WCW Starrcade 1993


Isn't it crazy that this was built as Flair's last stand...and then he stood for another 15 years? He outlasted Vader as an active competitor. Even better is he wasn't even scheduled to be in the main event at all. He replaced Sid after that stabby incident with Arn Anderson.

EARLIER TODAY. Vader and Harley Racy arrived at the building. Not in a limo, despite being the champ. Of note, Vader arrives to the building wearing his mask and gloves. And a Ribera jacket. He also got a work out in.

TO THE FLAIR HOUSE. Ric Flair leaves his family behind to head to the arena. They all act like this is going to be the last time they ever see him. Mean Gene was there with them and was very serious. Seems like Ric would want to get to the show before it starts. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

2 Cold Scorpio/Marcus Bagwell vs Pretty Wonderful

Teddy Long was presented with a manager of the year award before the match. God, that fat fuck Assassin. When you're too fat to fit a spandex mask over your head, you got a problem. No time is wasted, as Pretty Wonderful attack as soon as they hit the ring. It didn't work out for them.. Please give me a shaky shaky elbow. That's all I really ask for in this match. Buff and Roma officially begin. Buff and Scorp work over Roma's arm. They try the same shit with Orndorff, who will not support that bullshit one bit. Buff eventually ends up as FIP. Fat fuck Assassin headbutts Scorp with a loaded mask to give his team the win. Enjoyable opening tag.

TO THE LIMO. Gene and Ric are still on their way to the arena. It's a very serious talk about this possibly being Flair's last match, at least at this level. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!

Awesome Kong vs Shockmaster

What the fuck. This is a Starrcade match? HOSSES. Thankfully, Typhoon wins in under two minutes with a body slam. And I think he ended up actually wrestling the other Kong.

TO THE BACK. Ric Flair's limo arrives. You can quite clearly hear the director during this entire segment. Gene wishes Flair good luck one last time. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!?

Ricky Steamboat vs Lord Steven Regal WCW TV Championship

Should be good. This was the only good match at Fall Brawl. I hope that's not the case on this show. A lot of stalemate grappling to start. Regal tries to focus on the arm, but Steamboat has so many counters. Regal tries to go after the legs once the counters get too much for him. That doesn't work either. A big European uppercut briefly puts Regal back in control. Steamer chops his way out of that. I hope he beats Sir William's tiny ass. Instead, Mr. Dundee causes a distraction that allows Regal to get in control. Sir William does get knocked on his ass, but Steamboat misses the crossbody. He hits a German suplex as the time limit expires, which means Regal wins. Title retained. All of their matches are basically late 1970s NWA Championship matches condensed to 15 minutes. Which is wonderful, but also frustrating because you want to see these matches go 30-60 minutes. 

Tex Slazenger/Shanghi Pierce vs Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne

Man, FUCK the Godwinns. How did Cactus go from main eventing for the title against Vader to shit like this? Henry and Maxx start. It's not good. Then Mideon and Cactus go at it. It's also not good. What I'm saying is, this match is dog shit. Cactus won with a double arm DDT on Henry. Highlight was probably Foley getting backdropped over the top rope on top of one the Godwinns. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene plugs the hotline before bringing out Kyle Petty, who got a mixed response. You'd think a NASCAR driver at a wrestling show in North Carolina would get a good response, but he didn't.

Steve Austin vs Dustin Rhodes WCW United States Championship 2/3 Falls

These two have feuded over the tag titles and TV championships. This is a step up from both. You'd think a year or two from now, they'd be having a match over the world title, but lolwcw.  It's crazy to think how WCW lost out on both of these dudes. Like...Dustin was the chosen one in WCW, and Austin was one of the biggest stars ever. And WCW got rid of both in favor of Hogan's past their prime buddies. Austin gets sent about 4 rows deep into the crowd. Then he stooges around. Stunning Steve is my fave. Just the way he sells a punch to the face is great. Of course, he gets a cheap shot in the corner because he's a piece of shit. Goldy fires up on Austin. Col. Parker gets up on the apron. Dustin throws Austin into him, but Austin goes over the top rope, which is a DQ. 

