WCW Thunder 3/4/99


TO THE BACK.  Arn and Ric were talking.  Arn doesn't get what's going on between Ric and David.  Arn can't figure out why Ric doesn't seem to be that bothered with David's actions.  Ric says that David is a man and Ric isn't going to change his persona to go out and cry on TV. Flair is more worried about money being taken out of his pockets than David.

Buff and Rick Steiner will be in action tonight.  We'll also hear from Jim Duggan for the first time since his cancer surgery.

Recap of Flair's promo from Nitro.

Recap of Steiner/Goldberg vs Steiner/Buff.

Hugh Morrus vs Rick Steiner

Steinerline to start the match.  "Well, it helps to have two arms when you're a wrestler."  Hugh misses a top rope elbow.  Belly to belly.  Top rope bulldog for the easy win. 

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Benoit and Malenko are guests.  Best promo guys in da biz.  Benoit says that Windham/Hennig took a page out of their playbook to beat them, but then goes on to say they weren't mad that that lost, but HOW they lost.  Sounds hypocritical.  "Payback will be vengeance, Horsemen style."  You know, Dean wasn't a bad promo guy.  I think being around Arn really helped him.  At Uncensored, the Horsemen will face Hennig/Windham in a lumberjack strap match.  As in, the lumberjacks will have straps.


Al Greene vs The Cat/Sonny Onoo

Al's last name alternates gaining and losing an extra "E" every time he is on TV.  I guess Sonny/Cat will face Jerry Flynn at Uncensored.  Gross.  Al attacks Cat during the 5 count.  Silly Thunder.  Sonny pins Al after Cat knocked him out. 

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Perrywinkle Saturn is the guest.  He comes out in a skirt and dog collar with a long chain.  Saturn proclaims himself to be a bald bombshell.  He also has a bondage fetish and challenges Jericho to a dog collar match at Uncensored.  Jericho comes out.  His fetish is to keep WCW a G rated company.  Saturn says he'll have an outfit for Uncensored that even Marilyn Manson would think is weird.


TAFKATAFKAPI vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

Half way through the show with no gifs.  Because it's Thunder.  I hope Sandman comes out and beats the shit out of Prince.  Bam Bam/Raven/Hak will also happen at Uncensored.  The card is building.  3 matches announced tonight alone.  There are extra stipulations for Flair/Hogan that you can only find on WCW.com.  Greetings From Asbury Park for the win.


Horace/VINCE vs Barry Windham/Curt Hennig WCW Tag Team Championships

Maybe VINCE will get hit really hard.  Whoreass starts with Perfect, who quickly tags out after getting hit with lariatoos.  Stevie Ray comes out and starts fighting with VINCE.  After that, the Horsemen hit the ring and the match is thrown out.

Jim Duggan comes to the ring.  He announces that he is cancer free after a prayer.  Early detection saves lives.  HOOOO!!!    If he ever does come back to wrestling, he's not going to say any obscene words or do any obscene gestures.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Fuck, show is about over.  This is going to have to give me something to gif.  Head scissors takes Chavo to the floor.  Pescado.  Slingshot leg drop.  Springboard bulldog from Chavo.  Gory Bomb.  BK Bomb.  The announcers talk more about Rey facing heavyweights than the match.  Kidman goes over the top and to the floor.  They brawl for a bit.  Kidman goes sternum first into the guard rail.  They go back in the ring and Chavo goes flying out on the other side.  Tornado bulldog.  Butterfly suplex from Chavo.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN!  Chavo gets a 3 count, but his feet were on the ropes, so it was stopped.  Kidman powerbombs Chavo and hits the SSP for the win.


THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT IS PAID FOR BY THE nWo. Hulk talks about how he would feel if Nasty Nick told him to STICK IT, brother.  People hate Hulk, whether they are working or shooting.  Hulk doesn't care.  He's a businessman.  But when he saw that Flair really lives for wrestling, even he thought that was awful.  Ric Flair cares more about wrestling than losing his own son and that's gross, even to a heel like Hogan.  He makes a valid point.  Their match will now have permanent control of WCW vs Ric's career.  So it's a barbed wire cage match with no door with permanent control of WCW and Ric's career on the line.  They should try to add a few more stipulations.


Buff Bagwell vs Booker T.

Whole lot of stalling.  These two would kill WCW for good 2 years later.   Not much action here.  Buff did a lot of stalling and there wasn't much time left in the show anyway.  And it is the main event of Thunder.   There is a ref bump.  Scott Steiner comes out and hits Book with a chair.  Buff hits the Blockbuster for the win.  Booker actually kicked out, but the fall was still counted.


DQ Count: 1 out of 5 matches.