WCW Thunder 12/23/99

This show sucked so much I'm not even doing a real review of it. This is the last fucking Thunder I will ever watch. Such a garbage show from day one. WCW and Thunder can suck my dick.

PG13 vs Varsity Club

Ended in a double DQ for absolutely no reason in under 2 minutes.

Tank Abbott vs La Parka

Ended in a no contest in under a minute.

Norman Smiley vs Fit Finlay

Ended with Norman pinning Finlay after Meng interfered in under 3 minutes.

Harris Brothers vs Jeff Jarrett/Curt Hennig

Ended with Hennig being pinned and Jeff never showing up. It was under 2 minutes.

Bam Bam vs Maestro

Ended with Kanyon and J. Biggs costing Bam Bam the match in under 2 minutes.

Konnan/Kidman/Duggan vs Revolution

Ended in a sunset flip in under 5 minutes.

Kevin Nash vs The Wall

Ended in a DQ in just over 2 minutes.

Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit

Ended in a DQ in under 5 minutes.

It fucking sucked. nWo beat downs, Harris Boys turning face and basically doing the DOA gimmick, and Goldberg might have raped Kevin Nash in the shower. The only things of note were 3 Count debuted, David and Daffney met Crowbar at a gas station, and Goldberg killed the nWo angle by trying to fight a limo.

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WCW Thunder 12/16/99

The penultimate Thunder and go home show for Starrcade.

Sid and Benoit come to the ring. Lol, Benoit again mentions the WWF's Greatest Matches tape. He doesn't need to get it, because he's been a fan his whole life and had already seen the match. They originally called out The Outsiders. Instead, Russo's goons came out and said Sid and Benoit would face each other tonight. Also, Bret/Goldberg vs The Outsiders in a House of Pain title return match. In addition, Duggan/Midnight vs The Revolution, David Flair vs Norman for the title, DDP vs Kanyon, and Vamp vs Buff. Thunder is special again, guys!

TO THE BACK. Sting attacks DDP. DDP then looks for Sting.

Vampiro vs Buff Bagwell

Juvi and Oklahoma join for color. Scott Hudson is the official new color man. Aaron Neville is in the crowd. THUNDER IS SPECIAL AGAIN, GUYS! Vamp went after OK. Dr. Death came out and was attacked by the Misfits. OK hit Vamp in the taint with his BBQ bottle. Buff wins with the Blockbuster. Doc did a tiger bomb on the floor. OK poured BBQ sauce all over Vamp.


TO THE BACK. Evan heads to the ring with Spice. Elsewhere, DDP is still looking for Sting. Elsewhere elsewhere, Gene talks with Prince and Paisley. Prince now won't speak.

Evan Karagias vs TAFKAPI

Juvi says this is the jabroni match of the week. He's not wrong. Madusa came out to fight with Spice. She also got into a fight with Paisley. 3 way cat fight! In the middle of this, Evan was rolled up. Madusa slapped him after the match. Just like last month, a champion loses to someone he's not even feuding with on the go home show of a PPV.

TO THE BACK. Sting and DDP brawl. Another Sting was there, who had his wigged ripped of to reveal Lex Luger. DDP chased Luger away.

The Revolution vs Jim Duggan/Midnight

Shane didn't even get to talk. More man vs woman shit that Russo gets such a boner for. Harlem Heat came out to ringside. Midnight got sent to the floor. Stevie threw her back in and argued with Booker. Duggan dodged Saturn, who knocked Asya out of the ring. Shane came in and accidentally hit Saturn. Then Dean came in with the 2x4, Duggan took it, hit Saturn, and won. Christ. It's like 5 finishes in a row. Duggan then got a beat down after the match. He was wearing Apollo Creed shorts under his work suit. Aaron Neville made the save. What?

TO THE BACK. Gene tried to talk to David. Elsewhere, Bret prepares for his match. Elsewhere elsewhere, Sting is now looking for Lex.

Norman Smiley vs David Flair WCW Hardcore Championship

David rolls around on trash cans. Big Wiggle! David did the running man behind him and ended the dance with a trash can shot. Meng came out. Norman ran away and threw David's teddy bear at Meng. Meng ate it. I guess count out was the official result.


TO THE BACK. Sting still looks for Lex. Elsewhere, Norman runs away.

Sting comes to the ring. Juvi tries to sing the riff to Seek and Destroy. Sting calls Lex out. Lex tried to sneak in, still dressed as Sting. They have a little match. Liz came out. Sting put Lex in the Torture Rack. As he turned, Lex's feet hit Liz. Lex then beat on Sting with a bat.

TO THE BACK. Sting is checked on by EMTs and wants Lex. Elsewhere, Lex leaves in his car.

Dr. Death vs The Wall

No more Steve Williams. Just Dr. Death. I thought Wall and Berlyn had split up, but apparently not. OK is back out and Chavo is selling shit to fans. Berlyn caused a DQ. Wall didn't like it. He punches Berlyn. Doc then knocked Wall out of the ring.

TO THE BACK. Dustin Rhodes is looking for someone.

Nitro recap.

EARLIER TODAY. Buzzkill had fans sign a petition for anti-nuclear proliferation.

TO THE BACK. Goldberg tapes up.

Curt Hennig vs Dustin Rhodes

Dustin is mad that Jeff called his daddy a fat ass. Well, Dusty is and has always been a fat ass. Virgil got the Shattered Dreams. During the match, Seven flies to the ring. It was Jeff Jarrett. He hit Dustin with a guitar.


TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Seven Jarrett. More hornyacker talk. What does that word even mean and why does Russo like it so much? Elsewhere, a white limo arrives. It'd Piper and his young boy. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?! And why did Piper need a young boy to do all of his chores for him? That always seemed really creepy to me. Do you think the young boy had to play with Piper's bag pipe?

Chris Benoit/Sid vs Creative Control/Shane/Curt Hennig/La Parka

Virgil got powerbombed. Parka got chokeslammed. Another DQ as one of the Harris Bros hit Benoit with a ladder. The beat down continued after the match.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Piper. At least Piper is actually talking to another person this time.

Chris "Champag Ne" Kanyon vs DDP

CCK vs DDP. WHAT IF CCK was short for cock? J. Biggs runs Hudson off and joins on color. DDP does all of his spots. Kanyon Cutter! BANG! David Flair came out and hit DDP with a crowbar. Kanyon wins! Bam Bam came out to argue. Kanyon hit him with a bottle of champag Ne.

TO THE BACK. Piper attacks Creative Control. Elsewhere, Bret heads to the ring. I heard the director yell, "cut". Elsewhere, Nash heads into his locker room to get Hall. After a break, Gene is outside of The Outsider's locker room. Scott Hall has been attacked.

Goldberg/Bret Hart vs The Outsiders WCW Tag Team Championships House of Pain Match Special Guest Referee: Roddy Piper

Creative Control and JJ attacked Piper before Goldberg came out. Once Bill makes it down, he sends the heels away and rips the cage door off. Piper attacks Nash with a pipe. Jeff Jarrett comes back and hits Piper with a guitar. He also hits Goldberg with one, who no sells it and spears him. Nash recovers and hits Goldberg with a pipe. Bret is cuffed to the cage. So is Goldberg. I guess that means titles retained. Piper is also cuffed. Nash and Jeff takes some parting shots and leave. Goldberg broke the cuffs, busting himself open in the process. JOIN US FOR STARRCADE, PLEASE. PLEASE. I MEAN IT. COULD YOU PLEASE BUY OUR PPV THIS MONTH?


DQ Count: Idk. Like 30.

Announced card for Starrcade:

Bret Hart vs Goldberg WCW Championship No Disqualification
Chris Benoit vs Scott Hall WCW US Championship Ladder Match
Kevin Nash vs Sid Powerbomb Match
Sting vs The Total Package
Jeff Jarrett vs Dustin Rhodes Bunkhouse Brawl
DDP vs David Flair Crowbar on a Pole Match
Vampiro vs Dr. Death
The Revolution vs Jim Duggan/Mystery Partners
Norman Smiley vs Meng WCW Hardcore Championship
Madusa vs Evan Karagias WCW Cruiserweight Championship
The Mamalukes vs Disco Inferno/Lash LeRoux

There might be one more because they said there would be 12 matches.

WCW Thunder 12/9/99

This is the first Thunder after Russo said it sucked and that stars would be appearing on it again.

The Outsiders come to the ring, looking pissed that they have to be on Thunder. Hall sits on his ladder and tells Benoit to head to Blockbuster to get a WWF's Greatest Matches video and watch his ladder match with HBK. That's right, Hall just promoted a WWF tape without any kind of joke or burying. He just outright promoted the WWF. Nash talks about Sid and how things aren't a video game. This brings Sid out, saying he's tired of Nash's politics. "At Starrcade, you are going to find out who is the man." "Why's that? Is Vader booked?" "No, wise ass, not Vader." Sid hits the ring and lays Nash out. He shoves Hall off the ladder. They Outsiders end up getting the advantage. Dustin Rhodes runs out to prevent a jackknife. Jarrett then comes out and hits Dustin with a guitar. Then Benoit runs out and is also disposed of.


Tenay is calling the match on his own. Evan Karagias vs Rhonda Singh for the title, and Bret/Goldberg vs Creative Control for the titles. Madusa comes out, calls Rhonda fat and says she's the only one getting a title shot. Also, DDP vs Sting and Lex vs Buff. Juvi and Psychosis come to ringside. Juvi is filling Larry's position. Mike Tenay is such a fucking nerd.

TO THE BACK. Goldberg arrives. Elsewhere, Bret laces his boots.

Nitro recap.

TO THE BACK. Sid, Goldy, and Benoit head to TPTB's office.

Dean Malenko vs Booker T.

