WCW Slamboree 2000

TO THE BACK. The Millionare's Club exits their giant tour bus. BUT WHO WAS BUS?!?!  Elsewhere, the New Blood are watching in the locker room.

TAFKAPI vs Chris Candido WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Mark Madden believes that cruiserweight action and hot tramps are pro wrestling. Tony calls Skip, "Kanyon" in the opening seconds. I don't know what Sunny is wearing. It's like her underwear is made up of Ace bandages that you can see.  We're talking about how great of a bumper Skip is. What. This is the PPV where the old school ramp all the way to the ring returned. It gets some action already. Sunny keeps shrieking. It's terrible. It's like Fonzy with the whistle. I would say this is not interesting at all. Prince nearly won with a botched top rope school boy.  A loud "YOU SUCK" chant breaks out. Cat fight. Sunny ends up waffling Prince with a chair. Skip wins. Title retained. WAIT NO PRINCE KICKED OUT! Lol. Music started, Sunny got in the ring. Nvm, restart the match. Skip then wins with a piledriver and diving headbutt. Title retained. Again. What a mess. Cat fight after the match. Sunny gets her dress pulled off, revealing ace bandage colored bloomers. 


TO THE BACK. Terry Funk looks for Norman Smiley. He finds him in the bathroom. Same shit, different toilet. 

Terry Funk vs Norman Smiley/Mystery Partner WCW Hardcore Championship

Norman SWERVED Funk in the bathroom! Mystery Partner doesn't know how to use a trash can. Norman is dominating old ass Terry Funk. Oh no, Gene's interview set got destroyed! What's he going to do now? Mystery partner's box throwing game is on fleek. All these chair shots are rough. Tony is getting very frustrated over Mystery Partner just standing around and not attacking Funk. Mike Graham's laptop got broken. Fucking looooool at Nick Patrick casually giving Funk a chair. Way to be impartial, Nick. I thought you were over that kind of shit. Mystery Partner's catcher's helmet falls off. MY GOD, IT'S RALPHUS! RALPHUS HAS RETURNED TO THE IMPACT ZONE! This is some ugly and mean spirited shit. Ralphus is obviously a down on his luck, middle aged man who probably isn't very intelligent. The constant attacks on his appearance are just kind of sad. Then Ralphus gets a little too aggressive with his Big Wiggle and Funk blasts the fuck out of him with a chair. And then Terry pins Norman with a roll up. Title retained. This is a great match if you want to see how Terry Funk would handle having a train ran on him.


TO THE BACK. David Arquette arrives in a limo. Mean Gene pops up to basically emasculate him because his wife makes a lot of money. Dave has his own money, Gene. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?

Shawn Stasiak vs Curt Hennig

Perfect sure takes his time making it to the ring. Curt also appears to be wearing two singlets for some reason. Maybe it's a brace of some kind. HOLD THE PHONE. The MIA are sitting at ringside. This match is ass. Meat does have a pretty solid flying clothesline, though. Perfect hurts his back on the stage. The ring sounds weirdly hollow. LOL at the random fan plugging DDP's book during a sleeper spot. Amazing. The second flying clothesline misses. Perfect hits some nasty chops. It's pretty surprising how into this the crowd is considering it is with broken down Perfect and Meat. Mean wins clean with the Perfect Plex. 

TO THE BACK. Scott Steiner does NOT want Russo to touch him again. Russo says the NB is 2-0. Wait. The first match was between two NB members and Terry Funk won his match, and Stasiak won his match. So it's really like...1 win over the MC. 

