WCW Thunder 8/26/99

This was indeed the night that Smackdown debuted as an actual series, which made WCW actually try to book matches ahead of time for Thunder.  However, the matches were Sid/Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit/Saturn and Harlem Heat vs Brian Knobs/Hugh Morrus.  That's no kind of competition for Rock vs HHH.

Sid vs Public Enemy

Wait, I thought Sid was booked in a tag tonight?  He's doing double duty?  Sid squashed PE.

Coach Buzz Stern video.

Barry Windham/Kendall Windham/Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero/Kidman/Eddie Guerrero

Of note is that the Rednecks don't have the titles with them.  This makes me think that the title change on Nitro was a last minute thing since Heat vs First Family for the titles was promoted for this show.  We'll see if Harlem Heat come out with the titles or not.  Nothing of interest in this, which sucks, because this no doubt has the most talent of any match on the show tonight.  Rey got a sneaky pin on Duncum.  The Rednecks attempted a beat down, but Harlem Heat made the save.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Sid and Rick Steiner are guests.  Does Sid really need two matches and a promo segment?  Sid made fun of the midgets.  I wish he had said vanilla midgets.  Rick claims that they took out Hogan and Sting this week, Sting and Goldberg the week before. Well, if they took out Sting one week, how was he fine to compete the next week?


Cat has a cowboy hat and can of dip with him.  When Sonny says they have Prince tonight, Cat gets super stoked because he love Prince.  Sonny then sings Purple Rain.  Cat will win in 3 minutes or he'll never return to this city.  I would rather Sonny sing all of Purple Rain instead of watch this match.  I only want to see you bathing in the purple rain.  Cat won with the Wizard of Oz at 2:59.  Purple Rain, Purple Rain

Harlem Heat vs Brian Knobs/Hugh Morrus

Fucking lol, the way they got around the title change on Nitro was to just give both teams jobber entrances.  I suppose that's one way to do it.  Or maybe they shouldn't have hot shot a title change on Nitro when they had already promoted a title match on Thunder a week in advance.  On a taped show.  Konbs and Stevie, having matches together.  Gross.  Who lays out a match with Stevie as the FIP?  It doesn't make sense to have the bigger and worse worker work the majority of the match.  Booker pinned Hugh with the missile dropkick.  We didn't get to see the celebration since Harlem Heat still had the titles that they lost on Nitro.

TO THE POWER PLANT.  Coach Stern is making dudes work out.  I think this was probably a rib on Buddy Lee Parker or something.

Disorderly Conduct vs Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas

Damn, Shane getting his ass kicked by Disorderly Conduct.  I'm sure the Turner money was worth it.  But still.  Shane got his ass kicked the whole match, tagged in to Dean, who won with the Cloverleaf.

TO THE MEAN SCUM.  DDP said shit I didn't listen to because fuck Triad DDP.

DDP vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

DDP did more YO MAMA jokes before the match.  Chavo did one of his own. Does anyone really get that pissed when you make fun of their mom?  I mean, I love my mom and all, but I'm not going to fight someone because they said she was so fat she freed Free Willy.  Chavo got dumped on his head with a uranage.  Kanyon Cutter for the win.  BANG! 


Sid/Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit/Saturn

This sucks.  Sid forgot he was working for a national company and works like he's still doing shots in USWA.  Rick Steiner sucks.  Benoit and Saturn don't have much to work with.  Benoit put Rick in the Iron Crossface.  Sid powerbombed and pinned Saturn.  While in the crossface, Rick poked the ref in the eye.  Charles Robinson ran in and counted the pin for Sid.

DQ Count: 0 out of 7 matches.

This was really the best WCW could do to combat the debut of Smackdown? They put way more effort into the Thunder on the night of the Smackdown pilot.  But when the actual series start, the best they can do is 2 Sid matches and no Hogan/Sting/Goldberg.  And then there was the whole thing with the tag titles that they hot shot on to the Rednecks without giving any consideration to the fact that they promoted a tag title match on Thunder, which had already been taped.  They couldn't just wait until the next Nitro?

Purple Rain, Purple Rain.