WCW Thunder 3/25/99

The Horsemen have gone full heel.  A second tournament with no brackets has started.  Hulk Hogan is kind of a face.  Ric Flair vs Barry Windham tonight!  Fuck yeah.  They wouldn't let poor Bobby talk at all.

Jerry Flynn vs Scott Riggs

Riggs is from Atlanta, which explains to me why WCW probably hired him in the first place.  That and being an American Male is just too hard to pass up on.  Let me assure you, this was a great match.  So good you don't even need to watch it.  Just know that it was amazing.


Recap of the Steiner/Buff break up.

Wrath vs Mike Enos

I don't think Wrath has been seen since losing to Disco.  And now that he's getting his ass kicked by Mike Enos, he might want to hide for another 3 months.  Another classic, but you don't need to watch it.  Just trust me.

Fit Finlay vs Chris Adams

Let's do some stiff Euro work.  Finlay dominates the opening minutes, but Adams comes back and locks on a sleeper.  Jaw breaker breaks the hold.  Fit attempts to use a chair.  Super kick!  Finlay gets knocks out of the ring from it.  A suplex back in.  Fit then back drops Adams out.   Adams misses a cross body.  Tombstone for the win.

Blitzkrieg vs Kidman

Sweet.  Dropsault to start the match.  Kidman fires back with the rebound lariatoo.  A springboard dropkick sends Kidman to the floor.  Blitz follows it up with twisting corkscrew Asai moonsault.  Running falling Liger bomb from Kidman.  Wacky enzuiguri from Blitz.  After some struggling, Kidman connects with a sitout pedigree.  Second rope legdrop.  Back to the floor.  Body slam.  No dives.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN.  Why do people keep trying to powerbomb this asshole?  That reversal was such a crutch to Kidman that he had to set up an alternate way to do it on Rey, since Rey wasn't big enough to powerbomb him.  BK Bomb.   Blitz catches Kidman doing the SSP and does a super rana.  Blitz misses some wacky top rope move.  Kidman does a pushing back suplex and SSP for the win.



Horace vs Kaz Hayashi

Kaz and his Glacier gear.  He's also growing a beard.  He does what he can, but he's no match for the size of Whoreass.  I loled at the talk about Horace being another guy whose career skyrocketed since leaving The Flock.  I'm not sure struggling to beat guys half your size and arguing with Virgil every week was an upgrade.

Recap of the US Championship tournament so far.

Booker T. vs Saturn

This is a tournament match.  It really bothers me when champions are in tournaments for other championships.  I think it devalues the lesser title.  The only time it is acceptable to me is if the tournament is for the world championship.  Booker doesn't seem to like Gay Perry's fashion sense.  Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is so good, guys.  Everyone should see it.  You can pretend it was what Tony Stark was doing before he decided to go back to Stark Industries.  Booker controls the match until we go to a break.  He's still in charge when we come back.  Booker gets dumped to the floor and Saturn suplexes him out there.  He throws the steps at Book, but he moved, so they crashed into the other steps.  Saturn slows it down with submissions for a while.  Book comes back with a spin kick out of the corner and a side slam.  German suplex from Saturn.  Superfly Splash.  Spinewalkslambuster.  Ax kick.  Book rolls up Saturn out of a DVD and advances to round two of the tournament.


60 seconds with Goldberg.  Again, that promo is 9 months old.  Then again, they showed a Nitro promo that was 2 years old a few weeks ago.

Barry Windham vs Ric Flair WCW Championship

The last time they had a match, Barry was used as a SWERVE fake out for Hulk Hogan and his knee exploded.  Flair stops the match about a minute in to shit on some fans.  Tenay and Brain are both trolling Tony by repeating what he said in slightly different words, which is driving Tony crazy.  After a break, Windham has Ric in the figure four.  Windham lariatoo.  Backslide almost gives us a new champion.  The live crowd got to see Flair's ass.  Thankfully, TBS wouldn't even show that from the front, so they cut to the crowd.  Barry had the win, but Robinson took his time to make the pin and then made a slow count.  Barry hits the superplex.  Robinson pulls the same trick.  He then grabs Barry while he's hitting Flair.  Barry trips over Flair.  Flair locks on the figure four.  Arn comes out and pulls Barry to the ropes.  He then pulls Barry out of the ring, says something to him, and Barry walks to the back.  Flair is left in the ring confused and WE'RE OUTTA TIME.  Lol, what a bullshit ending, even for Thunder.  I guess Flair wins via count out.


DQ Count: 0 out of 7 matches.