WCW Thunder 5/27/99

Rick Steiner vs Sting in a cage has been booked for Nitro.  The best thing about the announcers being in the position they are is that if a brawl heads up that way, you see that they're staring ahead into an empty part of the arena.

Kaz Hayashi vs Lash LeRoux

Lash is such a step down from all the lucha guys.  Kaz has some kind of People's Elbow knock off now.

TO THE BACK.  Savage is mad and looking for Buff.  He attacks Disco and Scotty Riggs.

No one cares about this match.  I don't care about it.  Kaz won with a top rope senton.

WCW had collector cups for...Church's Chicken.  If you figured, "Nah, they wouldn't use Booker T. in an ad for a fried chicken place", you'd be wrong.


Hammer now has an anti-peace sign on his singlet.  Tank Abbott was sitting in the crowd.  I wish Tank would step in the ring and end this garbage.  Hammer won with a cobra clutch slam.

GAB promo.

WCW logo t shirt ad.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Randy Savage and Team Madness are the guests. Was Madusa trying to look as trashy as possible or was she just not used to being able to wear outfits like that with her new tits?  " I don't step in crap, I step over it, if you know what the Mach is cookin'."  I don't, actually.  Madusa says something implying blowing Savage.  He's going to hurt Buff bad tonight, but not too bad.

The Cat vs Vampiro

"Don't tell me the Japanese bought soul, now."  Probably the best unintended pun Larry ever said.  Cat calls out Scott "Yogi Bear" "Flapjack" "Flash" Norton.  No more "El" for Vamp.  Vamp is over even though he's on one show a month and has no momentum.  Cat won with a Feliner after Sonny kneed Vamp in the back.

TO THE OVAL OFFICE.  DDP and Flair are talking when Benoit bursts in to say he's sick of Flair.  He offers to take it out side when DDP attacks him.

TO THE NASTY GENE.  Gross.  Brian Knobs promo time.  I love all these ex WWF guys who always say "The WCW".  The World Championship Wrestling doesn't make sense.  The World Wrestling Federation does.  He shit talked Bam Bam when Jimmy Hart comes out.  Jimmy wants to be his manager again.  "It's like deja vu all over again" has been said at least 300 times this year already.  Jimmy invites Knobs to join the reformed First Family.  Knobs wants to do things on his own.

Recap of Hennig/Konnan fighting.  Tenay had to throw to it 3 times because nothing happened.  This is on a taped show, mind you.

Konnan vs Kenny Kaos

Yes, the initials for this match are indeed KKK.  There will probably be a botch in this so I can have at least have one gif for the show.  That means I have to watch a Konnan match, though.  Konnan is such a pussy. Dude is so scared to take a punch or clothesline.  Konnan won.  It sucked.  Konnan is so terrible.  How was this fuckhead over?

Lenny Lane vs Evan Karagias

What the fuck.  Is this a Saturday Night from 2000?  Lodi came out to check Lenny out.  Evan wins with a twisty splash in a terrible match.  This whole show has been garbage.

Recap of Sting and Lex reuniting.

Mean Gene caught a word with Tank Abbott from the "Ultimate Fighting Challenge".  Tank says it looks like a bunch of cherries have fallen into the ring.  Gene says the Sting/Steiner cage match is a SHOOT cage match.  Rick Steiner came out and punches were thrown.  Tank was taken out by security.  Rick invites Tank to Nitro. 


Recap of Flair giving DDP/Bam Bam a tag title match and then Benoit/Malenko having a problem with it and leaving the Horsemen.

Chris Benoit vs DDP

Benoit came out to Dean's music instead of his own solo music.  Benoit locks in the Iron Crossface right away.  DDP got to the ropes.  DDP bails only to have Benoit do a suicide dive as soon as he turned around.   Benoit randomly hops over the ropes right into an atomic drop.  They lock up and roll to the floor.  Suplex on the floor as Smackdown rolls on.  They were still on the same place on the floor when they came back, so count outs don't count during commercials.  Low blow and stun gun from DDP.  Canadian backbreaker gut buster, which was more of a sternum breaker.  DDP tries it again and drops Benoit on the ropes on accident. You could tell it was a botch because DDP makes it very clear when he blows a spot.  Rolling Reich.  DDP countered the last one with a low blow.  Batista Bomb.  Benoit locks on the Iron Crossface again.  Bam Bam ran out and DDP was disqualified.  Ric Flair also joined in on the fun.   A Greetings from Asbury Park/Kanyon Cutter combo was ruined by the shot changing to an angle where you couldn't see Benoit taking the impact at all. 


Randy Savage vs Buff Bagwell

This is the Thunder main event two weeks in a row.  It only had about 6 minutes before they did two minutes of stalling.  Macho worked over Buff's neck.  Molly Holly did a missile drop kick.  For the second week in a row, Savage was disqualified.  Nick Patrick actually went after Savage with a chair to protect himself.

DQ Count: 2 out of 7 matches.

Typical garbage Thunder.