WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 11/2/1985


TO THE BACK. Bobby Heenan (as Davy Crockett) practices his "Punkin Dunkin" skills for later on. This cuts straight to Hulk Hogan and Andre cutting a promo on Studd/Bundy. Elsewhere, Jesse "The Peacock" Ventura speaks with Super Roddy Piper. Elsewhere elsewhere, Gene speaks with Terry Funk, who spits at the camera.


Not only are the wrestlers dressed up, but so are the fans. Clips of Terry Funk attacking a ring attendant at a local event and then Funk vs JYD from MSG were shown.

Junkyard Dog vs Terry Funk

Some classic Funk over selling here. I wish the wrestling was better during this period. The early days of expansion WWF are so weird. Such a strange blend of cartoony gimmicks and adult humor, gritty production, and violence. But the wrestling was just no bueno. JYD slams Funk over the top rope. In any other company, that would have been a DQ. JYD continues with the slams and then Jimmy Hart gets involved, only for it to end up with Funk taking a back drop on the floor. Texas Jabs OUTTA NOWHERE. Look at that slow ass count from the ref. Slow as shit. Clear favoritism for the face. Funk gets the win after using the Megaphone while the ref and JYD were distracted by Hart. After the match, Funk tries to brand JYD. JYD fights him off. Jimmy Hart ends up getting his pants ripped off and his ass branded.

TO THE PIE EATING CONTEST. Competition one between the heels and the faces. Here, we'll have King Kong Bundy vs Capt. Lou Albano. Everyone is in costume, the best most definitely being Sheik and Volkoff as Batman and Robin. Lou wins!

TO THE PIPER'S PIT. At the last SNME, Piper ruined Uncle Elmer's wedding. The hillbillies are given a chance to confront Piper. Piper tries to lay the blame on Jesse Ventura. The Hillbillies call Jesse out, and he comes right down to the ring to say what he said right to Elmer's face. He ain't backing down on NOTHIN'. Piper and Orton trip Junior. Then they bail the fuck out, leaving Jesse in the ring by himself. 

TO THE PUNKIN DUNK. Bobby Heenan vs Junior. JYD is there as a mummy. Macho man is HYPED for this. LOL Brain just grabbing shit with his hands. Bobby wins! 

Andre The Giant/Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy/Big John Studd

"This is gonna be something." Well, that is correct, Vince. Hogan wearing all white makes me assume he'll be bleeding, but I doubt it. He starts the match with a pretty dope high knee, but he couldn't slam Bundy. Bundy is just a fat dude. Hulk is taller than him. He just looks like a really fat dude. Terrible look. No muscle tone at all. Just fat. Everywhere. Jiggly fat. Andre tags in and immediately starts cheating, proving that WWE faces have always been shits. Hulk can't slam Bundy, but he can back suplex Studd. Andre was definitely on his down slope by this time. He accidentally hits a ref and PANDEMONIUM IS BREAKING LOOSE! The match continues with a new ref, which surprises me. That seemed like a perfect spot to have a non-finish. Hogan and Andre make a good team. Andre gets stuck in the ropes in his normal spot, but this time with him on the apron, so his legs are hanging out of the ring. Hogan gets held down and hit with a big splash as the heels beat on Andre. Hulk Hulks Up. BIG BOOT! He got all of that one, Jess! Andre and Hogan win via disqualification.


Randy Savage vs Tito Santana WWF Intercontinental Championship

The pre-match promo had Gene saying how unusual it was for someone in the company for such a short time to get a title shot. It also had him getting caught staring at Liz's ass. Macho's speed is hard for Chico to handle here. Mach gets cocky and pays. The action heads to the floor for a bit. Macho baits Tito so many times. Too smart, too fast. And then they both get counted out. Fans were not pleased. Especially coming off of the other main event being a DQ.

TO THE BACK. Fuji and Steamboat prepare for their kung fu challenge. 

TO RODDY PIPER'S RENTED HOME. This is where Piper gets coked out of his mind and makes prank "treats" because he hates kids as Vince tries to talk to him. As it turns out, the kids tricked him! SWERVE! 

Ricky Steamboat vs Mr. Fuji Kung Fu Challenge

This...sucks. Steamboat sells WAY too much for Fuji. In fact, Fuji controls most of the match, which is ridiculous. Steamboat wins with a missile dropkick. After the match, Don Muraco gives him the MUTA MIST!

TO THE PUMPKIN PASS. The faces win! The heels blame Liz, who probably is about to get beaten. 

It was definitely a Halloween show.