WCW Thunder 7/15/99

After 4 months, Thunder still hasn't changed their opening or stage besides adding the new logo.

Vampiro vs Van Hammer

Poor Vamp.  Somehow, despite being completely unknown and not winning any matches, he's always weirdly over.  WCW isn't doing anything with him.  Not every guy needs a real angle or storyline, but he isn't even getting a winning streak or even impressive outings kind of push.  He's just one of those guys in WCW that is over and none of the people in charge pay attention to.  And he isn't even getting matches with guys that COULD give him a good match.  Rick Steiner, Hammer, and Konnan?  Vamp won with a leg lace roll up.  He then got his ass kicked after the match.  So his first feud is going to be with Hammer?  Poor Vamp.

Rick Fuller vs Sick Boy

Sick Boy has a completely different look, with trunks and bleach blond hair.  If he had shaved, he'd look like Dolph Ziggler's big brother.  This sucks.  Fuller's hair line has regressed significantly since the start of the year.  This is a Saturday Night match at best.  Definitely shouldn't be on Thunder, at least not as long as it has gone on for.  Rick Fuller won.  No one gave a flying fuck.  In fact, the Saturday Night card sounded way better.  This match would have been out of place on Saturday Night.

BA/Chase Tatum/SWOLL vs Dave Taylor/Fit FInlay/Steve Regal

Maybe the NLS aren't done.  Or maybe this was taped before BATB.  Chase Tatum is some jacked up white guy in the group.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe he was a masked dude who faced DDP on Thunder in 1998 and was so bad that they completely dropped him as a character.  The Superstar or something super generic like that.  He only wrestled for about 2 years and it left him addicted to painkillers, which he accidentally overdosed on in 2008.  I'm sure he never got a 10 bell salute anywhere.  Much like his life, this angle is dead.  This match should be dead.  SWOLL pinned Dave Taylor with his stupid kung fu thing that looks like shit, but black people of a certain age love kung fu, so more power to him I guess.

Recap of Sting challenging Flair for control of WCW.  The whole segment.   And then the end of Sting vs David, which was basically the whole thing anyway.

Bobby Eaton vs David Flair WCW US Championship

I really don't get the point of this push for David.  I get that it is supposed to be funny and get X-Pac heat, but there can be no pay off.  If David loses or gets his ass kicked...well of course, he isn't even a real wrestler.  If he wins over someone via shenanigans, well, he isn't a real wrestler so it's stupid.  Ric went full strip club by shoving bills in Bobby's tights.  When Bobby didn't immediately take a dive, he went back over to Ric for more money.  He went for the Alabama Jam.  Asya laid in his place and Bobby wouldn't do the move.  She then low blowed him and the second time accidentally hit Ric as well.  Figure four for the win.  Ric doing something ridiculous is really the only reason to watch Thunder. 


Recap of various matches from Nitro.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Kidman

Mikey definitely shouldn't be wrestling since he had a legit concussion from the junkyard bullshit  that was even mentioned on air.  No one should be wrestling days after a concussion.  This was Mikey's debut match back in March.  He's had probably 6 matches on TV since then.  I'm pretty sure this show was recorded before the PPV, because I believe Mikey wasn't able to work for the rest of his WCW contract due to the concussion and that was his last match.  Maybe.  I don't know.  I don't care.  This dudes a fucking nerd wearing nerd dragon shirts.  I bet he plays D&D and has a fedora.  He did a pretty sweet DDT, but that was mostly because Kidman really liked to see how much he could spike himself on his head.  As it turns out, YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN YOU FAT FUCKING NERD.  Kidman wins.


Recap of Savage/Hogan from Nitro.

Rap is Crap video.

Jersey Triad vs Barry Windham/Curt Hennig WCW Tag Team Championships

This fucking cunt, doesn't he realize that he doesn't need to say "former" before he says TWO TIME TWO TIME TWO TIME champion?  That's implied.  Triad DDP reminds me of Miz.  The Rednecks can also switch guys out during the match now.  So this is basically a 3 on 4 handicap match with 7 heels.  And it ended in a double DQ.

DQ Count:
1 out of 6 matches.