Hugh Morrus vs Scott Steiner WCW US Championship

Hugh cuts a promo revoking his slave name and wants to be known by  his real name: Hugh G. Rection. Tony and Mark basically say Steiner has worked himself into a shoot and can no longer separate what's real and what isn't. Scott Steiner is a truly terrifying specimen. The ladies distract Hugh. Well, I guess that makes sense considering his real name is Huge Erection. They get involved again when Hugh is going for the moonsault. This ref is the most ginger ginger ref I've ever seen in my life. Almost comical. Scott just starts throwing suplexes and chasing the ref around. One of them sounded like it broke the ring. Boner gets back into it after Scott ran into his boots only to get clotheslined in the face. Kind of a tiger bomb. I mean, Hugh is fat. Owen Driver! Oh no. That looked rough. What looked even worse was when Scott rolled the wrong way to avoid the moonsault and Hugh's feet/knees just CRUSHED his head. "Whatever, I was looking at their hooters, quite frankly." Scott wins with the Steiner Recliner. Title retained. He won't release it, so the MIA jump the rail and are immediately swarmed by R&B Security. However, they missed Booker T. What is this music? Smooth R&B kind of stuff. Baby making music.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Kanyon! Kanyon backed DDP because DDP is like a brother to him and that's more important than money. 

Mike Awesome vs Chris Kanyon

Well, this is awkward. I don't know how many matches there are where both guys ended up committing suicide. A fight or something breaks out in the crowd. This quickly heads to the floor. What is that against the ring post? A smoke tube? A rope of bullets? Is there going to be a lot of smoke tonight? Is Warrior coming back?! Man, imagine the shooty nonsense between Warrior and Russo. That'd be incredible. I guess DQs aren't really a thing anymore, since Awesome is using a chair liberally right in front of the ginger ref. WATER BOTTLE TO THE HEAD! 2xtreme4me. Madden confuses himself arguing over Mike Awesome being the best powerbomber. First he says Mike is the best. Then they bring up Nash and he says he was thinking it might be Nash. Then, after the conversation had moved on, he repeated the lines about Awesome being the best again. It was awkward. Madden is truly terrible. He also might be the most obvious, "SAY THIS LINE" type of guy I've ever heard. Basically, Awesome mostly dominates and is reckless as fuck. Good Christ, what a disgusting powerbomb. Just awful. Awesome twice attempts an Awesome Bomb to the floor. Suddenly, KEVIN NASH! The ref seems not to care about a DQ until a group of New Blooders hit the ring as well. They all beat down Nash until Flair and Sting run out. Then security shows up. The Millionaires Club stands tall! Lol, Kanyon is just a little out of place with Nash, Sting, and Flair. But they went out to his music, with hand shakes and hugs for all. That powerbomb was brutal, though. 

TO THE BACK. Russo gives Liz a lot of shit over her dress that looks like a tablecloth. He's not wrong. 

Buff Bagwell vs The Total Package

LOL at Madden clearly getting fed a line about how personal rivalries being built up are more important than the titles anyway. He could not be more obvious when repeating fed lines. I wonder how much food these guys had to eat to keep that mass. Seems like you'd have to be eating all day. Which sounds incredible if you didn't also have to work out all day. This crowd is pretty hot. Just excited to be there. I wonder what Lex's favorite meal was. He strikes me as a plain grilled chicken kind of guy.    

TO THE BACK. Liz knocks Russo out of his chair and whacks him with a bat. Lol. *Thud* "BITCH". 

Liz heads out to the ring. She tries to hit Buff with the bat. Buff takes it and uses it on Lex. No DQ for that. Then she hits Buff while he's on the ropes for the Blockbuster. Torture Rack for the win. Chuck Palumbo attacks Lex after the match. "It's like he's trying to be a copy of the Total Package!" Very perceptive, Mark. Buff re-kidnaps Liz.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Shane Douglas renames himself officially as The Franchise and shits on Ric Flair. 

Ric Flair vs Shane Douglas

Flair wrestles in his casual Friday gear, which is a black t-shirt and black slacks. Lol, Flair calls Shane a dipshit on the mic and then says he's going to kick Shane's ECW ass, PAL. Tony talks about arguing with a fan online recently. Do you think it was a fuccboi in Philly? They have a pretty quick brawl that didn't have nearly as much hatred as you'd expect. Shane almost won with the figure four. The hate picked up. Lots of dick based offense. Things picked up again when it headed to the floor and they started laying it in. Shane hit a super stiff suplex back in the ring. Shane uses his chain right in front of the ref, who doesn't care, but still tries to hide it anyway. Three Amigos! Russo, dressed as Sting, hits Flair with a bat. Shane wins. This was actually pretty enjoyable considering Flair was in street clothes and Shane's body barely worked. Wait. Russo comes out. Statue Of Liberty to the head! MY GOD, THAT'S DAVID FLAIR! SWERVE! Russo gets 5 minutes with Flair. About 30 seconds in, Kevin Nash strolls out. Before he can jackknife Russo, Daffney hits him in the balls.


