WCW Thunder 3/18/99

It's Thunder, which means lol.  The nWo currently only has one championship, the B Team are still fighting for control, and Ric Flair is getting crazy.  Man, Tony and Brain totally cut Tenay off and shut him down.  It was great.  Tenay was trying to argue and Bobby just blurts out "Throw it to the ring, or somewhere" and Tony agrees with Bobby.  Tenay was so pissed.

Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Kenny Kaos

I wonder what would be on Thunder if WCW was still around today.  My guess: Hulk Hogan and Sting as bosses, Black Snow and Chet Lemon on commentary, Konnan vs Chavo Guerrero Jr., Jim Neidhart vs Jim Duggan, Jeff Jarret vs Mongo, Eric Bischoff running around, training montages with Garrett Bischoff and The Cat.  Bobby wins with the Skull Crushing Finale.  Dude straight up looks like a fish.

Recap of B Team power struggles.

  Curt Hennig is the guest.  Where is Big Barry?  He challenges Ric Flair for the title tonight!


Vamp gets tons of pyro, so they must have plans for him.  You may remember him from that one random match last year.  I'm sure people remember that, Tony.  Tony and Brain needle Tenay on all his overly detailed knowledge.  If you want a dude to look good in his debut, putting him against Prince probably isn't a good idea.  Saturn came out and was apparently not happy with someone who would dare to looks as stupid as him.  Tossing powerbomb.  Chokeslam.  Nail in the Coffin for the easy win.


  Crush and Horace talked about Stevie and VINCE.  Crush reveals that he was put in charge.  Crush also believes he'll be in charge of the Wolfpac soon.  Horace decks Crush!  This was all in black and white.

  Tony is SO annoyed at Tenay insisting that Flair should have been a great partner to Goldberg even though Goldberg attacked him at the start of the match.  That's what they were arguing about at the start of the show.  Tenay was really pissed that Flair would walk out on the match when the other 3 people, including his partner, wanted to beat him up.  Brain and Tony repeatedly told him it would be stupid to stay and to drop it.  Tenay wouldn't and they just started shutting him down or ignoring him.  Flair is straight heeling on the crowd.  As of last night, Scott Hall is stripped of the US Championship.  There will be a tournament that starts tonight and ends at Spring Stampede.  I can only imagine how bullshit this tournament will be.  He tells Hennig to come to the ring.  Instead of facing Flair, Hennig will face Hogan tonight.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Cruiserweight Championship

This was every match you've seen from these two.  Rey won with a super rana.


Oil of Olay airs.


Disco Inferno vs Disciple

The battle of the Stone Cold Stunners.  Brutus Beefcake is on TV in 1999.  Ridiculous.  I'm stunned he didn't show up in TNA.  Has he?  A lot of random folks showed up when Hogan and Bischoff came in.  If the Nasty Boys showed up, Beefcake certainly wouldn't be out of the question.  Disco wins with the Last Dance!  The Disco Train rolls on.

Brian Adams vs Horace

Lol.  Get out of here, WCW.  You're crazy.  VINCE gave Whoreass an international object, which he used to win the match.  However, he looked mad about it, even though he clearly gave it to Horace.

  Mean Gene caught up with Rick Steiner.  Rick wants to get involved in the hardcore division that is blooming.  Finlay came in and said he's tougher and will prove it on Monday. 

.  Hollywood comes to the ring.  Nash has convinced him to be a face, basically.  No more sneak attacks, no more cheap shots, and taking no more shit.  Also, he's going to crap lightning tonight.

Meng vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

This is the first match in the US Championship tournament.  What are the odds that no brackets will ever be shown, there will be an odd amount of wrestlers, and someone will lose more than once?  Holy Jesus, this match is boring as fuck.  Tongan Death Grip for the win.  Meng advances.

Curt Hennig vs Hollywood Hogan

I can't believe Hulk Hogan is wrestling on Thunder.  Rolling cross arm breaker!  Ax Bombaaa.  Maybe Perfect will get that win he should have had in 1990.  Perfect gets a cheap shot and starts on the offense.  Neck whip.  Series of slams to Hogan.  Hulk takes his belt off.  Perfect ends up using it.  Perfect Plex!  Horace broke it up.  That cunt!  That's the second time Perfect had Hogan down with the Perfect Plex in a decade.  Hilariously weird criss cross spot.  Hogan wins with a body slam and leg drop.


DQ Count: 0 out of 7 matches.