WCW Thunder 5/6/99


Go home show for Slamboree.

Recap of last week's Nitro.  Not the Nitro a few days ago, but the one a week and a half ago.  I wonder why no one has mentioned Savage helping DDP win over and over.  Goldberg didn't mention it, Flair didn't mention it, Nash didn't mention it.  The announcers haven't even mentioned it unless it was actually happening in front of them.

DDP/Nash hype video.

WCW logo t-shirt ad.

Flair/Piper hype video.

Scotty Riggs/Mike Enos vs Raven/Saturn

WCW and their random tag teams.  WCW should have had the working relationship with SWS/WAR.  Saturn's shoulder is heavily taped.  There were two Total Elimination variations.  Both looked like shit.  TBS's's's's's editing is so silly.  A dude can't swivel his hips.  SHOW IT FROM THE WAIST UP GOD DAMN IT!  So dumb.  It's the 50s on TBS.  Oh shit, do you think Scotty Riggs adopting the hip swivel is what pushed Rick Rude over the edge?  The jobber team got a ton of offense, probably too much offense considering Raven/Saturn were going into a tag title match in a few days.  DVD on Riggs for the win.


Roddy Piper hype video.  Then a long recap of Piper booking Sting/DDP, then that match.

Rick Steiner vs Erik Watts

Rick is very grumpy suddenly.  He keeps fighting with Booker, but no one knows why.  This was an extended squash that Rick won with his new submission.

Recap of the 4 corners match 2 weeks ago on Nitro.  Right after this (which was long), they do a Goldberg/Sting hype video, the bulk of which was clips from the 4 corners match.

George/Lil Naitch hype video.

Brian Adams/Horace vs Disorderly Conduct

Lol, Thunder.  B Team won with a spike piledriver.

Kanyon vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Kanyon's back!  Larry laments the fact that he could have been in The Hills Have Eyes and then gone on to be Freddy Krueger.  There will be no Nitro or Thunder next week.  Probably for the best.  Rey's speed confuses Kanyon and sends him to the floor.  Kanyon's size comes into play when he drops Rey's spinning bullshit throat first on the ropes.  Second rope leg drop.  Running backbreaker from Kanyon.  It goes to the floor for a bit.  Diving rana from the apron.  Kanyon gets back into it with a sit out dominator.  Kanyon misses a moonsault.  The Horsemen run in, but since Rey hit them, the match continued.  Victory roll for the win.  The Horsemen then try to destroy Rey's leg by putting it against the ring post and dropkicking the steps into them.  Kidman was away doing a personal appearance in Ohio.


Texas Hangmen vs Dean Malekno/Chris Benoit

Horsemen destroy these dudes.  Lots and lots of leg work.  Not sure who the Hangmen were.  They looked like Villanos, but why bother using the Hangmen gimmick for guys that already have their own masks?

DDP/Nash hype video.

Recap of the Savage/Flair/Robinson/George confrontation.  Then a recap of Flair vs DDP.  This was the main event and actually promoted as such.   A recap package.

DQ Count
: 0 out of 5 matches.

Announced card for Slamboree:

DDP vs Kevin Nash WCW Championship
Goldberg vs Sting
Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper for control of WCW
Gorgeous George vs Charles Robinson If George wins, Savage is reinstated (even though he already is and has wrestled on TV twice since the match was made)
Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs Raven/Saturn vs Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Tag Team Championships
Scott Steiner vs Buff Bagwell WCW US Championship
Rick Steiner vs Booker T. WCW TV Championship
Stevie Ray vs Konnan
Brian Knobs vs Bam Bam Big Yellow King of Hardcore