Juvi buries the shit out of the Revolution, Shane in particular. Duggan challenged them to a 6 man tag for Starrcade. If the Duggan wins, the Revolution has to be WCW's janitors for a month. If Duggan loses, he has to renounces his citizenship. Shane joins for color. Shane knocked Book out with his cast. Dean wins with the Cloverleaf. Duggan came out. Juvi marked out.

TO THE BACK. Sid/Goldy/Benoit are fighting with Creative Control, Virgil, and La Parka.

TO THE POWERS THAT BE. They enter the office and demand a match against Jarrett/Outsiders.

TAFKAPI vs Vampiro

Juvi laughs at Prince for how stupid he looks and says he doesn't want to see the guy work. "Another jabroni. I hate this guy." OK comes out and also joins color.

TO THE BACK. Piper arrives in his limo. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

Oklahoma hits on Paisley. She slaps him. Vamp wins with a super kick. Price beat beat up OK until Dr. Death ran in for a save.

TO THE POWERS THAT BE. Dr. Claw Russo fires Mona because there is only room for 1 female wrestler in WCW. Rhonda Sing then walks in says she's going to be the first female Cruiserweight champion.

TO THE BACK. Nick Patrick and Roddy Piper talk. There is a new memo that said ref decisions are final. Elsewhere, Saturn and Stevie Ray are still brawling. Elsewhere elsewhere, Gene talks to Bret and Goldberg. Creative Control are next.

Evan Karagias vs Rhonda Singh WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Wait, Madusa wrestles the match instead. Whatever. The title doesn't matter anymore. It's already been killed. Madusa won with a roll up. Rhonda starts a striptease when the lights go out. Someone ran out and attacked her during it. I swear the fans were chanting "You fat whore" after the match.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to David Flair. Flynn challenged him to a match in The Block tonight. Elsewhere, Piper talks to himself. Elsewhere elsewhere, Stevie and Saturn are still fighting.

TO THE BLOCK. Flynn vs David. Buzzkill happened to be down there. Flynn immediately chokes David out. Then Tank Abbott walks in and punches Flynn. Remember when Tank showed up for 2 shows in April or May, seemed to form an alliance with Rick Steiner, and knocked out Sting? Then not a god damn thing happened until December. He wasn't on TV, wasn't mentioned on TV. He made his return in a boiler room.


TO THE BACK. Creative Control head to the ring with Slick Johnson. Elsewhere, Bret also makes his way to the arena.

Creative Control vs Goldberg/Bret Hart WCW Tag Team Championships

Slick was being a partial ref. Roddy Piper comes out and argues with him. He slaps him and is now the ref. Spears. Sharpshooter and Jackhammer. New champions!

TO THE POWERS TO BE. Dr. Claw tells Curt to get Piper. Curt tells Virgil. Virgil tells La Parka.

Saturn vs Stevie Ray

They brawled back to ringside and there just happened to be a ref in the ring, so we have a match. Saturn low blowed the ref for no reason. Creative Control came back out and attacked Stevie. Saturn pins him with his feet on the ropes. CC continue to beat up Stevie until Booker hits the ring.

TO THE POWERS THAT BE. Russo is pissed at Piper. Piper says referee decisions are final. Piper rips La Parka's suit. Russo basically says he's going to end Piper's career.


TO THE BACK. Gene talks with Sting and Liz. Sting gives Liz his stamp of approval.

The Total Package vs Buff Bagwell

DDP joins for color. He says he's going to shoot his own angle. He and Buff get into a fight that as to be separated by security and wrestlers.

TO THE POWERS THAT BE. Russo asks Duggan about who told him he could wrassle again. Duggan says this is about America and he believes in people.

Jim Duggan vs Asya

Duggan is immediately attacked by all of Russo's guys. The Revolution come out with apple pies and hot dogs. Duggan has pie and mustard all over him. Saturn eats a pie. Harlem Heat run out with 2x4s to save the day.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with Benoit/Sid/Dustin. They're going to kill or something.

DDP vs Sting

Ref bump in about 40 seconds. Lex comes in and lays Sting out. DDP hits a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! Man, 2 minutes. Sting has lost a lot and in short matches lately.

Sid/Chris Benoit/Dustin Rhodes vs The Outsiders/Jeff Jarrett

Big shocker here, but they had a super short match and Jeff hit Sid with a guitar. Nash made the pin.

DQ Count: Fuck it.

All the stars were there, but it was still Thunder. The lack of top talent isn't what made Thunder suck. It has always been short, meaningless matches that made people not give a shit about Thunder. Russo's big plan to make Thunder important again was to keep having those short, meaningless matches, but with main eventers. It's still Thunder and it still sucks.

WCW Thunder 12/2/99

Norman Smiley vs The Wall WCW Hardcore Championship

Berlyn joined the announce team. Norman is in Taekwondo gear tonight. Berlyn tried to hit Norman with the title. He hit Wall. Title retained.

TO THE BACK. Lex Luger heads to the production truck. Do they always have a camera man inside the truck just in case? He wanted the tape rewound to see if Tenay really said he had to face Sid tonight. Elsewhere, Silver King challenges Dr. Death and wants his $10K check back. Elsewhere elsewhere, Gene talks to Kaz about his match with Maestro. JYD voice and all.

The Maestro vs Kaz Hayashi

Stro is already one of my least favorite dudes and he's only really been around for a month or two. That show where he played piano in EVERY backstage segment all night was brutal. Tenay is having a meeting with TPTB tomorrow to get Jarrett suspended and fined for hitting him with a guitar. Non one cares about Tenay's bird face getting hit with a guitar. David Flair comes out. Ref bump. He accidentally hit Kaz. Stro ran off. Kaz wins via count out.

TO THE BACK. Lash and Disco arrive. The Mamalukes were close behind. Elsewhere, Chavo's phone rings and he's selling shit. Elsewhere elsewhere, Terry Taylor holds Lex's bag for him. Lex then gets bags from Jimmy Hart and attempts to leave. His tires were all flat.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Buzzkill

Buzzkill has the New Age Outlaws rip off music and even does Road Dogg's entrance. Chavo has a suitcase full of tie dye and hippy stuff to sell to him. He's got this lava lamp thing that didn't work, but Buzzkill sold it like it was working. After Chavo tries to steal a while while Buzzkill is listening to music, Buzzkill hits him with the briefcase and wins. He paid Chavo for the lamp.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Chris Benoit about his match with JUSHIN LIGER! Man, I'm both pumped and scared. Elsewhere, Meng enters his locker room. Disco and Lash switched his sign for their names, so the Mamalukes would get confused. Elsewhere elsewhere, we spy on Evan and Madusa. She's still saying she'll fuck him for a title shot.

Nitro recap.

TO THE BACK. Lex regains his confidence. Elsewhere, Gene talks to Sid about his powerbomb match at Starrcade with Nash. Sid was playing with a Lex Luger action figure during the interview. Lex saw it and calls for a cab. Elsewhere elsewhere, Dr. Death and Oklahoma head to the ring. Elsewhere elsewhere elsewhere, The Mamalukes are mean to some security guards. The lock one in a walk in refrigerator.

Steve Williams vs Silver King/Villano IV/Villano V

Larry wouldn't do the match with OK. Oklahoma is claiming his BBQ fixed his face. Vamp came out and beat up OK. Doc pinned a Villano, but Silver King ran off with the check.

TO THE BACK. Lex tries to sneak out. While talking to The Mamalukes, Silver King dives into his waiting cab. Elsewhere, Benoit and Liger head to the ring. Elsewhere elsewhere, The Mamalukes find Disco/Lash's locker room. They're going to wait for them to come out.


Jushin Liger vs Chris Benoit

Liger actually got an entrance this time. Juvi, La Parka, and Psicosis came out before the match. Juvi joins for color. Juvi is doing Rock's lines. He definitely called Liger a monkey. They have a standard exchange of reversals with no one getting the upper hand until Benoit runs into a koppo kick. Nash vs Benoit is signed for Nitro as is Hall vs Benoit in a ladder match at Starrcade. Benoit is sent to the floor. Liger hits a crossbody from the top. Romero Special back in the ring. Brainbustaaah. Benoit tosses off a tornado DDT and they do a double clothesline. Snap suplex is followed by a back suplex. Liger got his foot on the ropes. Northern lariatoo. Huge superplex from Liger, with Benoit landing on his hip. La Parka and Hypno hit the ring and cause a DQ. Benoit and Liger fight them off.


TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Buff. Buff has a match with Meng tonight. Buff is the roadblock, not the speed bump. Elsewhere, The Mamalukes are still waiting for Lash and Disco. They argue and enter the locker room, only to find Meng. Meng beat them up. Elsewhere elsewhere, Lex is on the phone with I assume Terry Taylor, but there was no audio in the segment. Instead, we heard Buff's entrance theme the whole time.

Buff Bagwell vs Meng

They have a boring match. The Mamalukes came out. There was also a ref bump. The audio is a solid 50 seconds out of synch. Meng still won with the Tongan Death Grip.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Mona about a mixed tag match with Jarrett vs Evan/Madusa. Gene was staring at her tits. Jeff is going after Dustin Rhodes and Goldberg on Nitro. Elsewhere, Lex is stewing. Elsewhere elsewhere, The Mamalukes sell their beat down.

Jeff Jarrett/Mona vs Evan Karagias/Madusa

Russo's obsession for men face women is weird. Jeff never got involved and Evan pinned Mona with a twisting splash. Jeff hit her with the guitar after the match.

Bret Hart WCW retrospective.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with the Revolution. They're a nation now. Can four people just decide they are a country? Saturn got muted and then the audio dropped out for quite a while. Elsewhere, Sid is getting pumped up. Elsewhere elsewhere, Lex is on the phone trying to get out of the match again. If he wins, he'll get a title shot on Nitro. Elsewhere elsewhere elsewhere, Disco and Lash talk with Gene. Lash says some stupid shit that I couldn't understand. Disco told him not to do the punch and dance move, because that's his gimmick.

