WWF The Main Event 2/5/88

Rapid fire promos from Macho, HTM, Andre/Ted, and Hulk. 


The time has finally come for the biggest rematch in history: Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant II! On national TV! Live from Indianapolis, Indiana! Days before little Stro came into the world not far from Indianapolis. It was written in the stars. The Main Event was a special spin off of Saturday Night's Main Event, airing on Fridays. There were only 5 editions, with the last 2 being aired on tape delay.

I loved that shit hole Market Square Arena. Spent many a night there at various events. The crowd is hot as  FUCK. Jesse Ventura doesn't care about these Hoosier Losers, and predicts Andre The Giant will walk out of Indianapolis as the new WWF Champion.

TO THE GYM. HULK HOGAN TRAINING MONTAGE, BROTHERJACKDUDE! Interestingly, the music used would eventually be Jake Robert's theme. To go with the weirdly ominous music, it ends with Hulk laughing manically while flexing in an dimly lit gym.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene is with Jimmy Hart and the Honky Tonk Man. HTM is going to steal Liz, or some shit. 

Elsewhere, he got some words with Randy and Liz. The audio is all fucked for this, as HTM's music keeps playing over the promo, at seemingly random volume spikes. Macho looks like he's about to POP. The coke on this show is already out of this world.


Randy Savage vs Honky Tonk Man WWF Intercontinental Championship

Before the match even starts, Jimmy distracts Macho so HTM can shake his hips at Liz. Jimmy spends most of the match trying to interfere, and HTM spends most of the match cheating and jiggling his dick towards Liz. HTM's focus is mostly on the mid section, but eventually Jimmy and Peggy Sue go after Liz, which causes Macho to freak out freak out and post HTM, causing a count out. After the match, HTM tried to hit Liz with the guitar, but Macho blocked it and broke it. Macho then held the ropes open for Liz for I believe the first time.


Andre/Hogan at WM is covered, with Andre's three count early in the match being discussed. Then we're shown footage of Andre choking Hulk out at the last SNME, and then attacking him again at the Royal Rumble. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Andre, Virgil, and Ted are very confident about getting this title off of Hogan. Hulk has been ducking Andre for a year, and his time is finally up. "You're account is over drawn, Hogan, and Andre's gonna close it." 

TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE. Andre never beat Hogan at Wrestlemania 3, dude. Hulk has invested his three assets wisely, brother.

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant WWF Championship

Hulk is wearing a really weird version of the title, one that is definitely different form the one he wore during his promo. It kind of like if you mashed the classic golden eagle design with the Attitude Era design. Hulk definitely isn't ducking anymore, as he's all fired up to start this match, and actually jump starts it by attacking Andre, Virgil, and Ted. He's actually got Andre rocked already. Hulk pounds away with everything he can throw at Andre, but Andre won't go down. Hulk then decides to go up top, where Andre catches him with a press slam. That's right, Hulk Hogan doing Ric Flair spots against Andre The Giant. As bad as Andre looked at WM 3, his lack of mobility has worsened, and it's pretty obvious as he spends most of the match standing against the ropes. He actually fell over doing a big boot, which made it about to Hogan's gut. It's a bummer. All of his offense is chokes or chops, and he also has trouble slamming Hogan. Hulk goes on the ropes again, but this time it works, and Andre does take a bump. It's the only one he took in the match. Virgil had Dave Hebner distracted when Hulk hit the leg drop, so the match continued. Andre hits a terrible suplex and pins Hogan. Hulk has his shoulder very, very clearly up, but Hebner keeps counting. NEW CHAMPION! Andre The Giant has dethroned Hulk Hogan! 


Andre immediately sells the title to Ted DiBiase. NEW CHAMPION! A second Dave Hebner comes out. They argue in the ring. One Dave attacks the other! And then Hulk launches that mother fucker out of the ring, seemingly completely missing Ted, Virgil, and Andre. Fuck you, Earl.


Strike Force vs Hart Foundation was going on, but they cut....

TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE. Hulk is having a conniption fit. "HOW MUCH MONEY DID THEY SPEND ON THE PLASTIC SURGERY, MAN?!?!" Yes, instead of going with the logical idea that Dave Hebner had a twin brother that Ted DiBiase paid off, Hulk thinks Ted found a random guy and paid for plastic surgery to make him look like Dave Hebner so he could take Dave's place as the ref and screw Hulk over. That cocaine paranoia. 

The show went off the air before the tag match really got started.

This was obviously all about Hogan/Andre, and while the match was quite poor due to Andre's almost complete lack of mobility, the finish was so wacky and Hogan's reaction was so hilarious that it is hard to hate. The idea that Hogan's reaction would be that Ted paid someone off to get plastic surgery is hilariously stupid and Hogan as fuck, dude. The angle served multiple purposes: It got the title off of Hogan, who was about to take time off to film No Holds Barred. It made Ted DiBiase the top heel in the company. The switch had so much controversy that the title was vacated (Ted defended the title a few times on house shows, but his reign was never officially recognized), setting up the tournament to crown a new champion at WM 4, which would get the title onto fellow face Randy Savage without having to turn he or Hogan, AND set up Wrestlemania 5. It also got Dave Hebner out of the ring and off screen for a backstage role, while allowing Earl Hebner to become the lead official. All in all, quite an important night.

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