WCW Thunder 6/17/99

Hey every one, it's Thunder!  Lol.  Impact is going to be great tonight.

Curt Hennig/Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Texas Hangmen

The Rednecks don't come out to their song, which seems strange since even if this was a week old, they've still had that music for a few weeks.  Why are these Texans fighting each other?  Mike talked about "Psychotic" Sid Vicious.  WE KNOW WHO THAT IS!  Perfect Plex for an easy win.  Rey and Konnan came out and ambushed the Rednecks for no reason, because they thought they were faces in WWE 2013.

Recap of Buff getting Piper disqualified at GAB and then Piper agreeing to be Flair's VP on Nitro.  We're then shown the set up for the 8 man tag.

Commercial for KOTR 99 was left on the tape.

Scotty Riggs vs Disco Inferno

Disco will probably be the only gif worthy thing of the show.  Sadly, I didn't get anything out of him.  Riggs is just so...bland.  Disco won with the Last Dance.

Recap of The No Limit Soldiers at GAB and Nitro.

Evan Karagias vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Damn, Prince got a jobber entrance.  Against Evan Karagias.  Evan won with a roll up out of a Samoan drop.

La Parka/Silver King vs Brian Knobs/Hugh Morrus

La Parka!  Remember when Jimmy reformed the First Family and got Barb and Meng to reunite for the tag team tournament?  And his big plan was to have Barb turn on Meng and cost them the tournament (and himself money in the process)?  And then we never saw Barb again?  And then he got he asked Knobs to join months later?  And then Knobs said he wanted to do stuff on his own, but was then joined by Jimmy and Hugh all the time?  Of course these fat fucks pin the luchadors. 


Barbarian vs Booker T.

Well, what a coincidence.  I had no idea Barb would be in the next match when I typed out that we hadn't seen him since Jimmy had him turn on Meng.  This is Book's return after being taken out by the Steiners the night after Slamboree.  It would make a lot more sense to have him be the guy teaming with Sting against the Steiners.  He was the first one that got fucked over by the Steiners.  He was the one who had been feuding with them anyway for 2 months.  He was the one who was seemingly being elevated.  If Goldberg was going to be out doing a movie, it makes a lot more sense to me to have Booker take his spot instead of have him taken out in an off camera attack and then be off screen and not mentioned for a month.  This dude got a clean win over BRET HART (maybe the last one ever) to get a shot at the US Championship, and instead had to be in a tournament to get his shot while also defending the TV Championship in between rounds, and then was shoved out of a logical angle for Lex Luger.  Lex, who was a heel the last time he was on TV and was still not even ready to wrestle again.  Book won with a roll up out of a corner, which Tenay and Larry seemed to have never seen, despite Booker having won a few titles with it and doing it is every match that went longer than 8 minutes.

Recap of Psychotic Sid Vicious' shocking debut.  Then the Sid vs Nash match from Nitro that ended in DQ when Sid tried to start his own match.

We are then show the 8 man tag from Nitro in full for our main event.

DQ Count:
0 out of 5 live matches.  0 out of 6 matches if you count a Nitro match being shown.