WCW Thunder 7/1/99

We're half way through this cesspool of wrasslin.  Buff vs Rick Steiner for the title tonight!  Rey Mysterio will remember that he's a cruiser and defend his title instead of fighting heavyweights.

Recap of Nash walking out with George and Torrie and then seeing STING in the Hummer.

MEGADEATH will be performing live on Nitro!  We'll also hear from Bret Hart for the first time in 3 months.

DDP vs Saturn

Why would anyone be so proud to be from New Jersey?  Why is DDP SO CHEESY as a heel?  Not that he wasn't as a face, but he's just embarrassing as a heel.  He went from cool late 90s face to a stoogy heel from 1987.  That stupid elbow, the stupid catch phrases, the stupid everything.  I don't want to see him do anything like this.  Triad DDP is just the worst.  Naturally there was a ref bump.  Kanyon got involved.  However, Benoit also got involved and hit a diving headbutt. Saturn won.  After the match, Benoit did a suicide dive on Kanyon, which is really unfortunate.  DDP hit a Kanyon Cutter on Saturn.  BANG! Bam Bam joined in on the fun.  Has there been a good 3 man team since The Freebirds?  Maybe the Hall/Nash/Syxx Wolfpac.  The problem is the Triad is is really trying to be exactly like the Freebirds.  That shit wasn't going to fly in 1999.

Disorderly Conduct vs Brad Armstrong/SWOLL

How ridiculous is Brad Armstrong being in the No Limit Soldiers?  He was so out of place.  I get that they wanted someone who could actually work in the group, but they couldn't find a younger guy who wasn't a Southern white guy?  SWOLL got the pin.

La Parka vs Eddie Guerrero

A fan with an LWO shirt got singled out as why Eddie has been so pissed.   I knew it.  He was a really dick in this match, just like he had been with the other luchadors since he came back.  It was pretty competitive, though.  Eddie won with a super quick frog splash.


TO THE BACK.  Randy Savage is screaming at his cell phone because George isn't calling him back.  Actually, I think this is at his house, as Nash calls him from a hotel room while getting a back massage.  So there are two camera men on separate buildings cutting back and forth between these two on the phone?  Nash gave some Simon Gruber style instructions for where Savage could make the pick up.

I Hate Rap (Rap is Crap) is played.  I swear the whole song sounds like it was made in the 1999 equivalent of Garage Band.  None of the instruments sound like real instruments.


Silver King/Damian/El Dandy/Villano V vs West Texas Rednecks


Can they really not find 4 random faces to put up against the Rednecks? Every match with them besides the PPV match against Rey and Konnan have been against heels.  I don't even know if the luchadors really even count as faces or heels unless facing someone like Rey.  Kendall pinned Damian with a running bulldog.

TO THE PAY PHONE.  This is awful.  Savage answering pay phones on what looks to be a sound stage(the same one as Lost in Cleveland?), not realizing that his cell phone was ringing and not the pay phones in front of him.  It cuts back and forth between Nash at the hotel and Savage near some pay phones.  WHERE'S A QUIK PIC?!?!  I actually don't even remember this stuff.  It's really bad.  Maybe even worse than the shit stuff since it is so over produced and ridiculous. 



Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Blitzkrieg WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Oh fuck, BA got to talk.  "Oh you didn't know?  No Limit Souljahz, ya herd(with Perd)?"  Hopefully Blitz does something wacky.  I feel like he hasn't been on the main shows since Psychosis had that one week title reign two months ago.  I don't even remember if Rey has defended his title since winning it back from Hypno.  It's been at least a month, perhaps two.  Sadly, nothing of interest here.  Blitz didn't do any of his crazy spots or flips at all.


TO THE DROP OFF. Savage and someone else in two Hummers are waiting while Nash arrives in his limo.  Apparently Savage took the WCW Championship after Nitro, since Nash must have forgotten it.  It breaks down into a fight when a particularly fat looking Sting breaks a bat over Nash.  Sid gets George out of the trunk of the limo and they drive off.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!  BUT WHO WAS STING?!?  BUT WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?!?  This stuff is really bad. 


Rick Steiner vs Buff Bagwell WCW TV Championship

Steiner got a ludicrous amount of pyro.  Like 40 full seconds of pyro.  There was no live commentary for this show.  It was obviously done at a later date.  Both from the sound of it and that there were zero shots of Larry and Tenay the whole show.  It sounds less interested and canned than Smackdown.  David Flair used the stun gun on Buff while he was up top for the Blockbuster.  Steiner made it a win.

DQ Count: 0 out of 6 matches.

In case you forgot, Megadeath will at Nitro.  Tenay only said it 3 times in every match.  Bret Hart will also be on the show.  It will be the last WCW ever at the Georgia Dome.  I hate how WCW often didn't do any kind of angle or let fans know when someone was injured.  Scott Hall has been out since February or March with an injury and it was never mentioned on screen.  He just wasn't on shows for a month and Flair stripped him of the US Championship and that was that.  Nash had made some references to Hall, but nothing about him being injured or why he's not on TV.  Scott Steiner just magically vanished after the dogs thing and no mention of why he hasn't been on TV or wrestled in a month.  No reason given for why Chris Jericho and Norman Smiley have been off TV for months.  No reason was ever given for Goldberg being off TV.  If he was filming a movie, why didn't they just say that or at least give him an injury angle so he has something when he comes back?  They had no problem mentioning Sting and Kanyon being off TV to do movies, so why just completely ignore that Goldberg hasn't been around for 2 months?

It's the most basic wrestling angle to do, yet they never do it.  The only ones I can think of this year were DDP and Hogan given angles for their time off.  The rest is just guys not being on shows or mentioned at all by anyone for months at a time.