nWo Souled Out 1997

The nWo rolls into the show on garbage trucks in the snow. Too sweet me, bro. This goes on for a good 3 minutes before the show starts.  Being that this is an nWo show, Eric Bischoff and Ted Dibiase helm the announcing duties, and the set is very New Japan style. 

Chris Jericho vs Masahiro Chono

It's about 10 minutes into the show before any action happens. Jericho gets no music and instead, the announcer makes fun of him the whole way out. Some WCW representatives are in the crowd for this. CRASHING THE SHOW. As a match, there isn't much going on, and the crowd isn't interested at all. Likely due to WCW not really educating the audience on who Chono is. Just reminding everyone that Bischoff is garbage at play by play and color. Chono focuses on the knee of Jericho. They're trying to work a Japanese style match, but it is very flat in front of the Iowa crowd. Very, very flat. Chono gets a table out. Jericho goes through it and Chono wins with a Yakuza kick. 

Bischoff shows some sent in photos for Miss nWo. Then some asshole interviews women on motorcycles.

Hugh Morrus vs Big Bubber

This is a PPV match. WCW basically had access to the biggest stars in the world outside of Bret, Taker, Austin, and HBK, and this is what they put on PPV. This is apparently a Mexican death match. An unannounced death match with zero hype or storyline. Makes sense. Bubber lost like five times, Nick Patrick's slow counting kept him in the match. Hugh attempts "moonsault" from the steps of the stage. Bubber then takes a bike and tries to run Hugh over. And then he does. Lol. This is ridiculous. Bubber wins. Someone just got ran down by a motor vehicle and no one seems worried about it.

This douche bag talks to the biker chicks again. He has to be some shitty morning zoo DJ. He offers to pay one of them $1.50 for sex. There are women dancing in silhouette and a live band. Ted and Eric are sitting on boxes, so you know they're super cool. They don't even use chairs! 

Jeff Jarrett vs M. Wallstreet

What the fuck. They have a bland as fuck match that goes on FOREVER. Debra convinces Mongo to help Jeff win the match.  Arn Anderson was not impressed at all and neither was I. 

More of this shit head talking to biker chicks. 

Scotty Riggs vs Buff Bagwell

Riggs attacks before the bell. Because he's actually a heel. There is a terrible fish eye camera that they cut to from time to time. It basically looks like someone on the apron is Periscoping the match. These American Males are EXPLODING. Buff is pretty FnP as a stoogy asshole, at least. Riggs is Riggs. That camera shot is literally making me queasy. They've cut to it more in this match than the rest combined so far. I rescind my Periscoping comment. It instead looks like someone stuck a webcam from 1997 on a boom mic and called it a day. It's terrible. Buff hit a pretty solid powerbomb. I don't think I ever saw him do one before or after. The live crowd gets treated to Buff's jock strap. This is SO BORING. Fuck. This whole show has been pretty shitty. It's really easy to see why there was never another nWo only PPV. I've had to stop listening to commentary and switch to music because I can't take anymore of Ted and Eric. They're garbage. Buff wins with the debuting Blockbuster. Fuck this show.

More of this radio show cunt. He's better than Bubba the Love Sponge, I guess. 

DDP vs Scott Norton

DDP brings his cigar to the ring with him. If he's just going to smoke that and not use it as a weapon, he doesn't get wrestling. It's lit. He smoked it in the corner. I love all the shots of the WCW dudes who are bored as fuck. They're just like me! God damn it, this fucking camera. It's garbage. It's giving me a headache. STING is in the crowd! It's a super wide shot, so I'm sure it is fake Sting. Shoulder breaker. Not enough Norton wrecking in this. Plus that shitty camera. Fuck. This show is trash. Buff, Virgil, Bubber, and IRS come out and offer DDP a spot. DDP says he has no issues with Hall and Nash and puts on the shirt. He of course hit Norton with the Kanyon Cutter, fights off the rest of the group, and runs away through the crowd. BANG! Norton wins via count out. 