Sting vs Vampiro

This match starts near the entrance. Sting gets in the ring with a missile dropkick and then hits the floor with a top rope plancha. Sting ain't playing tonight. It's showtime, as they say. Sting dominates until a low blow. I believe every match has had a blatant low blow so far. Vamp brings his pipe into the ring. Again, refs don't care unless like 15 dudes hit the ring. Under 5 run ins and weapons are okay, though. After a lot of pipe offense, things go back to the ramp, then back to the pipe. Come on. At least make something a no DQ match officially or something. Awful superbomb from Sting. Now he's got da pipe. Scorpion Death Drop. Another. Sting wins! "Neither man will allow themselves to be defeated. EVER!" Uh. Vamp just got pinned in the center of the ring, Mark. 


TO THE TENAY. Mike speaks with DDP and David Arquette. DDP tells David to stay out of Double J's way. And not to win the match if he gets the chance. 

TO THE BACK. Kevin Nash stalks around looking for Russo.

TO THE TENAY. Kidman, Bischoff, and their respective ladies are the guests. Kidman begs Tenay to stop kissing Hogan's ass. Man, Bischoff and Tenay are significantly bigger than kidman. 

Billy Kidman vs Hulk Hogan Special Guest Referee: Eric Bischoff

Real Ass Terry Bollea. FUNB. Horace accompanies Hulk. Bischoff sends him to the back. Is, "unanxious" really a word? The first spot of the match is botched. Kidman is literally half the size of Hogan. Two Kidmans together might be as wide and thick as Hogan. I'll give Hogan credit: He's at least trying to take all the rolly and flippy moves. Torrie is used as a human shield. Numerous flea market references. Hulk gets the weight belt out. Bischoff takes it after he used it a few times, then threatened to DQ Hulk if he hit him. So why didn't he just DQ him from the start and give Kidman the win? Hulk gets tired of all this flippy shit and just hip tosses Kidman over the top rope. Fans are ALL OVER Bischoff for not counting pins. Oh shit. Hulk is HULKING UP! Bischoff prevents the leg drop. Hulk decks him. Leg drop! Bischoff also gets hit with a chair. So does Kidman. He's gonna hit Torrie! Oh. Nevermind, he was just getting a table. TWO of them. Hulk gonna do a stacked flaming tables spot. Lol, the first table broke from nothing at all. Kidman hits Hulk with a chair. Bischoff makes a drowsy count. Hulk kicks out, now bloody. Hulk Hogan powerbombs Bischoff through a table! CZFNW! And now another table. Kidman goes back to work with the ball based offense. He misses a Superfly Splash through a table. Horace comes back and forces Bischoff to make the pin. Real Ass Terry Bolea wins.


TO THE BACK. Russo takes Liz to the bus. Lex was in the driver's seat. SWERVE. "Shit. Let's get..shit!" Kevin Nash was watching as Russo stole someone's car and bailed.

TO THE MEAN SLAPASS. "..150 pound turd, David Arquette". 

Jeff Jarrett vs DDP vs David Arquette WCW Championship Ready To Rumble Cage Match

