WCW Thunder 6/3/99

Maybe David Flair will give me another great gif.

Scotty Riggs vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

The new tag team champion doesn't have his title with him.  I guess WCW learned their lesson from the early 90s when they shot shows with Sid as champion months in advance of when he was scheduled to win it, then fired him for that whole scissors thing.  Bam Bam is covered in sweat about 2 minutes in, despite not having done much of anything.  This match has already gone on too long.  The only even semi interesting thing to happen was the camera man using Scotty's own mirror to get a shot of him.  Bam Bam wins.

We get a recap of all the tag title stuff happening on Nitro, which included Benoit getting beaten up by Flair and DDP, Raven's head getting hit with a dumpster lid, and Kanyon losing the tag titles in one punch.

Recap of the end of Nitro's hardcore match, which ended in DQ due to Hugh Morrus beating up Kidman.  Knobs then beat up Sandman.  I can't wait until one of the hardcore guys drills Knobs full force in the face with a weapon like he does to them.

Hugh Morrus vs Kidman

Hugh over powers Kidman for a bit.  Kidman comes back with his speed and dropkicks Hugh to the floor.  He follows it up with cross body from middle of the top rope.  Jimmy gets decked.  This was Hugh's opening to go back to work on Kidman.  He spends the next few minutes dominating.  He made the mistake of going up top and missing an elbow.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN!  Kidman went up for the SSP, but Knobs knocked him off.  Kidman wins via disqualification.  He is taken to Pity City and hit with a moonsault.  Sandman ran out for the save.  Kidman wanted a handshake.  He got a cane shot instead.  Damn, Kidman got his ass kicked during the match, and then by 3 guys after the match.  BURIED.  YO!


Buff Bagwell vs Brian Adams

Considering how often Crush botches even the most basic of moves, I'm not sure I'd put him in the ring with a guy who broke his neck a year ago.  There was a ref bump.  VINCE accidentally hit Crush with a chair. Buff made the cover and the bell rang, but Crush had actually kicked out.  After some confusion, Buff decided to suplex Crush, who immediately popped up completely fine despite having just been knocked out from a chair shot.  The match continued even though the ref tried to say it was over.  Buff hit the Blockbuster and won.  Again.  I guess.  This show had been in the can for a week.  They couldn't have just re done that spot or edited to make it not look like a clear fuck up from everyone involved?


Recap of Savage vs Fake Nash (not Kane) on Nitro.  Wait, if the big elbow was banned, why was Hugh Morrus able to do it earlier with no penalty?

Recap of Cat's problems with Scott Norton over the past few months.

Silver King vs Scott Norton

Silver King starts by missile dropkicking Norton.  He didn't even budge.   Norton decimates King.  He even no sold a moonsault.  He just stood there and let King bounce off.

Recap of Rey/Konnan vs Duncum/Hennig.

Curt Hennig vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

What's the point of being the Cruiserweight champion if you fight heavyweights most of the time?  What was the point of Hypnosis winning the title for a week?  He won it on Nitro and lost it back to Rey on the next Nitro. Rey looks like even more of a baby now that he's shaved his head.  He speared Perfect to the floor.  Larry buried UFC during this match.  Tank, Sting, and Rick Steiner were all barred from the building, but they'll all be at Nitro.  This was long and awkward since their styles don't match up at all, and Hennig can't keep up with someone as fast as Rey anymore.  Bobby Duncum Jr. came into the ring and we have another disqualification.  Kidman and Konnan hit the ring to make the save.  Why didn't Rey or Konnan save Kidman earlier when he was getting his ass kicked by three dudes?


Recap of the shit bath on Nitro.

Recap of Dean walking out on Flair and Arn.

Chris Benoit vs Ric Flair

There will be a lot of chops.  The Dean/Benoit face turn feels very unearned.  They were full blown dick head heels on one show, and then the very next show they're faces who are sick of being held down because Ric gave DDP/Bam Bam a title shot instead of them.  There was no build up or foreshadowing for any of it.  Now we are supposed to respect them because they are good guys looking out for the best of all the younger guys.  The week before, they were trying to break Rey Mysterio's leg.  Decent and long match, especially by Thunder standards.  It was the extended Flair formula match.  Flair was definitely struggling to keep up with Benoit's pace and energy.  But as a dude who was 50, I'd say he kept up pretty well with an 18 years younger Benoit going at full speed.   Bam Bam and DDP caused a DQ and ended the show with a combo Kanyon Cutter/Greetings.  BANG!


DQ Count: 3 out of 6 matches.  Yes, 50% of the matches on the show were DQs.