WCW Thunder 6/10/99

The go home show for the Great American Bash, the least looked forward to show of the year so far.

TO THE LIMO.  Team Madness are driving around when Savage sees a a man he thinks is Kevin Nash.  He ambushes the guy, only to find it was Brian Adams.  Somehow, Savage was mad at Adams for the misunderstanding.   BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?

Sting vs Rick Steiner in a falls count anywhere match is announced for GAB.

Recap of the Nash/Savage shit feud.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Buff is the guest.  Piper signed Buff vs Disco for GAB.  "You've got the ball!"  Buff thinks this is stupid since he already beat Disco on Nitro and Disco is a joke anyway.  Cat comes out and says he deserves the ball.  They're going to have a match later tonight.

Psychosis/Villano V vs Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr.

Nothing of note here.  It's fucking Konnan.  Even though he wasn't in the most of the match, I just can't pay attention to anything Konnan's involved in.  Rey won with a springboard rana on Hypnosis.  Hennig/Duncum vs Konnan/Rey was announced for GAB.


TO THE MEAN GENE. The Jersey Triad come to the ring.  Triple B isn't around.  Don't worry about him.  They're going to defend under Freebird rules.  Flair deemed the title change on Nitro was invalid, so the Triad are still champs and will defend officially against Benoit and Saturn at GAB.

TO THE BACK.  Savage confronts Crush again.  They're going to have a match later.

Recap of the shit and hummer angles from Nitro.

The Cat vs Buff Bagwell

Disco was on commentary.  "The Shat" was the highlight of the match.  Cat tried to use his crow bar.  Instead, Buff got it and hit Sonny with it.  He was disqualified for it.  Scott Norton then came out to chase Cat.  Disco came in the ring and hit the Last Dance on Buff, which the cameras missed because they were focused on Norton and Cat.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Saturn and Benoit come out to respond to the tag champs.  Benoit still comes out to Dean's music, which I don't get. Benoit has no respect left for Flair and goes on to say that if pay backs are a bitch, then he's the bitch from hell.  Saturn is actually a worse promo guy than Dean or Benoit.  "Kanyon, I'm gonna stretch you!"  Dean came out during the promo.  He stood at the top of the ramp and then walked to the back.

Randy Savage vs Brian Adams

Wrestlemania 10 rematch!  He expects Nash to FedEx him the belt.  "Come.   Welcome.  Take a little bit of the madness if you can.  You can't.  OH YEAAAHHH."  Crush offers Team Madness a B Team orgy I think.  This was as terrible as you'd expect.  They did redo the snake eyes on the railing spot from 1994.  Madusa got involved.  The ref didn't care.  She actually pinned Crush and the ref started to make a count for some reason.  Savage won with the big elbow, which the ref missed.  The B Team then hit the ring and were taken out by Team Madness.  George whipped Horace and Madusa took the ref's pants off for no reason I could see. 


Fit Finlay vs Rick Steiner WCW TV Championship

The last time they had a match, both guys were far less stiff than normal.  I suspect it was because Finlay was one of the few guys on the WCW roster that Rick couldn't get away with stiffing the shit out of.  TBS and TNT mute "Bite me".  Is that really so offensive that it needs to be muted on prime time cable?  And if he can't say it, why does he have it on his singlet?  Rick did a bulldog on the exposed concrete that Finlay no sold.  Finlay tapped out to Rick's new submission.

We get a phone call from Kevin Nash.  He's bruised up, but okay, and will be at the GAB.  He suggests it could be anyone who drove the Hummer, even Scott Hall.  This was the first mention of Hall on TV since Flair stripped him of the US Championship in late March/early April.  Nash wants the elbow reinstated.

Kanyon vs Saturn

There will probably be a cool move or two in this one.  This might be the main event.  There are only 16 minutes left, so there is a chance this and then a beat down angle could end the show.  They brawled and went up to the ramp, where Saturn did a suplex.  Saturn controlled most of the match.  Kanyon had a few minutes of offense.  DDP came out and caused a DQ.  Benoit came out and was also got a beat down.  DDP and Kanyon pretended they were having a tag match, which the ref went along with.  So is this a second match?  It was definitely a DQ, but now the ref is cool with going along with this new match.  There is popcorn and drinks in the ring.

DDP/Kanyon vs Benoit/Saturn

Fuck it, this is a new match.  The ref is counting pin falls, so I count it as a match.  This didn't really have time to be a match.  The only thing that could have been giffed was a German suplex to Kanyon, but it was blocked by a giant sign.  Dean stood in the way of Arn, preventing him from interfering.  Benoit pinned Kanyon with a flying headbutt and left with the titles.  I'm not sure if it was an official title change or not.


DQ Count: 2 out of 6 matches.

The show ended with monkeys dressed up as Tenay and Larry.  I totally forgot that WCW did this on Thunder for a while.  It was some weird TBS thing.

The announced card for The Great American Bash:

Kevin Nash vs Randy Savage WCW Championship
Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper
Jersey Triad vs Chris Benoit/Saturn WCW Tag Team Championship
Rick Steiner vs Sting WCW TV Championship Falls Count Anywhere
Buff Bagwell vs Disco Inferno
Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan vs Bobby Duncum Jr./Curt Hennig

Pretty shitty looking PPV card.  I wouldn't even consider that a good Nitro card.

If it looks like I half assed this show even more than I usually do for Thunder, it's because I did.  Suck it.  This last month is as bad or worse than anything in 2000 and things are only going to get worse from here.