue Bloods. Not surprising since he and Regal had real heat that prevented Adams from being in the Blue Bloods when WCW first hired him. Skinny Tommy Dreamer wins with a Russian leg sweep.

Brian Knobs vs Chris Benoit WCW TV Championship

Knobs doesn't deserve a title shot. At any title. They only thing Knobs deserves is to get kicked in the balls really, really hard. I hate Knobs. I don't know why he had a job in the WWF and WCW for so long. He sucked, he never helped sell a ticket, and most of all he was dangerous and reckless. They fought into the the crowd and stayed out there for a whole commercial break. I don't know how that wasn't a count out. Obviously a Brian Knobs match needed a ref bump. Benoit won with the diving headbutt.

Lash LeRoux vs Silver King

Lash is about to get a real push soon, just like Evan, and it also makes me sad. Lash is better than Evan, but the Cruiserweight division is about to go to shit and really not ever recover. Lash wins.

We get to see Lex Luger's funeral again.

Dale Torborg vs The Maestro (OOH LA LA)

The last time we saw Dale, it was near the end of 1998 when he blew his knee out doing a pump kick. He was also a race car driver. And now he's a baseball player, with red and black face paint. I thought it was pretty weird they had Stro do his piano playing thing and not mention it again. Dale won with a Rock Bottom.

Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman vs Disorderly Conduct

So many jobbers tonight. Animals easily won.

Bret talked about his match with Benoit right after it happened on Nitro.

Sid vs Stevie Ray WCW US Championship

Rick Steiner came out and was again allowed to interfere. Charles Robinson went from Ric Flair's stooge to Sid's stooge. Double team powerbomb for the win. Sid is 128-0. He gains about 8 wins per show.

DQ Count: 0 out of 8 matches.