WCW Starrcade 12/27/98

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

I'll just give you the gifs.  Triple threats, especially of the cruiser variety, are too fast to write the action down.  Eddie tried to cost Kidman the match, but Kidman ended up rolling Juvi up anyway.  Eddie gets pissed at both Rey and Juvi.  He repeatedly calls Kidman a cream puff, shoves Juvi to the ground and calls him an embarrassment, and then challenges Kidman to a match right now.  That DWEEB.

Eddie Guerrero vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Kidman obliges.  But he wants the match right now, with Eddie not getting a chance to get his gear on.  Eddie goes right to work with a lariatoo, powerbomb, and Flapjack Norton. That's right, Eddie powerbombed Kidman.  Juvi tries to help with an abdominal stretch.  Rey breaks it up.  Kidman makes a short flurry that is cut off by a chop block.  Eddie tries to get Kidman riled up to expend what energy Kidman has left.  Eddie takes his work boot off and drills Kidman in the head with it.  He throws it at Rey, which sadly wasn't really caught by the cameras.  Brainbustaah.  Eddie goes back to the leg.  Rey uses the shoe to get Eddie's hands off the ropes and to boop Juvi.  Eddie does a rope walk rana with one shoe on.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN.  Slingshot leg drop.  Juvi trips Kidman up on the ropes.  Rey throws Eddie off.  SSP for the win.  I'm sure the show will be all down hill from here.  A half hour of four of the best cruisers in the world at the time.  Kidman's SSP was so ugly, though.  Unrelated to the match, but I find it so strange that cruiserweights in wrestling are 215 and under (sometimes 225), yet 205 and up is heavyweight in real fighting.

Norman Smiley vs TAFKATAFKAPI 

What a random bullshit match for the biggest show of the year.  Even worse when you consider that Norman has defeated Prince twice in the last two weeks with ease, including in under a minute on this past Nitro. Oh well, maybe Norman will have a great dance gif.  We get maybe the most intense Big Wiggle of all time that people popped HUGE for.  God, this sucked.  Prince was terrible.  Why are they even having a match when Norman completely dominated him twice in a row?  He beat Prince clean in a minute on Nitro, but now they're having a ten minute match on the biggest show of the year.  And Norman again wins completely clean with the chickenwing. At least he did a lot of wiggles. Including one while sitting.

Scott Hall comes to the ring in an Outsiders shirt.  He says 1998 has not been the best year for him, both in and out of the ring.  He and Nash used to ride up and down the roads and talk about what it would be like to be the main mayne.  He goes on to say he doesn't have to prove anything to the fans or Nash.  1999 will be his year.

Recap of Bam Bam's rampage over the last month and a half.

The Cat vs Saturn

Cat gives the 5 count and gets decked when he turns around.  He slides back into the ring, but doesn't quite make it all the way.  Show has fallen off a cliff already.  This isn't good.  At all.  The best part of the match is Cat's stalling tactics.  Here is the finish: Cat holds Saturn for Sonny to kick him.  Saturn moved and Sonny kicked Cat.  Cat kicked Sonny.  Saturn hits the DVD for the win.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  The other Horsemen have been barred from the building.  He's going to rip eyes, break bones, kick dicks, and so forth.

TO THE BACK.  Steiner and Buff threaten Konnan.  Lex prevented anything from happening. 

Brian Adams/Scott Norton vs Fit Finlay/Jerry Flynn

I think this is the Starrcade equivalent of the WM pre-show battle royal.  No way should Crush and Jerry Flynn be getting a Starrcade match, let alone one booked the night of the show.  Norton pins Flynn with a powerbomb.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Eric Bischoff has cool music.  He wants to set the record straight.  He is saddened by Ric Flair's decision to participate in the match tonight.  In the 104 years that he's been in the ring, Ric has never saved a nickel. I believe that was a shoot.

Chris Jericho vs Konnan WCW TV Championship

Jericho was about to start a promo when Konnan's music video played instead.  Gross.  This show.  Konnan, Crush, Prince.  All on the biggest show of the year.  Disgusting.  Jericho taps out.

