WCW Thunder 4/8/99

The go home show for Spring Stampede.  Thunder doesn't have a new intro or stage.  Everything is the same, just with the new logo.

Evan Karagias vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Evan is awful.  He never got better.  I would guess he, much like Riggs, was probably from the Carolinas or Georgia area, which meant it was cheaper to fly him to shows for WCW.  That's probably why he had a job. He probably rode in the back of the ring truck.  Rey wins with a super rana.

Recap of Bret SWERVING both Goldberg and Eric Bischoff on last week's Nitro.  The thing that wasn't mentioned at all on Nitro.

Wrath vs Damian

Man, Kevin Nash ruined Wrath.  Dude was getting over on his mini-Goldberg streak.  Then Nash beats him out of the blue, I assume to show he could defeat an undefeatable guy.  Then he did nothing for a month, lost to Bam Bam (another loss to build someone to face Goldberg), then lost to Disco, and has been on TV 3 times since.  He was doing 50 second matches and now struggles against Mike Enos and Damian.  Wrath wins, but he had to work for it.  Against a luchador.  One who, to my knowledge, has never won a match on WCW television. 

.  Fucking Konnan.  Juvi came out to translate for La Cucaracha, who said Konnan is a terrible wrestler.  Konnan then said some homophobic stuff and grabbed his dick.  They got into a fight.

Goldberg/Nash hype video and recap.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Hak

YO!  Sandman vs Mikey, right here in the WCW!  Michael works over an arm bar.  Lol, Sandman doing mat wrasslin.  What in the world is going on? It goes to the floor.  Sandman takes his flip bump into the railing.  Russian leg sweep into the railing.  But that's Raven's move!  Flying lariatoo from Mikey.  WE'LL BE BACK!  Mikey is down on the floor when we come back.  Guardrail leg drop.  Mikey does a tree of Keanu dropkick with a chair.  He then misses some second rope twisty thing.  Another hanging guillotine.  Mikey intercepts the cane, but falls prey to the White Russian leg sweep.  Bam Bam attacked Sandman after the match.  YO!


Super Calo vs Blitzkrieg

I think I'm actually more interested in Calo botches than crazy Blitz moves.  Sadly, there weren't many of either.  Blitz won with a Phoenix Splash.


Recap of the past few weeks of tag title action.

Chris Benoit vs Raven

Arn is out with Benoit.  He gets involved.  Benoit knocks the shit out of Raven for a while.  Raven makes a come back with a boot in the corner and rolling suplexes.  Raven gets to the ropes from an Iron Crossface attempt.  WE'LL BE BACK!  Drop toe hold on a chair.  Benoit misses a diving headbutt and landed on the chair.  Raven was about to Evenflow Benoit on the chair.  Arn jumped in and the match was thrown out.  Saturn saved Raven, then Dean came out and the Horsemen did a DDT and DVD just to be dicks.

Recap of the 4 corners match on Nitro.

Chris Jericho vs Booker T. WCW TV Championship

We're told that Bret will be on Later Friday night to explain why he quit WCW.  Why would they hype someone who quit their company on live TV?  That doesn't make any sense to me.  But Hogan will be on The Tonight Show so whatever.  Bret is on the show AFTER Conan.  Hogan is on Leno.  What the fuck, Tenay and Larry are making JFK jokes.  Jericho decides to walk out on the match.  Book follows him out all the way to the stage area.  We had a ref bump.  Of course.  Why not.  Booker went for the missile dropkick.  Scott Steiner ran out and hit Booker with a chair.  Stevie Ray then came out and hit Jericho with a slapjack.  Booker retains.  I think it is bullshit that he's had to defend his title twice while being in the tournament, but Steiner hasn't had to wrestle any extra matches.

DQ Count: 1 out of 6 matches.

Announced card for Spring Stampede:

Hollywood Hogan vs Ric Flair vs DDP vs Sting WCW Championship Special Guest Referee: Randy Savage
Goldberg vs Kevin Nash
Booker T. vs Scott Steiner WCW US Championship
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs Saturn/Raven
Hak vs Bam Bam Big Yellow
Disco Inferno vs Konnan