Disco Inferno/Lash LeRoux vs The Revolution

The Revolution said some weird anti-American stuff and made fun of Italians. This brought out The Mamalukes. They attacked the Revolution. The match finally starts after security removes the Mamalukes. Shane is freaking out about the Constitution and being generally a cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........roach. Dean won with the Cloverleaf.

TO THE BACK. Sid and Lex head to the ring.

Bret Hart comes out. He's going to do color because every match has to have a guest commentator.

The Total Package vs Sid

Lex tried to spray Sid with pepper spray. Liz came out and tried to spray Lex. Lex took from her and got to spray Sid. Sid powerbombed the ref. When you can't see, you can't feel the difference between a 300 pound man in trunks and a 160 pound fully clothed man. A second ref came in and counted a pin for Lex. Sid recovered and powerbombed Lex after the match.


DQ Count: I don't give a shit anymore.

WCW Thunder 11/18/99

Go home show for Mayhem.

Jerry Flynn vs Bam Bam Big Yellow Hardcore Match

Barbarian was out with Flynn despite the two getting into a SHOOT fight ending with Barb face down on the ground. Bam Bam won. Norman hit Knobs with a chair.

TO THE BACK. Disco was on the phone. The other person told him wrestling was fixed and Disco wasn't aware. Elsewhere, Buff asks directions from Terry Taylor. He also jumped from the WWF with Russo and Ferrara.

Disco Inferno vs TAFKATAFKAPI WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Prince can change his looks all he wants. He still sucks. I guess this wasn't a title match since Prince won after someone brought out a dead fish. It distracted Disco. He hit Prince with it after the match.


TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Evan about his match with Disco. He thinks there is something fishy about Disco. Elsewhere, Hammer tells Hennig he'll go easy on him in their match tonight. Hennig punches him for it. They were still brawling after the break.

WCW Mayhem The Music ad. So, they have a CD, PPV, video game, and best of Nitro video all using the Mayhem title. And all released/happening within a month period.

Evan Karagias vs The Maestro (Ohh La La)

Both of these guys suck. Stro needs to hit the gym. Dude is too flabby to be on TV with the prissy Gorgeous George style gimmick. He's allegedly the great nephew or grandson of the actual Gorgeous George. I don't know if that's true or not. I don't give a fuck. Dude is stuck doing shows in (the best) indie in West Virginia. Evan lost to a roll up. So both champion and challenger in a PPV match this weekend lost on the go home show.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with the Revolution. Saturn says some weird shit about Barbies. Elsewhere, Tony calls Disco, who is now panicking about the money he owes. Elsewhere elsewhere, Benoit didn't know Terry Taylor was back and asks for Buff. Buff shows up seconds later. He also wants to talk.

Nitro recap.

TO THE BACK Gene talks with La Parka and Kaz Hayashi. Both of them are over dubbed. Elsewhere, Benoit and Buff are talking. Buff wants Benoit to job for him. Benoit won't do it and says Buff choked 2 weeks ago, so Buff attacks him.

La Parka/Kaz Hayashi vs El Dandy/Silver King

Tenay talks about how TPTB have little interest in wrestlers who don't speak English, even if the fans have come to love them. Parka's red suit is so rad. The Chairman and Kazmaster/Kazanova won.


TO THE BACK. Curt Hennig and Buff bumped into each other and started brawling.

Curt Hennig vs Van Hammer

Fucking Hammer. This angle with Hennig is still stupid since Russo could just fire Hennig if he wanted. There is really no need to have the stipulation of getting pinned means he's fired. Just fire him. Buff came out. He eventually attacked Hennig on the floor. Benoit came down to fight him off. Perfect Plex for the win. Did Buff just turn heel? Shouldn't he feel some solidarity with Hennig since they're both getting fucked over by Russo?

TO THE BACK. Chavo is trying to sell Liz stuff while Lex works out.

Lash LeRoux vs Kenny Kaos

Fucking Thunder. Lash won.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to the Filthy Animals about the mixed elimination tag at Mayhem.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Barbarian

Chavo tried to sell Barb some shit before the match. Barb hit him with the briefcase, booted him in the face, and pinned him.

Tournament recap.

TO THE BACK. Meng headed to the ring as Lex watched on a monitor. Elsewhere, Buff got his stuff pumped.

Vampiro vs Meng

Jerry Only was out with Vamp. He got put in the death grip, which caused a DQ somehow. Meng pulled him into the ring to do it. Liz came out and apologized on behalf of Lex. Meng went to put her in the death grip. Lex then ambushed him and hit him in the head with a chair like 6 times and then worked over Meng's legs.

TO THE BACK. Benoit heads to the ring.

Chris Benoit vs Buff Bagwell

I think Buff's a heel, which makes absolutely zero sense with the angle he's been doing for the past month. But such is Russo. Hennig came out and distracted Buff, allowing Benoit to lock on the Iron Crossface. Hennig and Benoit showing each other respect and helping each other out makes no sense after the Horsemen angle and their feud at the beginning of the year. The go home show ended with Buff and Hennig brawling.

DQ Count: Who cares?

Announced card for Mayhem:

Bret Hart vs Sting Tournament Semi Final
Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit Tournament Semi Final
Tournament Final
Sid vs Goldberg I Quit Match
David Flair vs Kimberly
The Filthy Animals vs The Revolution Mixed Tag Elimination Match
Buff Bagwell vs Curt Hennig Retirement Match
Norman Smiley vs Brian Knobs WCW Hardcore Championship
Evan Karagias vs Disco Inferno WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Meng vs The Total Package
Vampiro vs Berlyn Chain Match

WCW Thunder 11/11/99

Lash LeRoux vs Evan Karagias

Shit. Disco was out for color. He was very colorful. Madusa came out. She and Disco flirted. I guess this was supposed to motivate Evan or something. Or maybe Disco was just being a bro. Evan beat Disco up. He still lost to Lash. Disco bets Evan $25K that he can beat Evan at Mayhem. Lash came back and laid Disco out again. God damn. He is just like Sheamus.

WCW album promo. That CD fucking sucks.

TO THE BACK. Gene asks Berlyn if he used to dance. He didn't like it. Elsewhere, Sid arrives and finds Terry Taylor. He wonders what Terry is doing here and asks for directions to find Rick Steiner.

Berlyn vs Curly Bill

Jerry Only came out and cut a promo on Wall and Berlyn. Wall left to chase him. Vamp then attacked Berlyn from behind, causing a DQ. Virgil tried to pin Berlyn anyway.

TO THE BACK. Mean Gene talks with Silver King and La Parka. La Parka now speaks with a vaguely Southern accent and speaks perfect English. It sounded like maybe it was Brad Armstrong doing the voice. Elsewhere, Chavo tries to sell shit to a Villano. Elsewhere elsewhere, Gene talked with Rick Steiner when Sid ran up and they had to be pulled apart.

La Parka/Silver King vs Lizmark Jr./Villano V

La Parka cuts a promo about going to the trouble of learning how to speak English when he's still booked in crappy matches like this. It was Ed Ferrara doing the voice, not Brad Armstrong. Parka's red variant suit is boss as fuck. They have your standard heavyweight lucha match with a ton of arm drags. La Parka pinned Lizmark.


TO THE BACK. Wall and Berlyn are beating up Curly Bill. Elsewhere, Gene talks with Curt Hennig. Hennig might retire tonight if he loses to Dean Malenko tonight.

TO THE BACK. Chavo tries to sell stuff to Kaz Hayashi.

Nitro recap.

TO THE BACK. Gene asks Booker about that big lady who hit the ring on Nitro. Booker just said that they've known each other for a long time. Elsewhere, Sid is watching Rick Steiner on the tiniest monitor like the biggest sexual predator you've ever seen. Elsewhere elsewhere, Disco is on the phone with someone about his debts. The idea is given to him to try to take Curt Hennig out and gain favor of TPTB.

Rick Steiner vs Booker T. WCW TV Championship

Are they really shoving Booker back to the TV division? It was pretty weird when they brought Scott back for one show to cut a promo in the ring and then didn't mention him again until he was interviewed after back surgery a few months later. Rick pulled the ref in front of a missile dropkick. Sid came out and powerbombed Rick. He put Booker on top of Rick. New champion! A second ref came in and reversed the decision. Sid powerbombed both refs. Then Rick and Sid had another pull apart. Title retained.

TO THE BACK. The Revolution and Curt Hennig head to the ring.

Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig

Perfect tries to win with a series of roll ups and cradles. Why can't TPTB just fire Hennig? Why do they have to have him lose a match first? Perfect hurt his knee doing the neck whip. Saturn keeps hitting on a ring girl. Shane hit Perfect with his cast. Disco came out and tried to pin Hennig. Dean and Hennig both hit him, and Asya suplexed him. Chris Benoit came out and did a diving headbutt on Dean while he had Hennig covered. Perfect wins. 4 run ins for a Thunder match.

TO THE BACK. Sid and Rick Steiner are still brawling. Elsewhere, Gene asks Maestro (Ooh La La) about having to be in a hardcore tonight. Symphony of destruction! Elsewhere, Gene talked to Knobs about the match.

The Maestro (Ooh La La) vs Brian Knobs Hardcore Match

Stro has both pyro and bubbles. Norman came out for color and brought an instrument with him. Jimmy got all up in Norman's shit. Norman was scared of him. Norman hit Jimmy with a violin case and then hit Knobs with pipe. Stro wins! OOH LA LA!

TO THE BACK. The Filthy Animals head to the ring.

Filthy Animals vs Barbarian/Jerry Flynn WCW Tag Team Championships

Flynn tried to hit on Torrie. She slapped him. I bet she'd have fucked him if he still had his mullet. Barb has weird hair now. The Animals won after Kidman hit a splash on Barb who had just superplexed Konnan. Titles retained.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Lex and Liz. What a surprise, another production error. Maybe that's Lex's new gimmick.