Eric Bischoff vs Ric Flair

Flair immediately chases Eric and starts chopping the shit out of him.  Eye gouges, face stretching, knee drop.  Eric completely no sells 2 minutes of leg work to kick Ric in the head.  Flair falls to the floor. He gets rammed into the guard rail.  I'm going to assume he bladed.  Holy shit, Bischoff is legit knocking the shit out of RIC FLAIR at STARRCADE.  Flair is bleeding and bumping for Eric Bischoff.  How ridiculous.  Flair gets tired of it and does a series of low blows, then takes Bischoff's shirt off and starts chopping him.  Ref bump.  Shattered Dreams!  Vertical suplex.  Figure four!  Curt Hennig runs in and gives Eric an international object.  He hits Flair with it.  Your winner, Eric Bischoff.  Nonsense.  It really should have been like Bret vs Vince, but 10 minutes shorter.  Flair should have knocked the shit out of Eric for 8 minutes, bloodied him, and left him for dead.  He definitely shouldn't have been blading and bumping around for Eric Bischoff.  At least when Vince fights back, you can believe that he could knock you on your ass.  Even with Bischoff's kick boxing training, he never looked like he could hurt a kid if he hit them. Not only did Eric Bischoff pin Ric Flair at Starrcade (even with cheating, he still spent a good chunk beating the shit out of Ric, and Ric bladed), but this match had the most hype and promo time in the build to and night of the show. 

The Giant vs DDP

DDP tries for the Kanyon Cutter right away.  He knocks Giant to the floor.  Giant hits a lariatoo while out there.  Giant punches DDP, who just happens to grab a trash can that was sitting in the front row to block it.  Giant then sends him into the ring post and steps.  In the ring, Giant works over the leg.  DDP stupidly tries his "grab a dude by the collar (if he had one) and throw him in the corner" move on the goddamn Giant.  Bear hug spot.  This isn't very interesting.  Powerslam.  Back to the bear hug.  Sunset flip is countered into the chokebreaker.  CZFNW!  DDP hits a big DDT.  Giant throws DDP off the pin, which sends him flying onto the ref.  Bret comes out with a chair.  He accidentally hit Giant.  DDP then low blew him.  Diving lariatooo.  And another.  Giant puts DDP on the top for a chokeslam, but DDP turns it into a Kanyon Cutter in mid air.  BANG!  DDP wins.

Goldberg vs Kevin Nash WCW Championship

They lock up.  No one gets the advantage.  Nash grabs a headlock.  Goldberg can't throw him off, so he suplexes him instead. Doesn't that seem like it would take more strength to do than shoving off a headlock?  Nash goes to the corner and hits a series of elbows and knees.  Goldberg catches a boot and throws Nash down.  Nash counters with a CROSS ARM BREAKER.  KEVIN NASH.  One punch puts Nash on his ass.  Spear!  Nash low blows out of the jackhammer.  Sidewalk slam.  Flying balls to the back.  Nash works over the kidneys.  Short arm lariatoo.  Goldberg counters with the spinning neckbreaker.  Superkick.  Powerslam.  Spinning kick thing.  Disco runs out and gets handily handled.  Bam Bam also runs in.  He also is disposed of.  Scott Hall uses a cattle prod on Goldberg.  Nash hits the jackknife.  New champion!  The streak is over!

This show was...not good.  No where near as bad as WW3, though.  Goldberg/Nash was the best non-cruiser match on the show, which I guess doesn't really say a whole lot.  I have no problem with the match or the finish.  Goldberg had to lose sometime, and it took 3 dudes in a row interfering to put him down.  I get the theory of it all.  Goldberg is cheated out of his title, the nWo reforms, and Goldberg has to start the chase all over again.  That makes sense and is a tried and tested booking strategy.  But having Nash lay down to Hogan a few days later and then have zero resolution to the angle was a huge mistake and retroactively makes the finish bad.

Everything about Flair/Bischoff was stupid, especially considering they just redo the whole thing the next night on Nitro anyway. For the biggest show of the year, they really shit the bed.