WCW Thunder 4/15/99


El Vampiro vs Buff Bagwell

Buff now has his top hat.  Vamp is so weird with no face paint.  This would be a semi main event of Nitro in 2000.  It's a Thunder opener in 1999.  Vamp's weird style confuses the poor Georgia boy.  Ugly powerbomb from Buff.  That was more Vamp's fault, though.  I don't get why they redebuted Vamp with tons of pyro and then left him off shows for a month.  Vamp got a ton of offense.  Actually, he controlled most of the match.  Buff won with the Blockbuster.


Jerry Flynn vs Wrath

This is a toss up.  Wrath has been a loser for months, but seems to have restarted his push.  Jerry Flynn was getting a push, but then was made to look like a punk by Meng.  They fight on the floor.  Double count out.  I hope this is the start of a feud.  Wrath clearly hurt his leg and was having a lot of trouble even standing.

Horace vs Meng

Get out of here.  Meng should only be in hardcore matches.  They also fought on the floor.  Let's hope for another double count out.  Sadly, the match continued.  Meng won with the Tongan Deathgrip.

TO THE OVAL OFFICE.  Flair and Arn are hanging out.  They have Charles Robinson do some gopher work.  A stage hand comes in and gives Ric some papers to sign.  He also hit on her.  He signed like 30 pages without even reading them.  Arn was concerned.  Ric doesn't know why he should read them because he's the president of the United States.

Mikey Whipwreck vs Disco Inferno

Battle of the Stunners!  Disco tries to work over the knee, but Mikey has ARM DRAGS.  Lariatoo.  Mikey gets thrown to the floor as Smackdown rolls on.  Mikey is in control when we come back.  He almost wins with a flying lariatoo.  Superfly splash is missed.  Piledriver.  Mikey kicks out.  Spinning neck breaker.  Disco takes a long time to make the pin.  Larry and Tony doing commentary is the worst.  Fucking Larry.  He can't even remember names of wrestlers.  He's an announcer.  Isn't it his JOB to at least know the names of guys in the ring?  Rocker dropper from Mikey.  Spinning neck breaker of his own.  Disco wins with an interesting set up to the Last Dance. 


TO THE MEAN GENE.  The B Team are his guests.  Stevie is finally in charge and everyone seems to accept it now.  He says the B Team is going to police wrestling like they were always supposed to.  Hogan is a PUNK because he's out hurt.  Nash is making deals behind their backs.  Steiner is hurt.  Lex is a prima donna.  Stevie wants the WCW Championship.  Fuck it, give it to him.  I support him if he's going to goof on Hogan and Nash.  DDP is a no good modern day beatnik FRUIT BOOTY.  He suggests DDP leave Kim at home or else he will pimp slap two people tonight.  Lol.  Stevie is great as long as he doesn't wrestle.  He's even making fun of DDP's reliance on SCUM in promos.  Promo of the year.  For real.  It was great.


Disorderly Conduct vs Raven/Saturn


I like this version of Raven and Saturn more than the Flock version, which was also pretty good.  DO actually got a lot of offense on Saturn.   Raven is over like a motherfucker.  He gets the hot tag and people went nuts.  Evenflow for the win.

Recap of possible problems with Kidman/Rey.


Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship


This is their normal match.  Rey won with a run up super rana. 

running rana.gif

 TO THE OVAL OFFICE.  Flair and Charles Robinson are talking.  Arn comes in and wasn't able to find the woman who had Flair signing papers.  Flair doesn't seem to see the problem with ANYTHING, because he's the boss.

Stevie Ray vs DDP WCW Championship

Wait a second, I think Larry just called Stevie "Mud Brother".  What the fuck?  DDP brings Kim.  That YAK is gonna get pimp slapped.  DDP knocks Stevie to the floor and then dives on both Stevie and VINCE.   They brawl all the way to the announce position.  It finally goes back to the ring.  Stevie is now in control.  Lariatoo.  DDP gets out of the Slapjack.  Kanyon Cutter!  BANG!  Title retained.  VINCE jumped DDP after the match.  Horace and Crush soon followed.  DDP fought them all off.  So, is he a face or a heel?

DQ Count:
0 out of 7 matches, but there was a double count out.