WCW Thunder 9/23/99

Last week was preempted due to weather. I wish that had been the case this week.

Recap of Chavo making a hair contra mask match for Nitro without even asking Hypnosis, because Guerreros are dick heads like that.

Lodi vs Kidman

The only thing worse than a Lenny match is a Lodi match. Get that shit out of here. Lodi is one of the worst dudes on the roster since Konnan and Randy Savage have been out of action. Despite being stablemates with Kidman, Lodi doesn't know that YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Kidman won with a BK Bomb. Eddie beat up Lenny and prevented Chavo from interfering.

TO THE BACK. Harlem Heat were walking around. Stevie went down a hallway. There was a noise and Sid/Rick Steiner can walking out, apparently having knocked the shit out of Stevie.

Recap of Goldberg challenging Sid from Nitro.

TO THE TENAY. He brings out Harlem Heat, but only Booker came out. Stevie is on his way to a hospital with a bump on his noggin. It's no secret that it was Sid. He challenges Sid for later tonight.

Brandi Alexander vs Mona

So weird. There are no plans to bring back the women's division or championship, and the ONE match that made sense (Mona vs Madusa) was changed a week before the match and never happened. So now they have Mona and decided, "Well, we're paying her, so I guess we should use her for something" even though that has never been an issue for WCW. In fact, they had been paying Madusa since 1995 and used her in nearly 3 years. Brandi won with a her feet on the ropes and they IMMEDIATELY cut to a promo for Hogan/Flair home videos. I'm talking like as soon as the 3 count was over.

Recap of Evan beating Blitz on Nitro.

Saturn vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo is suddenly a heel for no reason I can find. He just came back and was wearing long tights, and everyone knows that Chavo in long tights means heel. They had an awkward match where they weren't on the same page at all. Saturn did a tiger suplex, though. He also did the submission that Rick Steiner has been trying to figure out how to do for 3 months and getting it wrong every single time. Eddie tripped Chavo up on the top rope. Saturn wouldn't take a win that way, so Eddie dropkicks Saturn, who collided heads with Chavo. Chavo fall onto Saturn's Neptunes and won.


Sid came to the ring and is now 99-0. I believe he was 85-0 on Nitro. He hasn't even had 20 matches since June. He called Booker a "bug eyed FOOL". That was his acceptance of the match.

TO THE COACH. Coach Glacier does some training with Luther Biggs, pumping him up for his upcoming debut on Thunder. Sometime.

Review of Sting/Benoit from Nitro.


I feel like I've seen this match at least 10 times. It sucks every time. Hammer easily won. Just like all of their matches. Hammer then grabbed the mic to SHOOT challenge the winner of Sid/Booker to a match on Nitro.

Revolution hype video.

Rick Steiner vs Eddie Guerrero

Sid caused a DQ. Kidman ran in and got crushed. Guess what? SID CAN POWERBOMB KIDMAN!

Evan Karagias vs Lenny WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Weird, this started JIP and probably half over. Not that I'm complaining, but it is weird. What was left of the match was pretty bad, so maybe that's why they didn't show the whole match. Lenny won. Title retained.

Sid vs Booker T.

Nick Patrick wouldn't allow Charles Robinson to be the ref. They brawled in the crowd for a bit. Sid hit Booker with a box of candy. Booker had the match won. Charles Robinson pulled Nick Patrick out during the pin. Rick Steiner then got in and hit Booker. Double team powerbomb. Sid wins.

DQ Count: 1 out of 7 matches.