"GO BACK TO VEGAS, BUFFER!" The cage's entrance is about as long as a standard Undertaker intro. Arquette's dubbed theme is so bad. Even weirder is that the "We're Not Gonna Take It" cover he actually used was used in the video package right before this. Jeff keeps going after David. That's kind of dumb. David has been forbidden to win the match. DDP is the one Jeff needs to take out . Just a lot of generic and mindless brawling on level one, with Arquette getting wiped out for not staying out of the way. JJ gets busted open. The match finally heads to cage two, which is dubbed "hardcore hell". It's a bunch of trash cans, chairs, a table, and a kitchen sink. One of the walls gives way. They're gonna die! I guess it is a good thing the floor/roof goes out like 5 feet past the wall anyway. Even as a spectacle, this isn't good. Probably the worst match of the night, which is crazy considering some of the guys in other matches. Dave heads up to the top cage. Suddenly, Mike Awesome is on the cage, fighting with DDP. Kanyon Cutter on the roof! Kind of. More like a neck breaker. Do people really think guitars are supposed to explode like that? Do people even realize how hard it is to CRACK a guitar? Wait. My god. David Arquette just blasted DDP with a guitar! SWERVE! Jeff Jarrett grabs the title. New champion! "It's the ULTIMATE SWERVE, 42 feet in the air!" Mike Awesome attempts to murder DDP. Instead, Kanyon makes the save. Awesome then throws Kanyon off the cage and onto the ramp. Kanyon is dead! My god. WE CAN'T END LIKE THIS!


What an offensive end to the show. It was about a year ago in the same building that Owen fell to his death, so of course WCW ends their PPV with a guy falling the top of a cage and being motionless in a contorted pose. Russo claiming he had no idea is such horseshit. But anyway, I think the last 2 years of watching bland as fuck WWE and awful indie shit has given me a new appreciation for this. It wasn't bad at all. Fans were hot and excited to be there, nothing was too bad besides the main event, actual production values, a couple of fun matches. How weird. It's probably the overall most decent and well booked PPV of the Russo/Bischoff era.

WCW Slamboree 5/9/99

Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit vs Raven/Saturn vs Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman WCW Tag Team Championships

Maybe not the best idea to start the show off with what will clearly be the best match on the show.  Kidman and Saturn start by double teaming Dean.  I guess 3 men will be in the ring at all times.  Both Horsemen are sent to the floor and Kidman walks into a Saturn lariat.  Belly to belly to the floor.  Gross.  That's a spot in pretty much every Saturn/Kidman match and Kidman always lands so rough.  He gets back in the ring and takes a German suplex/dropkick combo.  Rey, Raven, and Benoit are now in.  Rey does a rana and slingshot leg drop to Benoit.  Raven tries to steal a pin.  He sends Rey into the corner and Benoit/Kidman take Raven out.  BK Bomb.  Kidman kind of misses a Superfly splash.  I don't know what happened.  Gourdbuster/frog splash combo to Benoit.  Rey is popped up to the top rope, only to land on his feet and do a moonsault.  Saturn and Raven are the only ones left in the ring.  Saturn does an awkward pescado that mostly missed everyone.  Diving headbutt on Raven.  Horsemen are in clear control, keeping Saturn in the ring, and keeping everyone else out.  Double Flapjack Norton to Rey.  Saturn wipes out Kidman with a super kick.  He then puts Kidman on the ropes and does a springboard clothesline, sending both to the floor.  Benoit does the same thing.  Rolling Reich to Saturn.  Flapjack Norton to Kidman.  Saturn knocks Benoit off the apron, only for Dean to send him to the floor right after.  He spits at Rey and Benoit beats the shit out of Saturn on the floor.  DEAN, YOU CAN POWERBOMB KIDMAN!  Dragon suplex to Kidman.  Rey breaks the pin, but the Horsemen are dominating.  Raven gets a tag and does the Three Amigos to Benoit.  Double lariatoo to Benoit.  Rey comes in.  Rana to Saturn.  Gargoyle suplex to Benoit.  Kidman with a flying lariatoo to Benoit, and Rey with a diving rana to Saturn.  Dean again tries to powerbomb Kidman, which Kidman counters into a sunset flip.  Pop up super rana from the champs. Saturn breaks the pin.  They try it to Saturn, who turns it into a sit out superbomb.  YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN!  I can forgive Saturn for thinking it was possible since Dean did it earlier.  Spinebuster to Saturn!  Someone with a Sting mask and DDP shirt trips Kidman while he's on the ropes.  Dean has Saturn in the Cloverleaf.  Raven does a hanging Evenflow.  The ref makes the pin.  New champions!  The fan was Kanyon! BANG! 

