WCW Thunder 3/11/99


The go home show for Uncensored.  The show starts not with a recap of the main event, but of Scott Steiner and Booker from Nitro.


Dave Taylor vs Raven

What a random styles clash.   "I was always told by the old timers that you have to talk good about your opponents so you can up the buy rates. So, Bam Bam, you've got nice tattoos.  Hak, you don't sweat much for a fat guy."  Raven gets the early advantage.  Taylor does some submissions, but walks into the Evenflow for the easy win.

Recap of Arn and Flair's talk from last week.  And by recap, I mean the entire segment.

A TWO YEAR OLD Nitro promo airs.  It was from early 1997.


Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs Disorder Conduct

Easy squash for the Horsemen.  They want Hennig and Windham tonight.  The champs come out to the ramp.  Disorder Conduct ambush the Horsemen, only for more submissions.  After this, we get a recap of the last 3 weeks of interactions between the two teams, which should have been played before the match.

Recap of Hogan shitting on Flair for liking wrestling more than David.  Again.  The full thing.  This will be the third time this was aired in full in a week.


Barbarian vs Hak

YO!  Oh shit.  Sandman is totally Sandman minus the bear.  He wears The Sandman (comic) shirts, barbed wire, the cane, Zubaz.  Barb gets mad and rips Sandman's shirt off.  They go to the floor.  Barb misses a diving headbutt.  10 count punch in the corner.  Needs a beer.  Sit out powerbomb.  Jimmy throws Barb the cane.  Sandman grabs it and...tries to stab Barb in the throat with it.  Announcers weren't really sure what happened or if Barb blocked it.  White Russian leg sweep for the win.  YO!


Nash vs Rey hype video.

Recap of Hogan and Nash MST3King Flair's promo.  And by recap, I again mean the entire segment.


Scott Steiner/Buff Bagwell vs Booker T./Rey Mysterio Jr.

"Are there two wrestlers who are on more of a roll in terms of winning streak than these two men?"  Booker T. lost on the last show.  He has no win streak.  A few more matches are added for Uncensored: Scott Steiner vs Booker T TV Championship and one more they'll announce later.  Tenay talks about how Booker totally deserves this title shot since he's on a winning streak and moving up the ranks.  Did everyone forget he's the number one contender to the US Championship?  He defeated Bret Hart for it.  Remember?  Rey botches a springboard.  This whole fucking match has been "We have new matches" and then "we'll tell you later".  The next match signed is VINCE vs Stevie Ray in a Harlem Street Fight for control of the B Team.  Book almost pins Buff with a flying forearm.  Multi rep press slam to Rey.  Not very impressive considering Norton did it with one hand and Goldberg did a multi rep press slam to Scott Steiner with ease.  Shoulder breaker from Buff.  Booker gets the hot tag only to tag right back out.  That happens so often in tag matches.  Dude makes the hot tag, hits one or two moves, then tags the guy who has been getting his ass kicked for 10 minutes, who is now totally fine.  Rey pins Buff with a Superfly Splash.  Steiner attacked the ref with a chair after the match.


A promo for Bam Bam/Sandman/Raven airs.  Sandman references their ECW history, even though none of the announcers will.

Recap of Torrie at the shooting range.  Again, by recap I mean the entire promo.

Promo for the tag championships match.


Disco Inferno vs Ric Flair

Lol, Ric Flair, the president of WCW, books himself against Disco on Thunder just a few days before literally the biggest match of his career.  You know where Hulk Hogan is?  Not on Thunder.  This could be Ric Flair's last TV match of all time.  And as president, he chooses it to be on Thunder against Disco.  Disco tries to put the figure four on Ric.  Didn't work.  A second attempt works.  We come back from break to see Flair getting thrown off the top rope.  Stalling suplex and knee drop from Flair.  Disco gets thrown to the floor, into the railing, and the ring post.  Figure four for the win.  If Ric struggles with Disco, why would anyone think he can take Hogan?

DQ Count: 0 out of 5 matches.

Announced card for Uncensored:

Hollywood Hogan vs Ric Flair Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match WCW Championship Ric Flair's career vs Permanent Control of WCW (Plus a stipulation only available on WCW.com)
Kevin Nash vs Rey Mysterio Jr.
Curt Hennig/Barry Windham vs Chris Benoit Dean Malenko WCW Tag Team Championships Lumberjacks with Straps Match
Scott Steiner vs Booker T. WCW TV Championship
Saturn vs Chris Jericho Dog Collar Match
Hak vs Raven vs Bam Bam Big Yellow Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere Match
Stevie Ray vs VINCE Harlem Street Fight For Control of nWo B Team
Jerry Flynn vs The Cat/Sonny Onoo

Jerry Flynn, Sonny Onoo, and Virgil are getting PPV pay days.  Guys who aren't getting PPV pay days: Bret Hart, Goldberg, DDP, Kanyon, Finlay, any luchadores, Norman Smiley, Disco Inferno.