Recap of Nitro Girls EXPLODING. This featured all of the girls talking and taking sides, including using SHOOT names. AC Jazz vs Spice in a wrestling match on Nitro.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with the Revolution. This is the start of Saturn starting his random non-sequiturs. Dean asks who writes his promos.


The Total Package vs Kaz Hayashi

Lex is still working his knee injury and is out in street clothes. He won't be able to wrestle tonight, but he will be okay to wrestle on Nitro if he rests. Kaz calls him "chicken shit" and Lex recovers. Torture Rack for the win.

TO THE BACK. Sid walks. Elsewhere, the Revolution argue. Elsewhere elsewhere, Kaz and La Parka have an animated discussion.

Sid vs Saturn

Sid ends up dropping Saturn knees first on the guard rail, with Saturn falling into the crowd. Saturn countered a chokeslam with a kick to the dick. Sid had the match won with the powerbomb. Asya pulled the ref out, causing a DQ. Dean got powerbombed after the match. Asya almost got one, but Rick Steiner came out and we get another Sid/Steiner brawl.


DQ Count: 3 out of 8 matches.

In addition to 4 tournament matches, Nitro will have AC Jazz vs Spice, Rick Steiner vs Sid, and Norman Smiley vs Jimmy Hart in a hardcore match.

WCW Thunder 11/4/99

Evan Karagias vs Juventud Guerrera

This is the 3rd time they've tried to have this match, with Bret Hart and Sid interrupting the first 2 tries. I hope someone else interrupts. Anyone. Mongo would be pretty boss. Even better, Norman Smiley came out to talk! He convinced WCW to bring back the hardcore division because he's tough as nails. And everyone in WCW can expect a hardcore wiggle. Juvi and Evan attack him, but dropkick each other in the balls, so Norman dances! This turned out much better than expected.


TO THE BACK. The Revolution discuss possibly adding a new member. Elsewhere, Sid is walking around when Mike Graham informs him that the bosses have changed the booking and Sid will now team with Saturn against Rick Steiner and someone. Sid isn't happy about facing his buddy.

Booker T. vs Kaz Hayashi

Book easily wins. Stevie interfered, ref saw it, Booker tried to distract the ref, but the ref didn't give a fuck.

TO THE BACK. Doug Dillinger tries to figure out a lap top when the Filthy Animals distract him so Konnan can steal his wallet. Elsewhere, Gene talks to Rick Steiner about his tag match against Sid. He isn't worried about it and Sid/Rick will be the last ones standing.

A Saturday Night promo airs. Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Johnny The Bull, Elix Skipper, Mike Sanders, and Devon Storm (Crowbar) will all be on the show.

Eddie Guerrero vs Coach Buzz Stern

Luther Biggs kind of reminds me of Jonah Hill. At least Glacier is in better shape as Coach Stern. Kidman and Konnan steal the game plan folder from Luther. Then attack Glacier on the floor. Because they are the worst fucking faces ever. BK Bomb and frog splash for the win. Then they beat up Luther and stole their shirts for some reason.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Berlyn and Curly Bill, who will have a tag title shot tonight. What the fuck. Russo, you so crazy. Elsewhere, Rick Steiner tells Benoit he has a long night ahead. Benoit is Steiner's partner tonight.

Title tournament recap.

TO THE BACK. Sid talks with the Revolution. No one wants this match. Elsewhere, Gene talks to La Parka about his upcoming match with Buff. La Parka waxes poetically (in subtitles) about how he picked his outfit because he loved He-Man, and more specifically, Skeletor. And by thanks to the power of Castle Grayskull, HE HAS THE POWER to defeat Buff tonight.


Buff Bagwell vs La Parka

Buff again comes out all pissy, which must mean he was booked to lose. You can't have an angle where one guy openly acknowledges everything is fake and actually show guys discussing finishes, but then expect anything else to be taken seriously. You can't have a "This is real, everything else is fake" and have it be self contained to that one angle. It permeates to every angle and shatters the disbelief for everything. You can do shooty while keeping it in the confines of kayfabe and suspension disbelief. You can really push the boundaries while staying in them. You can't do shooty angles where guys openly say they won't job to anyone, hate their booking, and have guys talk in the back about having their finish given to them by the writers. So what you have now you have an angle where a guy is SHOOT winning worked matches to get back at the writers who don't like him so are booking him to lose. It's stupid. Buff wins.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with the Animals about their title defense. Shockingly, they didn't steal anything from Gene.

The Filthy Animals vs Curly Bill/Berlyn WCW Tag Team Championships

Curly Bill is still doing the Rednecks gimmick, but none of the other members of the group are. Hennig definitely dropped it, Bobby Duncum is out injured, and the Windhams have vanished. Yet, Virgil is still doing the gimmick and coming out to the music. Berlyn turns on Virgil when Virgil was on the verge of winning. Berlyn could have won a title, but he SWERVED his partner because he may or may not be a Neo Nazi dude who probably likes candle wax poured on his nipples. Titles retained.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks with Lash about the respect that Disco has shown him. Lash shits all over Disco, even though Disco has done nothing but be nice to him and put him over. Elsewhere (after a break), Gene talked to Hammer, who is rumored to be the next member of the Revolution. He claims the rumor is true.

Lash LeRoux vs Silver King

Lash won. It sucked, because Lash just isn't that good.

TO THE BACK. Gene talks to Benoit about the random ass tag team main event. He doesn't give a shit. Elsewhere, the Revolution head to the ring.

Dean Malenko vs Van Hammer

Hammer for some reason shit talked the Revolution as a way to get them to like him or something. I don't know. He lost to the Cloverleaf. Hammer got a beat down after the match.

We're shown a highlight package of all the things TPTB have done to fuck with people since coming to WCW.

8 Man Battle Royal

It's a jobber battle royal with the winner getting a "golden opportunity" on Nitro. The remaining 7 will need to start looking into job opportunities up North. El Dandy, Regal, Dave Taylor, Chavo, Jerry Flynn, Chris Adams, Prince, and Jerry Flynn. Chavo won.

TO THE BACK. Rick Steiner and Sid are talking. They can't decide which one is going to take the Finger Poke of Doom.

Sid/Saturn vs Chris Benoit/Rick Steiner

I wonder how much you need to eat to be a guy of Sid's size with his kind of musculature, striations, and power. Rick took the FPOD. He then tried to roll Sid up, just like Scott Hall did on Nitro. So Sid powerbombs him and walks off. When Rick recovers, he lays out Benoit and Saturn and leaves. Benoit and Saturn have a singles match for about 3 minutes. Benoit hit the diving headbutt. Malenko hit the ring to cause a DQ. Then the Filthy Animals ran out and WE'RE OUTTA TIME!

DQ Count: 2 out of 9 matches.

Two random ass tag matches. Two tag matches with tag partners turning on each other. At least Russo is consistent.

WCW Thunder 10/28/99

This is either the first Russo Thunder or the final pre-Russo Thunder.

Evan Karagias vs Juventud Guerrera

Since this was announced as a special return match, I'll assume this is a Russo show. Evan sucks. I don't want to see any match, return or not, with him. Sid comes out to talk during the match. I hope this becomes a running gag where Evan can't finish a match because actual stars interrupt to talk. Sid claims he is still undefeated. He has proof and will show it by...crippling someone. This brings Chris Benoit out. Sid shakes hands with both guys in the ring before SWERVING them with powerbombs.

Larry and Tenay are finally at ringside for commentary, after Nitro moved to that in March.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene speaks with The Maestro (Ohh LA LA). Stro stumbles through a promo trying to fit in classical music references.

TO THE BACK. Chavo is storming around looking for Goldberg. He comes across Mike Graham, who says Goldberg isn't there and asks why he would be calling Goldberg out anyway. To get some TV time, of course.


Prince has a new look. Too bad he doesn't have new skills. Stro isn't that good, either. He won with an STF.

TO THE BACK. The Revolution head to the arena

Saturn/Dean Malenko vs Silver King/El Dandy

Shane talks about candy ass Animals. Dean says he and Benoit have a tournament match and Dean will break. It's definitely a Russo show already with multiple backstage filler segments and a lot more cursing. Dean hit Dandy with a chain and made him tap out to the Cloverleaf.


TO THE BACK. Chavo is still looking for Goldberg, who he knows isn't there, but is doing this just so he can get some TV time.

Recap of the tournament matches from Nitro.

TO THE MEAN (WE COMIN' FOR YOU) NINJA. Fruit booty is now muted on TBS. Stevie is going to kill Curly Bill tonight.

TO THE BACK. The Revolution leave the building.

TO THE MEAN GENE, PARTNER. Curly Bill talks about having moose on his ranch.

Stevie Ray vs Curly Bill

Stevie won after Booker laid Virgil out for using his cowboy boot as a weapon.

TO THE BACK. The Filthy Animals arrive.

The Filthy Animals vs Dave Taylor/Steve Regal/Chris Adams

Rey is literally going to fuck members of the Revolution, Kidman calls them marks, Konnan made a gay joke. I hate the Filthy Animals. How can a group with Kidman, Rey, and Eddie be so bad? They're just so unlikable in every way. They're the proto WWE PG faces. They stole the NuBlue Bloods' entrance gear after the match, just to further the idea that they're little fucking cunts. I hope Sid squashes all of them.

TO THE BACK. Chavo is on the phone, bragging about getting himself over for calling out Goldberg.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Berlyn speaks in English to shit on America. Berlyn's master plan is already in effect. Oh my.

Lash LeRoux vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Lash talked about his entrance in the heavyweight tournament. Why does he get in and Disco doesn't? Chavo said something about Goldberg, so Lash attacked him from behind. Christ, he's like a tiny Cajun Sheamus. MIA pre-explode! Lash won.