Konnan vs Stevie Ray


Nah.  Rey came out and took out the B Team, then cost Stevie the match. THEN ran out of the ring RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF, who didn't seem to care that a 10 year old in bib overalls had been in the ring. 

TO THE BACK.  DDP and Bam Bam have some kind of covert conversation.

Brian Knobs vs Bam Bam Bigelow King of Hardcore


This is now also a falls count anywhere match.  Well, it is a hardcore match.  Doesn't that kind of come with the territory?  Neither guy has entrance music.  Bam Bam might be the worst dude ever at throwing weapons in the ring.  Over 50% bounced off the ropes and back to the floor.  Really generic match of trash cans and cookie sheets.  I see no reason why Knobs was brought back in for this stuff.  They should have just stolen another dude from ECW.  Knobs is the worst and, more importantly, is a straight up dangerous and unsafe worker who looks like he intentionally tries to injure people every time he's in the ring.  They're running the TWA Dome and this match showed that only half of the arena was being used.  They used 75% of the arena for Nitro at the end of 1998.  Knobs tries to jump from the top of the merch stand.  Instead of landing on the table, he over shot and still landed on Bam Bam, who had moved from the table.  I assume that was supposed to be the finish because Bam Bam suplexed Knobs through the table right after and got the pin.

Rick Steiner vs Booker T. WCW TV Championship

Still not sure why Rick is so mad at Book.  It bums me out that Booker is in the same spot he was at this time last year.  No upward movement. It seemed like he was getting moved up, since he beat Bret Hart, but then they panicked when Hall got hurt and threw the TV Championship back to him.  A few Steinerlines and a belly to belly frustrate Book.  He comes back with a spin kick.  Side elbow takes Rick down and he slows it down with a chin lock.  Another kick.  Stun gun from Rick.  He sends Book to the floor.  Book is sent into a few guard rails.  Release German suplex.  This opens up Rick to be a complete dick head for a while.  Book comes back with a suplex, but it didn't matter.  Side slam.  Missile dropkick!  Scott Steiner ran in.  Booker knocked him off the apron.  Steinerline.  Book kicked out.  He then sends Rick into Scott and does a Harlem side kick.  Rick kicks out.  Scott trips Book up.  Top rope bulldog.  New champion!

TO THE BACK. Rick looks for Scott.  Buff confronts him about it.  He tells Buff to watch out for Scott and good luck later tonight.

Gorgeous George vs Charles Robinson

If George wins, Randy Savage is reinstated.  He already was reinstated by Piper, and then that decision stood, because he was booked in a match even after Piper was fired and this match was made.  It makes no sense at all.  Charles Robinson has his own Flair robe, a Flair hair cut and dye job, and even has his fingers taped the same.  Ric makes it clear he's always wanted to fuck Madusa.  Charles Robinson's body looks like late 90s Giant Baba, but shrunk down to fun size.  After a lot of stalling, George locks on a full arm drag and twist and then a hammerlock.  Robinson reverses it.  She reverses the reversal.  Full nelson.  Snapmare.  The Nature Boys get bumped into each other.  Flair and Savage have a face off.  Molly Holly and Robinson fight over a chair, so he attacks her and slams her.  He then gets into a fight with Brady Boon.  I like that Robinson wrestles as if George were a dude, but because he's so small and unintimidating, there is nothing weird or awkward about it.  He's barely bigger than her.  Lol, he does the Flair Flip better than Flair had done it since the 80s.  He takes the press slam from the top, a lariatooo, and then does the Flair Flop.  Asya tries to hurt George's knee.  Madusa kicks her in the head.  Robinson then goes to work on the knee in the ring.  Knee breaker.  Figure four! She reverses it.  Flair breaks it up.  Savage knocks him out of the ring and low blows Robinson.  George drops an elbow from the second rope.  Randy Savage is reinstated!  George sells her leg after the match better than anyone on the show so far. 

