WCW Thunder 6/24/99

Recap of Master P and the No Limit Soldiers taking up a ton of screen time on an angle that will help no one get over.  Hennig peaked years ago, it was dragging Rey down, Konnan sucked anyway, and the rest of the Rednecks wouldn't get any kind of push after this.

The West Texas Rednecks come out to sing a bit of their hit single.  Tomorrow, they'll be filming the music video.  It was an even worse lip synch job than Master P and TRU did on Nitro.

Psychosis vs Eddie Guerrero

Hypno wants a handshake with his buddy, but Eddie elbows him in the face like a dick head.  Eddie was a real dick the whole match.  Maybe he's mad that the luchadors disbanded the LWO without much argument.  Eddie won with a frog splash to the back. 

  Ric is convincing Evan Karagias to do the job for David tonight.  David is set to break Goldberg's record.  Evan's not very comfortable with it, but Arn and Asya are going to knock the shit out of him if he doesn't do it.  The Cajun Screwjob!

Recap of Sid laying out cruisers, Nash confronting Sting, and the end of Sting vs Sid from Nitro.  I hate that WCW purposely uses a weird choppy video style for recaps.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring.  He talks about how 3 years ago, he and Scott Hall walked out of MSG and on to Nitro.  Even after 3 years and being the champion, Nash is still an outsider.  "World Championship Wrestling does not want me to have this title and that's a fact."  Lol. He's the booker.  He knows that Sting is on the side of Savage and Sid.   SSS!

Dave Taylor/Fit Finlay vs Saturn/Chris Benoit

This could be fun if it is more than 5 minutes.  Dave and Benoit do some nice chain wrasslin.  Tags are made.  Saturn does the deepest squat for a belly to belly that I've ever seen.  Superkick/Rolling Reich combo.  Benoit is FIP for a while.  Finlay accidentally hits Taylor and Saturn gets the hot tag.  Finlay hit him with the Finlay Roll right away.  DVD on Taylor.  Fit broke it up.  Flying headbutt.  Benoit makes the pin, but he definitely wasn't the legal man.  Steven Regal comes out after the match to broker a peace deal between Taylor and Finlay.  They all hug. 


Recap of Dean/Buff vs Piper/Flair from Nitro.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Ric Flair and Asya come out.  He's gonna jack slap some punk in the front row.  Dean and Buff will face Sid and Savage tonight.  "Kid, I'm gonna take your mother home and make her scream, 'Castro'."  I don't know what that means.  Like, Fidel?  Why would someone scream his name while getting fucked?  He says that Nash isn't leaving Nitro as champion and then starts screaming for someone to turn the power on.  You know, if Piper had him committed again, he'd be president.


Lenny Lane vs Curt Hennig

DDP/Bam Bam vs Saturn/Benoit has been booked for BATB.  Shouldn't the Rednecks be booked against faces?  Maybe Rap is Crap and Gays are Fays. Perfect easily wins.  Lodi comes out to check on his friend and Hennig lays him out as well.

Team Madness come to the ring.  The driver of the Hummer may or may not be revealed at BATB.  It may or may not have been Scott Hall.  Sid rambles something about pulling people out of cars if they were nice or something.

Evan Karagias vs David Flair

Who the fuck books a match where Evan is the ring general?  Arn gave the signal, but Evan decided to double cross the boss.  Arn gives David Mountie's old Shock Stick, which David uses on Evan.  Figure Four for the win.

Hugh Morrus vs Van Hammer Hardcore Match

Future Misfits EXPLODE!  The only highlight was Hugh slipping off the ropes into a trash can lid shot and then doing a Flair Flop.  As Hugh was about to do a moonsault through a table, Ric Flair came out and stopped the match.  There will never be another hardcore match in a WCW arena again.  Hugh and Jimmy turn around into a table shot.  Hugh is put through a table, but it doesn't matter, since they match ended.  I guess it is a no contest. 


Randy Savage/Sid vs Buff Bagwell/Dean Malenko

Savage and Buff start.  It sucked.  Sid and Dean pair off.  He tagged out pretty quickly.  Chokeslam to Buff.  It's sad when I'd much rather see Sid vs Buff than Savage against anyone.  Madusa got hit by Savage on accident.  Molly did a top rope sunset flip, which Dean rolled through and put on the the Cloverleaf.  Dean is powerbombed and as Savage goes for the elbow, Nick Patrick stops him.  But the ban on the elbow was lifted by Nash I thought.  They beat up Nick and then give a stuff piledriver to Mickie Jay.  He also got powerbombed.

DQ Count: 1 out of 6 matches, with 1 no contest.