WCW Thunder 9/9/99

Go home show for Fall Brawl.

The show starts with a graphic mentioning the death of referee Mark Curtis/Brian Hildebrand. His death was also mentioned by the WWF, even though he never worked for them.


Barbarian vs Buff Bagwell

I suppose this is a way to prove Buff's newly found patriotism, by defeating another foreign guy. Jimmy threw something in the ring, way over shot it, and Buff used it to defeat Barb.

Recap of Berlyn on Nitro.

Lex Luger/Sting history video.

Van Hammer vs Blitzkrieg

Boy, I wonder who is going to win this match. Hammer easily won in a match that no one had any doubt about it.

Recap of the Hummer angle.

Chris Adams/Steve Regal/Dave Taylor vs Saturn/Shane Douglas/Chris Benoit

Chris Adams is so out of place in this group. Not only from his style and abilities, but also because Regal hates him and ignores him as much as possible. Benoit and Regal start out and do their headbutt spot. Benoit made Adams tap out to the Iron Crossface. Do you think Berlyn and Benoit would get along well?

Lodi vs Kaz Hayashi

The last time these two had a match, Kaz pinned Lenny. He beat Lodi this time.

Recap of the last few weeks of Hogan/Sting stuff.

Adrian Byrd/Bobby Blaze vs Sid

Obviously, Sid murdered both guys.


The Revolution comes to the ring. Dean has the TV Championship with him. Did the Revolution steal it from Rick Steiner since Rick wasn't allowed to be the TV Champion in a match with Goldberg on Nitro? Shouldn't Saturn be the one with the title since he has a title shot at the PPV? Dean vs Rick later tonight as well as Goldberg vs Bam Bam.

Barry Windham vs Booker T.

No Curly Bill as this was taped before that angle was decided. This would have some potential to be pretty decent if it wasn't on Thunder and Barry wasn't wearing a baby shirt. Barry never really reaching his potential is one of the biggest non-death/injury related tragedies in pro wrasslin. He was so good even as a rookie and he should have been the next Flair type. But it just never happened. The remaining Rednecks caused a DQ. Harlem Heat then got a beat down after the match.

Recap of Sting getting fucked in the dark in Hogan's locker room on Nitro.

Rick Steiner vs Dean Malenko WCW TV Championship

Rick attacked as Dean was getting in the ring. Sid came out and caused a DQ, even though Rick was firmly in control. Shane Douglas ran down and got powerbombed. Benoit locked the Iron Crossface on Sid while he was on the match shit talking. Saturn also came down. The heels ran away.

Goldberg vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

Remember when this match seemed like a big deal at the end of 1998/start of 1999? Now it is a Thunder main event with Bam Bam stalling like DDP. Bam Bam looks like he's lost a lot of weight, but in a sickness kind of way. Ref bump. DDP ran in a good 3 minutes after the ref bump. Goldberg still won. DDP attacked him with a chair after the bell.

DQ Count: 2 out of 8 matches.

Announced card for Fall Brawl:

Hulk Hogan vs Sting WCW Championship
Goldberg vs DDP
Sid vs Chris Benoit WCW US Championship
Harlem Heat vs West Texas Rednecks WCW Tag Team Championships
Rick Steiner vs Saturn WCW TV Championship
Buff Bagwell vs Berlyn
Hugh Morrus/Brian Knobs vs Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas
Vampiro/ICP vs Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr./Eddie Guererro