Scott Steiner vs Buff Bagwell WCW US Championship

Super awkward video package before the match.  It was literally just cutting back and forth from promos with no music or reason for edits.  Buff starts and is on fire!  Well, until he gets hit in the stuff.  Twice.  Reverse Oklahoma stampede.  Buff is thrown to the floor and thrown into everything you can be thrown into while out there.  Tree of Keanu neck wrench.  Scott spends the next few minutes beating the hell out of Buff.  Spinning belly to belly.  Scott gets a chair, but Buff knocks it back in his face and goes on the offense.  Scott pulls the ref in front of a lariatoo.  Buff picks up the chair.  Rick Steiner comes out and convinces him to go up top for the Blockbuster.  He then hits Buff with it.  SWERVE!  Steiner Recliner for the win.  The Steiner Brothers have reunited!

Goldberg hype video.

Nash/DDP/Goldberg/Sting promo.

Roddy Piper vs Ric Flair Winner Gets Control of WCW


This is probably going to be pretty awful.  Flair fires Johnny Boon and brings Charles Robinson in as the ref.  Flair threatens to fire Piper.  Piper was fired three weeks ago.  Piper slaps him in the face and the match is on.  Flair bails after a back drop.  Terrible punch combo.  Two old, flabby guys in their underwear having a terrible wrestling match. Flair's fortunes turn around after a low blow, to which Robinson responds, "What's the matter?  Your stomach hurt?".  That was the highlight so far.  Asya comes in and hits a low blow.  At least Hogan and Savage had the decency to stay in shape when they were hanging around way past their primes.  Piper looks in worse shape every time he shows up.  This sucks.  I legitimately never want to see Roddy Piper again.  I don't even want to watch stuff from his prime.  Piper does a sunset flip.  He holds on to Flair's tights, so fans get to see his ass again. This time, though, Piper holds on and Flair runs around the ring with Piper hanging on to his tights with his ass hanging out.  Piper locks on a figure four.  Arn breaks it.  Sleeper on Arn.  Sleeper on Flair.  Asya beaks it up.  Piper forces himself on her and puts her in a sleeper.  That's bullshit.  Asya would rip him apart.  Robinson breaks it and gets decked.  Flair gets an international object out.  He decks Piper with and is still in control of WCW.  This brings Eric Bischoff out.  He says he's screwed a lot of things up, but he's not screwing this up.  He claims Piper won and Flair can bite him.  Piper and Bischoff have an awkward hug.  Piper fires Flair.  No idea how Bischoff has the power to reverse the decision, since he has zero power story wise. 

Goldberg vs Sting

The very first move is a botch.  It was a powerslam that Sting slipped out of, and then slipped on the mat.  So they try the spot again.  A lariatoo sends Goldberg to the floor.  Goldberg blocks a hip toss, does a fireman carry, and slaps on an arm bar.  Sting drop kicks the already injured knee.  Boston crab.  Goldberg powers out.  Sting then locks on a chin lock.  Vertical suplex.  Goldberg no sells and hits a front chancery suplex and power neck breaker.  Goldberg misses a spear in the corner.  Flying lariatoo from Sting.  Stinger splash.  Another.  The 3rd one was counted into a spear.  BRET HART comes out, throws the ref out, and beats Goldberg with a chair.  Match is thrown out.  Then the Steiner Brothers run out and attack Sting.  Their Nitro match last year was so much better.

A bizarrely long wait for Michael Buffer.  To fill time, the announcers start talking about Bret Hart.  Buffer's mic isn't working right and he can only be heard by the live crowd.  At no point did the announcers say anything about the technical difficulties, they just sat in silence while Buffer did his spiel, also in silence.