TO THE BACK. Kidman catches Buff and Scotty Riggs talking about the finish of their match. Buff is pissed that Riggs is going over. SO Russo. Amazing.

TO THE BACK. A white limo arrives. A few dames get out, followed by The Cat. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

Berlyn vs Jerry Flynn

Man, if Berlyn loses to Brad Armstrong and Jerry Flynn back to back, that would be the hardest burial of a new character I can ever think of. Berlyn won after Wall punched Jerry. Still, this character is dead in the water. I can't believe Russo booked him to lose to Brad Armstrong on his first PPV as the character.

TO THE BACK. Chavo is still "looking" for Goldberg when he runs into Sid, who throws him into a dumpster or something.

The Cat comes to the ring. Despite doctors saying he shouldn't compete, he will be in the tournament on Nitro.

TO THE BACK. Buff storms through some doors.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Benoit is going to cripple Sid and Dean.

Buff Bagwell vs Scotty Riggs

Buff comes out all pissed again, because he has to do the JOB tonight after he publicly said on Nitro that he was never going to job for anyone again. We know this because we got to see Riggs and Buff going over their finish, with Riggs being told he was going over. Buff kind of half wrestles the match. Riggs hit a crossbody the Buff kicked out of. This confused Riggs greatly and the ref got in Buff's face about it. That was supposed to be the finish, you see. Buff then secured a SHOOT small package, which the ref had no choice but to count for.

TO THE BACK. Sid and Benoit head to the ring.

Chris Benoit vs Sid

They have a short match with at least one hilarious botch where Benoit missed a low dropkick, but Sid sold it anyway. Dean and Saturn hit the ring while Sid was in the Crossface. Sid powerbombed them. Then he powerbombed Benoit. The Filthy Animals attacked the Revolution on the floor and WE'RE OUTTA TIME.


DQ Count: 2 out of 9 matches, plus one SHOOT victory.

Russo has arrived to Thunder. You can tell because they did an angle where we saw two guys talk about the finish to their match, with one guy being mad he was booked to lose, and then SHOOT stealing the match to stick it to the man.

WCW Thunder 10/21/99

The go home show for Halloween Havoc. I don't know if this was taped before or after Russo's first day. I guess we'll find out on this show.

I really like that the Thunder intro is full of clips from early 1998 and even still has nWo vs WCW stuff in the graphics.

The Maestro (Ooh La La) vs Norman Smiley

Norman! And Stro! Stro debuts by playing piano while being lowered from the ceiling. He wasn't acknowledged, but there he was. He shows up to wrestle a few weeks later and basically gets squashed with no explanation of who he is or his character. Norman wins and the Maestro character is not off to a strong start.


Disco/Lash hype video.

MVP vs Horace

MVP is the renamed Dale Torborg in his baseball uniform. No one cares about a wrestling baseball player in 1999. Horace won with a Samoan drop.

They show some stuff from Saturday Night, which appears to have more guys involved in storylines that make sense than Nitro.

Flair/DDP hype video.

Curly Bill vs Lash LeRoux

Why would Lash be fighting a heavyweight a few days before his Cruiserweight title match? Why does Lash get a PPV title shot to begin with? And why did he attack Disco on Nitro when Disco hasn't done a single thing to Lash? They haven't had any interaction whatsoever before that. Lash wins.

First Family/Filthy Animals hype video.

Harlem Heat vs Steve Regal/Dave Taylor

More jobber entrances since WCW again taped a title match and then changed titles on a live show before the taped show aired. The First Family hit the ring and caused a DQ.

Sid hype video.

Goldberg/Sid hype video.

Goldberg hype video.

Lol, yes, they really did a Sid, Sid/Goldberg, then Goldberg video package all in a row.

Berlyn/Brad Armstrong hype video.

Kendall Windham vs Brad Armstrong

Ref got distracted, Virgil accidentally hit Kendall with his boot, and Brad won with the Russian leg sweep.

Halloween Havoc hype video.

Juventud Guerrera/Silver King vs Blitzkrieg/Kaz Hayashi

Blitz and Kaz got a jobber entrance. Blitz didn't get to do anything cool. Juvi pinned Kaz with the Juvi Driver.

Buff getting BURIED on Nitro recap.

Rick Steiner vs La Parka

It'd be great if Rick Steiner did the same thing as Buff did. Parka comes out with a plastic bucket chair tonight. Parka got destroyed.

Benoit/Rick Steiner hype video.

Sting/Hogan hype video.

Full Nitro recap video that was longer than all the PPV hype videos. It was the entire show turned into a montage. Like, every segment. So lazy.

The Total Package vs Buff Bagwell

Buff got a jobber entrance and seems to have no problem wrestling tonight after his hissy fit on Nitro. Liz is there after getting hit with a guitar on Nitro. They really should try not to have weird continuity errors by actually planning out what happens on Nitro before they tape two weeks of Thunder that will end up not acknowledging things that happened because they don't make sense any more. Lex won.

DQ Count: 1 out of 8 matches.

Announced card for Halloween Havoc:

Sting vs Hulk Hogan WCW Championship
Sid vs Goldberg WCW US Championship
The Total Package vs Bret Hart
DDP vs Ric Flair
Filthy Animals vs First Family WCW Tag Team Championships
Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit WCW TV Championship
Lash LeRoux vs Disco Inferno WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Berlyn vs Brad Armstrong

WCW Thunder 10/14/99

LolThunder. Kevin Nash has joined the broadcast team to bury everything on his last night as booker. The very first thing he says is that people have said he was a bad booker, but he booked himself in the best angle of all time (retirement angle), and now they've placed him on the announce team to recoup some of those funds. When asked where Hall was, he said that he hasn't seen Hall since he had 2 girls for sushi.


Buddy Lee Parker vs Jim Duggan

This is such a Saturday Night 1995 match. Sadly, Nash was pretty quiet for this match. Duggan wins with the Old Glory knee drop. Nash wants to know where Tenay gets the names for moves from.


Al Greene vs Lash LeRoux

Nash sings Al Greene songs before mentioning that the wrestler Al Greene was his second tag team partner. Lash gets a Cruiserweight Championship shot at Havoc. Lash was noted to have the sweetest side burns as voted by WCW fans. It seems the announce team had a debate on the Van Dyke facial hair style before the show. Also, Dean Malenko is actually Jerry from the Dick Van Dyke show. Lash easily wins with the Whiplash.

Recap of Knobs vs Stevie from Nitro. Apparently, there are actual angles going on on Saturday Night. Crazy. Next week's Thunder will have Lex vs Buff.

The Total Package and Liz come to the ring. Nash and Larry talk about Liz's tits. Lex blames the fans for the death of Lex Luger. He didn't get any get well soon cards while he was out hurt. "The Old Glory Torture Rack." Buff comes out. "That much airbrush should be against the law." Buff called Lex while he was hurt. And now, Buff wants to know what the deal with Lex and Sting is. Buff challenges Lex to a match that was announced just before this segment. Rick Steiner came out and Buff got double teamed before....LA PARKA made the save. Little known fact: Lex Luger is terrified of skeletons.

Recap of Kidman likely boning Torrie over the past couple weeks.

The Armstrong Brothers vs The First Family

Nash dropped a Bull Nakano reference, which gave Tenay a nerd boner. Old Glory moonsault for the win. Knobs called Harlem Heat out after the match. They came out. "That's not Booker T, that's Wesley Snipes! No, that is Booker T."

Recap of Revolution problems from Nitro. Nash made a video package narrated over Sid and Goldberg trash talking. It's amazing. Nash wants to know how a guy from Detroit (Rick Steiner) ended up sounding like a Southern redneck.

Horace vs Brian Adams

Old Glory mule kick from Horace. No mention of these guys being in the nWo together. No mention of the nWo at all. Crush wins with his shitty piledriver.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Lash LeRoux? Lol. Lash shouldn't be allowed to do promos.

Recap of the Armstrong/Berlyn angle.

"What's with me doing a job in the commercial?"


Nash more or less says that La Parka got booked in the main event because so many people no showed and that's who was left. This leads Tenay saying it is an all SHOOT, all the time edition of Thunder. Nash claims The Big Shizzow is coming to TBS. It's a wrestling variety show featuring Hall, Nash, and a colleague. Nash is getting old and doesn't want to be bumping around any more. Old Glory Samoan drop. Old Glory German neckbreaker for the win.

A Meng hype video that had a random plug for the WCW hotline on top of the package for the first few seconds. Which is great since this show was edited for days before it aired on TV.

Luther Biggs vs Meng

Nash sings Barry White, implies that Meng IS Barry White, and Larry called Biggs "Riggs". Deathgrip for the win. Coach Glacier also got put in the Deathgrip. "These guys should know, no one gets beat after a sweet package like that."

Saturn vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Halloween Havoc is Nash's favorite show because he gets to see his stripper friends. Old Glory Ruff Ryder! Larry started getting into it and continuing the Old Glory running joke. He's now Bruno. Nash actually got kind of serious for this match and started marking out for MOVEZ. Rey won with a roll up OUTTA NOWHERE. Saturn laid out the ref and Rey after the match.

Rick Steiner/Total Package vs Buff Bagwell/La Parka

Bagwell did an Old Glory choke on the floor. "I root for heels." The finish was La Parka getting his chair out and Buff hitting him with the Blockbuster for no reason. There was actual finish. No pins, no count outs, no DQs. Just Buff hitting his move on his partner and then the show ended.

DQ Count: 0 out of 8 matches.

Nash was great. It was still Thunder, though. The next Nitro should be amazing. Russo wasn't supposed to take over until Halloween Havoc, but the start date got moved up to the Nitro before Havoc. I'm pumped.

WCW Thunder 10/7/99

The US, TV, and Cruiserweight championships will be defended tonight.

