WCW Thunder 8/19/99

I guess I'm back to this shit.

Silver King vs Psychosis

We're in Western Texas for this show, so I expect a lot of luchadors on the card.  Hypno is the face because of a pre show coin toss.  They wrestled for a few minutes before Sid came out and powerbombed both of them.  More Millennium Man stuff.  He puts his name up with Jordan and Babe Ruth.  He's gonna jizz in his pants when he reaches Goldberg's record. 


Al Greene vs Shane Douglas

Lol.  Shane jumped from ECW to have matches against Al Greene.  Shane easily wins.  Why do refs not notice that his shoulders are on the mat when he does the pin after the Pittsburgh Plunge?  He could be pinned every time if the refs were doing their jobs.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  He welcomes Rick Steiner, who is again allowed to be TV Champion since Goldberg isn't around.  The Revolution wants a piece of him.  Since when?  He's going to eat heads or something.  Remember when Tank Abbott SWERVED Sting in that cage match with Rick Steiner?  And then that angle was immediately dropped?  Or when the Steiners were feuding with Sting and Goldberg, which became Steiners vs Sting and Lex Luger, which became Rick vs Sting, which was then dropped completely? 

We see  a vignette for a new wrestling, Coach Buzz Stern.  It's obviously Glacier, teaching some Power Plant guys that he's in charge.

Bobby Blaze/Adrian Byrd/Dave Burkhead vs Steve Regal/Dave Taylor/Chris Adams

Chris Adams isn't a very good replacement for Finlay.  At all.  I can't believe WCW was still using him this late into 1999.  He really hadn't been known since 1986 or so.  It's not like he was some famous guy by the late 90s.  He wasn't on WCW in during the earlier part of the decade, nor was in he in the WWF or ECW.  Sid and Rick Steiner came out to cause another DQ.

The Revolution come to the ring.  Shane claims people are scared of them because fans know what's REAL.  Saturn isn't going to bite Rick, but he is going to beat him.  OUT WITH EVOLUTION, IN WITH THE REVOLUTION!  That's a stupid catch phrase.

World premiere of the Rednecks' new video on Nitro!

Lenny vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Rey tell Lenny to tell his boyfriend to ride the Hershey Highway to the back.  Classy.  Rey gets really pissed over Lenny gyrating his hips.  He appears to be quite homophobic.  Not surprising, considering Konnan is his best bro and he can't cut a promo without making gay jokes.  Rey did a taint buster, which made Lenny accidentally rub his ass on the ref, who sold it like he was the most disgusting thing to ever happen to him.   Lodi came back out and ended up costing Rey the match.  New champion!   Rey should have lost the belt 3 months ago, but not to Lenny Lane.


Horace/Scott Norton vs Harlem Heat WCW Tag Team Championships

They have a boring match.  Sid didn't come out.  Titles retained.

Berlyn video.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Jimmy Hart and the First Family are the guests.  Remember when Knobs said he was going to be doing things on his own from now on, and then the next week was in the First Family?  The First Family is going to take the tag titles from Harlem Heat.  Knobs/Hugh vs Harlem Heat for the titles next week.  Knobs said something about chicken wings.

Saturn vs Rick Steiner WCW TV Championship

Rick is just not an interesting singles worker and his attempt to be like Scott doesn't work.  Sid came out and caused another DQ.  Benoit came out and Sid ran off.  He challenged them to a tag match next week on Thunder.  What the fuck, TWO matches booked a week in advance for Thunder?

DQ Count: 3 out of 6 matches.

They're in West Texas and don't have the Rednecks?  And they only booked one luchador match, which ended in a DQ because a giant white guy beat them up.  And then the other luchador loses his title to a guy who has won all of 3 matches in a year and a half on TV.