MORE of this DJ fuck head? Jesus Christ. FUCK. 

Steiner Brothers vs The Outsiders WCW Tag Team Championships

Finally, something that could be pretty solid. The Scotts begin the match. Razor goes for the abdominal stretch spot very early. Steiner turns that into the pump handle slam. Belly to belly. Rick DDTs Nash. Steiners are firmly in control. Hall is able to hit his big moves on both Steiners before taking in Nash, who appears to have some malicious intent tonight. Spinning belly to belly to Nash! I thought I got lucky and they realized the shitty camera angle was shitty. I was wrong. Rick gets blasted with a big boot from Nash and then a lariat from Hall on the floor. Hall hits another big one in the ring. Outsiders are in firm control of Rick. Hot tag to Scott. Steinerlines everywhere. T-bone to Nash. I'll give Nash his due, he worked hard his first year or so in WCW. Dude got the shit knocked out of him a lot more in WCW than he ever did in the WWF. Ref bump. Hall hits the Outsider's Edge. Rick hits the bulldog on him. Randy Anderson runs out of the crowd and counts the pin. New champions! This is the first enjoyable match on the show, nearly 2 hours in. 

Syxx vs Eddie Guerrero WCW US Championship Ladder Match

This is WCW's first ladder match. Knowing all of the future ladder matches that were terrible, I'm not sure what to expect from this. I do remember thinking this wasn't as a good match at all, but my opinion might change watching it with fresh eyes. Eddie is in control early, with a headscissors and cross body to the floor. Bronco Buster! Syxx/Kid/X-Pac was such a cunt. I'm sure that suplex to the floor fucking hurt. That tope con hilo probably hurt, too. Syxx is the first to get the ladder. Flapjack Norton on the ladder also had to hurt, since Eddie went knees first into it. As a ladder match, this doesn't really have the story or psychology of the Razor/HBK match, or the bumps of the TLC era matches. It's somewhere in between and not super engaging. Both grab the title at the same time. They fight over it atop the ladder. Eddie ends up with the belt. Title retained. I feel like my original opinion on this match stands. It didn't have the story or the bumps. Eddie celebrates with the other WCW guys in the crowd.

More Miss nWo shit. Half of these women have mullets. A middle aged woman wins and Bischoff makes out with her. 

The Giant vs Hollywood Hogan WCW Championship

Members of the Dallas Cowboys accompany Hogan to the ring. And Virgil. He seems a little out of place. Hulk out wits Giant in the early goings of this match. Man, I hope he dominates this match just for lols. And it appears that might be the case. Amazing. Hogan as a heel in 1997 is just as dominant as the top face in 1995-1996. He's more dominant as a the top heel than he was as the top face from 1984-1992, because at least he sold like death during his prime Hulkamania years. Giant misses a top rope elbow, which is probably going to be the only impressive thing in this match. Hulk even gets to slam Giant in this. However, Giant got to completely no sell the leg drop, so I guess it's even. Chokeslam! Of course, Nick Patrick (the ref for EVERY match on the show), won't count to three. Giant Chokeslams him. Buff runs in and gets chokeslammed. Eric Bischoff shows up with a guitar. Virgil and IRS get chokeslams. So does Bubber. And Syxx. Hulk has to hit Giant like five times before the guitar breaks. He also breaks a wooden chair over Giant's back just for fun. Spraypaint. Of COURSE the main event ends in a DQ on this shit show.

What a shit show. The only decent match was the Steiners vs Outsiders. Everything else was boring as shit. The Japanese style production initially seemed cool until the shitty webcam popped up constantly. Horrendous commentary all night. Bad matches. Nick Patrick as the only ref all night. Everything about the Miss nWo shit. It's a garbage show. This show killed the nWo as a separate brand.  This was the Booker vs Buff on Raw match for the nWo.  I think the first rumbles of a second prime time show for WCW came around this time as a nWo spin off show. This shit show killed any of those plans. And eventually, we got the wonderful garbage that is Thunder out of it.