Dean Malenko vs Blitzkrieg

Blitz has a new outfit and mask that looks like Amazing Red's gear with a Power Ranger chest plate. Dean was pretty mean in this. Blitz got to do a sweet twisting Asai moonsault, but Dean mostly beat the shit out of him the whole match and won with the Cloverleaf.


Recap of Disco winning the Cruiserweight Championship.

Evan Karagias vs Disco Inferno WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Disco got a jobber entrance, which leads me to believe the title change on Nitro was another last minute thing like the Rednecks/Harlem Heat change a few weeks ago. Evan is about to get an actual push, which is terrible. Disco won with the Last Dance. "Title" retained. Even though he didn't have the title at the time the match was recorded and they actually did show a clip of Disco's entrance, which had him not having the title with him. Kind of defeats the point of doing the jobber entrance to hide that fact.

Bret Hart talks about his match with Benoit.

Reairing of the Berlyn/Brad Armstrong backstage interaction from Nitro.

Brad Armstrong vs Chris Adams

Adams is out of the NuBlue Bloods. Not surprising since he and Regal had real heat that prevented Adams from being in the Blue Bloods when WCW first hired him. Skinny Tommy Dreamer wins with a Russian leg sweep.

Brian Knobs vs Chris Benoit WCW TV Championship

Knobs doesn't deserve a title shot. At any title. They only thing Knobs deserves is to get kicked in the balls really, really hard. I hate Knobs. I don't know why he had a job in the WWF and WCW for so long. He sucked, he never helped sell a ticket, and most of all he was dangerous and reckless. They fought into the the crowd and stayed out there for a whole commercial break. I don't know how that wasn't a count out. Obviously a Brian Knobs match needed a ref bump. Benoit won with the diving headbutt.

Lash LeRoux vs Silver King

Lash is about to get a real push soon, just like Evan, and it also makes me sad. Lash is better than Evan, but the Cruiserweight division is about to go to shit and really not ever recover. Lash wins.

We get to see Lex Luger's funeral again.

Dale Torborg vs The Maestro (OOH LA LA)

The last time we saw Dale, it was near the end of 1998 when he blew his knee out doing a pump kick. He was also a race car driver. And now he's a baseball player, with red and black face paint. I thought it was pretty weird they had Stro do his piano playing thing and not mention it again. Dale won with a Rock Bottom.

Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman vs Disorderly Conduct

So many jobbers tonight. Animals easily won.

Bret talked about his match with Benoit right after it happened on Nitro.

Sid vs Stevie Ray WCW US Championship

Rick Steiner came out and was again allowed to interfere. Charles Robinson went from Ric Flair's stooge to Sid's stooge. Double team powerbomb for the win. Sid is 128-0. He gains about 8 wins per show.

DQ Count: 0 out of 8 matches.

WCW Thunder 9/30/99

Pretty excited to be nearing the end of this project.

Juventud Guerrera/La Parka/Psychosis vs Los Villanos/Silver King

Here are the gifs. Hypnosis is an ugly fucking guy. I thought Juvi was ugly, but god damn. Not much happened. Hypno won the match. The teams definitely changed corners during the match and no one cared.


Adrian Byrd vs Norman Smiley

Norman isn't fun when I can't see him wiggling. Big Wiggle! He got to do it on TV! Norman Conquest for the win.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Mona gets promo time! Brandi Alexander attacked her during the promo.

Brandi Alexander vs Mona

This was scheduled for later, but it is going to happen now. What's important isn't this match, but that there will be more matches for Havoc announced later tonight. Molly wins with a super rana.

Dean Roll vs Frankie Lancaster

Frankie looks like Hardcore Holly. Dean Roll looks like Colin Delaney. Instead of Sid, Scott Norton is the one to come out and powerbomb everyone. He's going straight to the top and declares himself as next to Goldberg.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Goldberg is the guest and accepts the challenge from Norton.

There was an ad for The Phantom Menace for PS1 that looked pretty incredible for a PS1 game.

Hugh Morrus/Brian Knobs vs Dave Taylor/Steve Regal

Finlay is returning, though as a manager and wearing a sparkly shirt and leather pants, which seems very out of character for him. Fucking Knobs. That fat, dirty cunty fuck head. Hugh pinned Taylor with the moonsault.

TO THE MEAN GENE. The Revolution are guests. Shane comes out first by himself, with the other 3 walking behind him and looking pretty unhappy. Saturn says Shane better not pull that cheating shit again or he's out of the group. Shane apologizes to everyone. I guess things are cool now. Was anyone surprised that Shane was injured 2 months into his run?

Luther Biggs vs Bobby Eaton

I hope Ball State University sued WCW for Glacier wearing a BSU hat. Wrestlers changing characters and names has always been interesting to me. Imagine if in The Avengers 2, RDJ is in the movie, but plays a completely different character than Tony Stark/Iron Man. That'd be pretty weird, right? Eaton won with a neckbreaker. Coach Buzz Glacier put him and Biggs in a full nelson after the match.

Brad Armstrong vs Horace

Brad has dropped all trappings of the No Limit Soliders gimmick. Oh man, there was a Gameboy Color version of Mayhem? It must have been hilariously awful. The nWo is finally dead. And in typical WCW fashion, there wasn't a big angle or ending to it. It just faded out. Brad won with a Russian leg sweep.

Kendall Windham/Curly Bill vs Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr.

Where is Barry? I suppose this is kind of a continuation of Rednecks/NLS. But with Virgil. Rey pinned Virgil with a super rana.


Goldberg vs Scott Norton

They had a 4 minute match. Goldberg won.

DQ Count: 1 out of 8 matches.

Tenay talked 2 or 3 times about new matches for Havoc being announced on the show, but they were never announced.

WCW Thunder 9/23/99

Last week was preempted due to weather. I wish that had been the case this week.

Recap of Chavo making a hair contra mask match for Nitro without even asking Hypnosis, because Guerreros are dick heads like that.

Lodi vs Kidman

The only thing worse than a Lenny match is a Lodi match. Get that shit out of here. Lodi is one of the worst dudes on the roster since Konnan and Randy Savage have been out of action. Despite being stablemates with Kidman, Lodi doesn't know that YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Kidman won with a BK Bomb. Eddie beat up Lenny and prevented Chavo from interfering.

TO THE BACK. Harlem Heat were walking around. Stevie went down a hallway. There was a noise and Sid/Rick Steiner can walking out, apparently having knocked the shit out of Stevie.

Recap of Goldberg challenging Sid from Nitro.

TO THE TENAY. He brings out Harlem Heat, but only Booker came out. Stevie is on his way to a hospital with a bump on his noggin. It's no secret that it was Sid. He challenges Sid for later tonight.

Brandi Alexander vs Mona

So weird. There are no plans to bring back the women's division or championship, and the ONE match that made sense (Mona vs Madusa) was changed a week before the match and never happened. So now they have Mona and decided, "Well, we're paying her, so I guess we should use her for something" even though that has never been an issue for WCW. In fact, they had been paying Madusa since 1995 and used her in nearly 3 years. Brandi won with a her feet on the ropes and they IMMEDIATELY cut to a promo for Hogan/Flair home videos. I'm talking like as soon as the 3 count was over.

Recap of Evan beating Blitz on Nitro.

Saturn vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo is suddenly a heel for no reason I can find. He just came back and was wearing long tights, and everyone knows that Chavo in long tights means heel. They had an awkward match where they weren't on the same page at all. Saturn did a tiger suplex, though. He also did the submission that Rick Steiner has been trying to figure out how to do for 3 months and getting it wrong every single time. Eddie tripped Chavo up on the top rope. Saturn wouldn't take a win that way, so Eddie dropkicks Saturn, who collided heads with Chavo. Chavo fall onto Saturn's Neptunes and won.


Sid came to the ring and is now 99-0. I believe he was 85-0 on Nitro. He hasn't even had 20 matches since June. He called Booker a "bug eyed FOOL". That was his acceptance of the match.

TO THE COACH. Coach Glacier does some training with Luther Biggs, pumping him up for his upcoming debut on Thunder. Sometime.

Review of Sting/Benoit from Nitro.


I feel like I've seen this match at least 10 times. It sucks every time. Hammer easily won. Just like all of their matches. Hammer then grabbed the mic to SHOOT challenge the winner of Sid/Booker to a match on Nitro.

Revolution hype video.

Rick Steiner vs Eddie Guerrero

Sid caused a DQ. Kidman ran in and got crushed. Guess what? SID CAN POWERBOMB KIDMAN!

Evan Karagias vs Lenny WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Weird, this started JIP and probably half over. Not that I'm complaining, but it is weird. What was left of the match was pretty bad, so maybe that's why they didn't show the whole match. Lenny won. Title retained.

Sid vs Booker T.

Nick Patrick wouldn't allow Charles Robinson to be the ref. They brawled in the crowd for a bit. Sid hit Booker with a box of candy. Booker had the match won. Charles Robinson pulled Nick Patrick out during the pin. Rick Steiner then got in and hit Booker. Double team powerbomb. Sid wins.

DQ Count: 1 out of 7 matches.

WCW Thunder 9/9/99

Go home show for Fall Brawl.

The show starts with a graphic mentioning the death of referee Mark Curtis/Brian Hildebrand. His death was also mentioned by the WWF, even though he never worked for them.


Barbarian vs Buff Bagwell

I suppose this is a way to prove Buff's newly found patriotism, by defeating another foreign guy. Jimmy threw something in the ring, way over shot it, and Buff used it to defeat Barb.

Recap of Berlyn on Nitro.

Lex Luger/Sting history video.

Van Hammer vs Blitzkrieg

Boy, I wonder who is going to win this match. Hammer easily won in a match that no one had any doubt about it.

Recap of the Hummer angle.