Dustin beat up Austin during the rest period. During this period, Austin was busted open on the ring post. The lighting rig goes in and out during the start of fall two. The ring is lit by the spotlight for a while. "It's turned into a dark match, Tony." The lights come back on. Austin steals a win with his hands pulling the tights. Two straight falls. NEW CHAMPION! What a piece of shit. In the past, a DQ on one of the falls would mean a title can't change hands. On this night, I guess that rule doesn't apply. It was fun while it lasted, though.

The Boss vs Rick Rude International World Heavyweight Championship

The Boss is The Big Boss Man in all black. Or Big Bubba. Or Ray Traylor. Or The Guardian. It was such a blatant rip off of WWE intellectual property that there was a lawsuit and Boss Man quickly changed his name and outfit. This should be fun. WCW Rude is GOAT Rude, and Boss Man was still dope in 1993. "...wearing the art work and multiple colors..." The way Buffer ran through that was strange. Rude gives Boss Man THE BUSINESS to start the match. All up in his face. So much shit talking. He also cowers away like a punk. He gets on the offensive after a cheap shot in the corner. "YOU AIN'T SHIT!" Lol. What a dope ass back body drop from Bubber. Rick went out of frame. Boss Man seems to be focusing on the lower back of Rude. Boss Man really dominates most of the match. The Boss Man misses the flying tea bag on the ropes and Rude hits a sunset flip OUTTA NOWHERE to steel the win. Title retained.

Sting/Hawk vs Nasty Boys WCW Tag Team Championships

Missed opportunity to not have Sting/Hawk wearing matching face paint. Or adding spikes to Sting's jacket. Oh, looky there. Fans trying to pay Missy money to strip.  Sags does a great job of trying not to catch Sting at all when Hawk press slammed Sting to the floor. Of course, Hawk takes his shoulder to the post spot, Sags is reckless with a chair, Missy gets involved. Sags does....a cross arm breaker? Wtf? I mean, it looked shitty, but still. Also watch for fat fuck Knobs to try a guillotine legdrop, which looked like it could have broken Sting's leg and head. This match goes on long enough to have TWO FIP sequences. Which...why the fuck does a Nasty Boys match need to be that long? Doomsday Device is hit, Knobs sadly doesn't break his neck on it, then Missy gets her team disqualified. Titles retained. It was a very wonky finish that seemed to go on two minutes past the point it was supposed to have ended.

Vader vs Ric Flair WCW Championship

Championship vs Career

Ten years of Starrcade, in Charlotte, with Ric Flair having recently returned to the ring in WCW, making his possible last stand against the most dominate monster in the game. It's a great story. Of course, Ric starts crying during ring introductions. Breh, you better knock that pussy shit off when you're in the ring with Vader. On paper, this seems like a terrible match for Flair on all fronts. Kayfabe wise...look at them. Real life wise, Flair is not a dude who takes stiff shots. Like, ever. Outside of chops. Flair tries to use the speed advantage and wear Vader out. Vader ain't falling for that shit. Essentially, Vader makes Ric look like a punk for the whole match, with Flair's only offense being chops that do nothing. Then Vader misses a splash and Flair fires up...only to get crushed again. He finally gets a flurry of sustained offense (including a chop to the FACE) that is mostly just punches. That's right, RIC FLAIR punches Vader's dick into the dirt. Weird ass booking. Of course, Flair is cut off again, in what probably should have been the final stretch. Harley's interference backfires. Then Ric wins with a roll up OUTTA NOWHERE after he just got hit with a move.

So...let's get this all clear. Ric Flair beats the shit out of Vader with punches. For probably two minutes, just punching the fuck out of Vader, knocking him down, seeming to bust him open a bit, too. They do two big finishing stretch teases only to have Flair win with a roll up right after being hit with the Vader Attack. Weird. To build and build and then have a surprise finish seems pretty wonky. To have the majority of Flair's offense be striking based instead of using his speed and mat advantage is weird.

TO THE BACK. Vader throws a fit in the locker room, beating up a defenseless locker.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Ric gives a tearful promo with his family. Sting and Ricky Steamboat are there to congratulate him.


Over all, quite an enjoyable show. I have serious issues with the booking and layout of Flair/Vader, but I did enjoy seeing Flair get the shit knocked out of him. Nasty Boys/LOSting went wayyy too long. But Austin/Dustin was fun, opening tag was fun, Regal/Steamboat was fun, and the rest of the bad shit was very short.