Chris Adams/Steve Regal/Dave Taylor vs Saturn/Shane Douglas/Chris Benoit

Chris Adams is so out of place in this group. Not only from his style and abilities, but also because Regal hates him and ignores him as much as possible. Benoit and Regal start out and do their headbutt spot. Benoit made Adams tap out to the Iron Crossface. Do you think Berlyn and Benoit would get along well?

Lodi vs Kaz Hayashi

The last time these two had a match, Kaz pinned Lenny. He beat Lodi this time.

Recap of the last few weeks of Hogan/Sting stuff.

Adrian Byrd/Bobby Blaze vs Sid

Obviously, Sid murdered both guys.


The Revolution comes to the ring. Dean has the TV Championship with him. Did the Revolution steal it from Rick Steiner since Rick wasn't allowed to be the TV Champion in a match with Goldberg on Nitro? Shouldn't Saturn be the one with the title since he has a title shot at the PPV? Dean vs Rick later tonight as well as Goldberg vs Bam Bam.

Barry Windham vs Booker T.

No Curly Bill as this was taped before that angle was decided. This would have some potential to be pretty decent if it wasn't on Thunder and Barry wasn't wearing a baby shirt. Barry never really reaching his potential is one of the biggest non-death/injury related tragedies in pro wrasslin. He was so good even as a rookie and he should have been the next Flair type. But it just never happened. The remaining Rednecks caused a DQ. Harlem Heat then got a beat down after the match.

Recap of Sting getting fucked in the dark in Hogan's locker room on Nitro.

Rick Steiner vs Dean Malenko WCW TV Championship

Rick attacked as Dean was getting in the ring. Sid came out and caused a DQ, even though Rick was firmly in control. Shane Douglas ran down and got powerbombed. Benoit locked the Iron Crossface on Sid while he was on the match shit talking. Saturn also came down. The heels ran away.

Goldberg vs Bam Bam Big Yellow

Remember when this match seemed like a big deal at the end of 1998/start of 1999? Now it is a Thunder main event with Bam Bam stalling like DDP. Bam Bam looks like he's lost a lot of weight, but in a sickness kind of way. Ref bump. DDP ran in a good 3 minutes after the ref bump. Goldberg still won. DDP attacked him with a chair after the bell.

DQ Count: 2 out of 8 matches.

Announced card for Fall Brawl:

Hulk Hogan vs Sting WCW Championship
Goldberg vs DDP
Sid vs Chris Benoit WCW US Championship
Harlem Heat vs West Texas Rednecks WCW Tag Team Championships
Rick Steiner vs Saturn WCW TV Championship
Buff Bagwell vs Berlyn
Hugh Morrus/Brian Knobs vs Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas
Vampiro/ICP vs Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr./Eddie Guererro

WCW Thunder 9/2/99

Entering the final quarter of the year and project, so I'm pretty excited about that.

Recap of the Sting/Lex/Hogan stuff from Nitro. Then we get to see the original Hummer attack once again. The back to more Sting/Lex/Hogan recaps.

DDP comes to the ring. Fucking terrible way to start the show. He has Goldberg at Fall Brawl and was going to call him out tonight. "But when I looked around this dump, I thought to myself, 'what a dump.'" Shit. He has Al Greene playing the role of Goldberg tonight. YO MAMA jokes.

DDP vs Al Greene

I really can't believe that the Triad are basically the default top heels and their main way of heeling is YO MAMA jokes. DDP wins with a Kanyon Cutter. BANG!

Also added to Fall Brawl is Knobs/Hugh vs Dean/Douglas. See what I did there?

Dave Taylor vs Shane Douglas

Shane won very quickly with the Pittsburgh Plunge, even though he was pinning himself. Chris Adams attacked, then Benoit ran in, then the First Family hit the ring, followed by Saturn and Dean. All heels were disposed of. Shane Douglas absolutely shouldn't be a face. He makes the Fall Brawl tag a no DQ match and says he will bash someone's skull in.

Berlyn video. This guy wrestled in WCW for 5 years and no one recognizes him? Especially after he spoke?

Kaz Hayashi vs El Dandy

WCW and their random ass booking. Wouldn't it have made sense to have El Dandy/Silver King/La Parka/Villanos on the show the last 2 weeks when they were in Texas? Instead, they booked one lucha match for both shows. Kaz won, but Sid came out AFTER the match to lay both guys out and cut a promo on Goldberg. This is basically the Goldberg/Jericho feud, with Sid doing all the work and Goldberg not even acknowledging his opponent.

Berlyn video.

Lenny vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Kidman finally gets the title shot he earned 4 months ago. Lenny is getting more over the top with his gay trolling every week. Gay cheap heat is just the worst, unless it is Goldust doing it. It's kind of weird to think that just a little over 10 years ago, it was totally fine to have obnoxious gay stereotypes and have them be bad guys just because they're gay. Ref bump. Lodi came in and hit a DDT. Kidman still kicked out. YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN! Lodi then caused a DQ moments later. Rey ran in to make sure no humping happened.

The Revolution came to the ring. Benoit is sick of Sid. It's really hard to take any of Saturn's promos seriously with those eyes. He should wear sunglasses or something.

TO THE COACH. A new segment from Coach Buzz Glacier Stern. Luther Biggs is the first ever inductee into the Buzz Stern Winner's Club. He's just some fat dude who keeps tripping and falling. The only thing of note about him is that he went by "Big Sexy" in 1996 on the B and C shows and it seems that Nash stole his nickname from him.

Disorderly Conduct vs Harlem Heat

Booker debuted the Book End in this match, but it wasn't anything close to a finisher. At least HH are finally wearing the same colors. They just happen to be black and white, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me since Booker wanted Stevie to get rid of the black and white colors. Heat easily won. The Rednecks hit the ring shortly after, but were fought off. They'll have a rematch at Fall Brawl for the tag titles.


Scotty Riggs vs TAFKATAFKAPI

Fucking jobber matches. Christ. WCW actually had competition on Thursday nights now and this is the kind of shit card they put up against the ultra hot WWF. Maybe they figured there was no use in trying since they were going to get crushed anyway. Riggs easily wins in a very quick match.

Cat-Bo video.


Cat vs Goldberg

Cat called Goldberg out and sent Sonny away. He also threatened to shove the mic up Bill's ass so the crowd could literally hear Cat kick his ass. This was a return to the 2 move squash Goldberg of 1998.

Sid vs Saturn

Our main event for the night. I feel like this really puts Saturn at a much lower level than Benoit, but whatever. Benoit is obviously the best guy of the group and most likely one to get the main event push. They have a short nothing match that Rick Steiner interrupts to cause a DQ. Stinko Malenko made a save before there was a double team powerbomb. WE'RE OUTTA TIME!

DQ Count: 2 out of 8 matches.

Damn, booze really hit me around the Harlem Heat match. Whatever. It's Thunder. Who gives a shit? Not I. If there is something positive I can say about WCW right now, it is that they have most of the next PPV already booked weeks out. That's not to say it is an interesting card at all, but at least they are trying.

WCW Thunder 8/26/99

This was indeed the night that Smackdown debuted as an actual series, which made WCW actually try to book matches ahead of time for Thunder.  However, the matches were Sid/Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit/Saturn and Harlem Heat vs Brian Knobs/Hugh Morrus.  That's no kind of competition for Rock vs HHH.

Sid vs Public Enemy

Wait, I thought Sid was booked in a tag tonight?  He's doing double duty?  Sid squashed PE.

Coach Buzz Stern video.

Barry Windham/Kendall Windham/Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero/Kidman/Eddie Guerrero

Of note is that the Rednecks don't have the titles with them.  This makes me think that the title change on Nitro was a last minute thing since Heat vs First Family for the titles was promoted for this show.  We'll see if Harlem Heat come out with the titles or not.  Nothing of interest in this, which sucks, because this no doubt has the most talent of any match on the show tonight.  Rey got a sneaky pin on Duncum.  The Rednecks attempted a beat down, but Harlem Heat made the save.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Sid and Rick Steiner are guests.  Does Sid really need two matches and a promo segment?  Sid made fun of the midgets.  I wish he had said vanilla midgets.  Rick claims that they took out Hogan and Sting this week, Sting and Goldberg the week before. Well, if they took out Sting one week, how was he fine to compete the next week?


Cat has a cowboy hat and can of dip with him.  When Sonny says they have Prince tonight, Cat gets super stoked because he love Prince.  Sonny then sings Purple Rain.  Cat will win in 3 minutes or he'll never return to this city.  I would rather Sonny sing all of Purple Rain instead of watch this match.  I only want to see you bathing in the purple rain.  Cat won with the Wizard of Oz at 2:59.  Purple Rain, Purple Rain

Harlem Heat vs Brian Knobs/Hugh Morrus

Fucking lol, the way they got around the title change on Nitro was to just give both teams jobber entrances.  I suppose that's one way to do it.  Or maybe they shouldn't have hot shot a title change on Nitro when they had already promoted a title match on Thunder a week in advance.  On a taped show.  Konbs and Stevie, having matches together.  Gross.  Who lays out a match with Stevie as the FIP?  It doesn't make sense to have the bigger and worse worker work the majority of the match.  Booker pinned Hugh with the missile dropkick.  We didn't get to see the celebration since Harlem Heat still had the titles that they lost on Nitro.

TO THE POWER PLANT.  Coach Stern is making dudes work out.  I think this was probably a rib on Buddy Lee Parker or something.

Disorderly Conduct vs Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas

Damn, Shane getting his ass kicked by Disorderly Conduct.  I'm sure the Turner money was worth it.  But still.  Shane got his ass kicked the whole match, tagged in to Dean, who won with the Cloverleaf.

TO THE MEAN SCUM.  DDP said shit I didn't listen to because fuck Triad DDP.

DDP vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

DDP did more YO MAMA jokes before the match.  Chavo did one of his own. Does anyone really get that pissed when you make fun of their mom?  I mean, I love my mom and all, but I'm not going to fight someone because they said she was so fat she freed Free Willy.  Chavo got dumped on his head with a uranage.  Kanyon Cutter for the win.  BANG! 


Sid/Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit/Saturn

This sucks.  Sid forgot he was working for a national company and works like he's still doing shots in USWA.  Rick Steiner sucks.  Benoit and Saturn don't have much to work with.  Benoit put Rick in the Iron Crossface.  Sid powerbombed and pinned Saturn.  While in the crossface, Rick poked the ref in the eye.  Charles Robinson ran in and counted the pin for Sid.

DQ Count: 0 out of 7 matches.

This was really the best WCW could do to combat the debut of Smackdown? They put way more effort into the Thunder on the night of the Smackdown pilot.  But when the actual series start, the best they can do is 2 Sid matches and no Hogan/Sting/Goldberg.  And then there was the whole thing with the tag titles that they hot shot on to the Rednecks without giving any consideration to the fact that they promoted a tag title match on Thunder, which had already been taped.  They couldn't just wait until the next Nitro?

Purple Rain, Purple Rain.

WCW Thunder 8/19/99

I guess I'm back to this shit.

Silver King vs Psychosis

We're in Western Texas for this show, so I expect a lot of luchadors on the card.  Hypno is the face because of a pre show coin toss.  They wrestled for a few minutes before Sid came out and powerbombed both of them.  More Millennium Man stuff.  He puts his name up with Jordan and Babe Ruth.  He's gonna jizz in his pants when he reaches Goldberg's record. 


Al Greene vs Shane Douglas

Lol.  Shane jumped from ECW to have matches against Al Greene.  Shane easily wins.  Why do refs not notice that his shoulders are on the mat when he does the pin after the Pittsburgh Plunge?  He could be pinned every time if the refs were doing their jobs.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  He welcomes Rick Steiner, who is again allowed to be TV Champion since Goldberg isn't around.  The Revolution wants a piece of him.  Since when?  He's going to eat heads or something.  Remember when Tank Abbott SWERVED Sting in that cage match with Rick Steiner?  And then that angle was immediately dropped?  Or when the Steiners were feuding with Sting and Goldberg, which became Steiners vs Sting and Lex Luger, which became Rick vs Sting, which was then dropped completely? 

We see  a vignette for a new wrestling, Coach Buzz Stern.  It's obviously Glacier, teaching some Power Plant guys that he's in charge.

Bobby Blaze/Adrian Byrd/Dave Burkhead vs Steve Regal/Dave Taylor/Chris Adams

Chris Adams isn't a very good replacement for Finlay.  At all.  I can't believe WCW was still using him this late into 1999.  He really hadn't been known since 1986 or so.  It's not like he was some famous guy by the late 90s.  He wasn't on WCW in during the earlier part of the decade, nor was in he in the WWF or ECW.  Sid and Rick Steiner came out to cause another DQ.

The Revolution come to the ring.  Shane claims people are scared of them because fans know what's REAL.  Saturn isn't going to bite Rick, but he is going to beat him.  OUT WITH EVOLUTION, IN WITH THE REVOLUTION!  That's a stupid catch phrase.

World premiere of the Rednecks' new video on Nitro!

Lenny vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Rey tell Lenny to tell his boyfriend to ride the Hershey Highway to the back.  Classy.  Rey gets really pissed over Lenny gyrating his hips.  He appears to be quite homophobic.  Not surprising, considering Konnan is his best bro and he can't cut a promo without making gay jokes.  Rey did a taint buster, which made Lenny accidentally rub his ass on the ref, who sold it like he was the most disgusting thing to ever happen to him.   Lodi came back out and ended up costing Rey the match.  New champion!   Rey should have lost the belt 3 months ago, but not to Lenny Lane.


Horace/Scott Norton vs Harlem Heat WCW Tag Team Championships

They have a boring match.  Sid didn't come out.  Titles retained.

Berlyn video.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Jimmy Hart and the First Family are the guests.  Remember when Knobs said he was going to be doing things on his own from now on, and then the next week was in the First Family?  The First Family is going to take the tag titles from Harlem Heat.  Knobs/Hugh vs Harlem Heat for the titles next week.  Knobs said something about chicken wings.

Saturn vs Rick Steiner WCW TV Championship

Rick is just not an interesting singles worker and his attempt to be like Scott doesn't work.  Sid came out and caused another DQ.  Benoit came out and Sid ran off.  He challenged them to a tag match next week on Thunder.  What the fuck, TWO matches booked a week in advance for Thunder?

DQ Count: 3 out of 6 matches.

They're in West Texas and don't have the Rednecks?  And they only booked one luchador match, which ended in a DQ because a giant white guy beat them up.  And then the other luchador loses his title to a guy who has won all of 3 matches in a year and a half on TV.

WCW Thunder 8/12/99


Go home show for Road Wild.  And the show starts with highlights of past shows set to Wrath's music.  I guess since he's no longer on TV, he doesn't need it for anything.

Rick Steiner vs Spyder WCW TV Championship

Spyder is the Danny Trejio looking former body guard of Eddie in the LWO.  Rick isn't even wearing knee pads, which shows how much he gives a fuck about this guy.  Why was Rick not reprimanded at all for attacking Scott Hudson?  Why was Sid not reprimanded at all for attacking Eric Bischoff?  Total squash.

Recap of a bunch of shit from Nitro that no one cares about.  The a recap of Sid last week.  The video just went black.  I hope that was an actual production error and not a copy error.

Sid vs Disorderly Conduct

Double squash.

More Nitro recaps.

The same Road Wild video from the start of the show.

Harlem Heat video.

More Nitro recaps.

Bobby Duncum Jr./Barry Windham vs Shane Douglas/Dean Malenko

Shane pinned Duncum with the Pittsburgh Plunge.  The Rednecks did a beat down after the match.  Saturn made the save and was also beaten down.

Berlyn hype video.

Nash/Hogan timeline video.

More Nitro recaps.

Randy Savage vs Evan Karagais

He asks if people want to know who the driver of the Hummer is, and then tells everyone not to worry about it.  Evan told Savage he didn't appreciate how Randy has been treating his women, especially Mona.  Savage beat the shit out of Evan.  Mona came out to stop it.  She tripped and he grabbed her by the hair, so the ref jumped on Savage's back and started punching him.  He got a piledriver.  Evan got 3 elbows.

The main event was the 6 man from Nitro.

DQ Count: Fuck

Announced card for Road Wild

Hulk Hogan vs Kevin Nash WCW Championship Career vs Career
Randy Savage vs Dennis Rodman
Sting vs Sid
Goldberg vs Rick Steiner
Chris Benoit vs DDP WCW US Championship No DQ
Harlem Heat vs Triad WCW Tag Team Championships
Buff Bagwell vs The Cat
Revolution vs West Texas Rednecks
Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman/Eddie Guerrero vs The Deadpool

WCW Thunder 8/5/99

We see highlights of Nitro's main event and some post show footage after Hogan was powerbombed through a cardboard table.


I wonder what the deal was with Prince being the Cheetah Kid just for that one segment of Eddie making all the luchadors unmask.  He was never on Nitro or Thunder under the gimmick.  Sid runs in and lays both guys out.  And pins both of them.  He ranted after this and proclaimed himself the Millennium Man and will begin taking out as many victims a night as he needs to to match Goldberg's record.


Buff Bagwell vs Scotty Riggs

AMERICAN MALES EXPLOOOOODDDDEEE!!!  I bet Buff had those jealous, lustful eyes.  2 minutes in and I wish Sid would come back out.  Buff won with the Blockbuster.

Harlem Heat hype video.

A clip of DDP on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

Eddie Guerrero vs Kidman

I thought Eddie was a face now.  He's been teaming with and saving Rey, but now he's facing one of Rey best bros.  Vampiro comes out and lays Eddie out.  Kidman dove after Vamp instead of doing a frog splash on Eddie.  Vamp bailed, only for Rey to run behind him and throw him back in the ring.  All 3 men took him out, with Eddie doing the frog splash.

Rad Bork!  On Nitro!

BA/SWOLL vs Lenny and Lodi

It sucked.  Lenny and Lodi did a lot of gay innuendo.  SWOLL pinned Lenny with his one and only move.

Hogan/Nash hype video.

KISS hype.

Bam Bam Big Yellow vs Booker T.

Obviously, DDP ran out and caused a DQ.  David Flair also ran down and gave DDP a can of spray paint.  A yellow diamond was spray painted on Booker's back.  Is that like an Asian pussy or something?  Stevie came out, but was also laid out and spray painted. 

  Randy Savage comes out to talk about Rodman's lustful eyes.  Nash is like this: Brushes dirt off his shoulder.  Rodman is like this: Brushes dirt off other shoulder.  Hollywood is like this: Brushes dirt off his dick.  Gene tries to get Savage to reveal stuff on the hotline.  He implies that he might be behind Sid palling around with Nash.  He's got a bodyguard for George for Road Wild, which is also the driver of the Hummer.  He'll reveal the info on Nitro.


DDP on Hollywood Squares.

Rad Bork on Nitro!!!!

DDP vs Chris Benoit

More YO MAMA jokes.  They're really going to run this match 4 times in a month, before a PPV match.  David came back out, got decked, but threw the title in the ring, which DDP used to block a diving headbutt.  DDP wins.  Whatever.

Public Enemy vs Goldberg

I feel like this is probably punishment for PE jumping to the WWF for a few weeks.  I guess this is actually just Rocco Rock vs Goldberg.  But PE came out announced as PE.  The ref was poked in the eye and somehow missed dudes bringing chairs and tables into the ring right beside him. Goldberg speared them both through a table.  This was obviously taped before Nitro since Goldberg doesn't have the giant knot and stitches on the back of his dome and the NLS have moved on to being Dennis Rodman's bodyguards.


DQ Count: 3 out of 7 matches.

My wrestling spirit is reaching an all time low.