Kevin Nash vs DDP WCW Championship

DDP goes for the Kanyon Cutter right away, but gets shoved off and knocked to the floor.   DDP out speeds Nash, but Nash catches him with a knee.  DDP bails to the apron, thumbs his nose, and gets knocked off.  Snake eyes on the guard rail.  Nash does all of his moves in the corner.   DDP comes back with punches and elbows of his own.  He keeps trying for 10 count punches, but is shoved off every time.  Low blow.  DDP takes off a turn buckle pad.  He tells the ref about it, which allows him to get a wrench or something on the other side of the ring.  Nash kicked out.  He then pulled DDP into the exposed buckle.  DDP kicked out.  Nash is sent to the floor.  Baseball slide from DDP.  Kanyon Cutter on the floor.  BANG!  Nash kicked out when he was finally rolled back into the ring.  Why wouldn't DDP just leave him out there and win by count out?  DDP wraps Nash's leg around the ring post a few times.  He attempts the figure four, but Nash's shoves him off.  Nash gets up and does snake eyes on the exposed buckle.  Balls to the back.  Nash hits the jackknife.  Randy Savage hits the ring and attacks Nash.  The match is thrown out.  Eric Bischoff comes back out.  He restarts the match and if Ted Turner or Harvey Schiller have a problem with it, they can call him.  DDP does the worst sleeper I've ever seen.  Nash locks on one of his own.  DDP gets out with a jaw breaker.  He grabs a chair and misses Nash.  The chair rebounds off the ropes and hits DDP.  Nash was about to use the chair himself, but DDP did a low blow.  Nash boots the chair back into DDP.  Jackknife.  New champion! 

DQ Count: 1 out of 9 matches.

This show sucked.  It was all down hill after the opener.  All 3 of the main event matches ended in DQ, with two of them being restarted or reversed by Eric Bischoff, who storywise has been completely out of power for 5 months now.  No one should be listening to him about anything.  Piper should have been the one to restart the main event, since he's now the president of WCW, even though he had been fired twice and shouldn't have even been allowed on the show.  Steiner Brothers reuniting as heels is stupid.  Are Goldberg and Sting really going to get into feuds with TV and US Champions?  What's most disappointing is this show actually had quite a bit of build and effort put into it, but none of that effort was there when it came to the show itself.

DDP completely comes off as a loser since he only won and retained the title with Savage (both times) and loses the first time he can't rely on Savage to bail him out.  Also, what was the point of showing him talking to Bam Bam on this show if Bam Bam wasn't going to play a part in the main event?  Why didn't Bischoff restart Sting/Goldberg?  Why was a comedy match featuring two non-wrestlers the second best match on the show?  The Wolfpac is completely dead, right?  That would make the B Team the A Team by default.  Nitro and Thunder were both preempted for the next week, so I hope they got to think about what made this show so shitty in their time off.

WCW Slamboree 5/17/98

The show starts with a recap of Bischoff reading lawyer stuff from Vince.

EARLIER TODAY. Doug Dillinger came out and asked fans if they’d seen Vince McMahon. Lol. 


Chris Benoit vs Fit Finlay WCW TV Championship

This will probably be the highlight of the night, racism be damned. I mean, Hitler was Hitler, but he has such incredible fashion sense. Same thing. I expect this to be stiff and mean. Bridges and chain wrasslin and roll ups and attacking drop toe holds. Just intense grappling. A stiff lariat makes Benoit have to roll to the floor to regain some racist composure. But Finlay follows him out and hits that wacky body slam he had. Benoit gets out of a camel clutch with an electric chair. He makes a chopping come back, but Finlay stops it with an eye poke and chin lock. It goes back to the floor where Benoit uses a chair in front of the ref. Benoit goes for a suicide dive (lol), but Finlay gets that same chair up and whacks Benoit out of the air. Finlay hits another of his body slams for a 2 count. Benoit went up for the diving headbutt, but Booker came out. He stopped to jaw jack. Finlay hit a baseball slide right to the base of the neck. Probably led to the death of some people Benoit knew. Tombstone for the win. Title retained.

Brian Adams vs Lex Luger

Nah. I’m not up for this shit. I’m not sure who Crush injured. Lex had that promo about Scotty/Crush making one of his best friends have to have shoulder surgery, but I really don’t remember anyone besides Buff being injured recently. Lex wins with the Torture Rack. 

TO THE SATURN. It sounds like he’s sick of The Flock and is fine with being out of it now. I believe he’s making the gauntlet match a singles match between he and Goldberg.

15 Luchador Battle Royal

Jericho does the intro. He shits all over all of them. Some new people I don’t remember, jobbers, and NO LA PARKA. How strange. Johnny Swinger, Marty Jannetty, but no La Parka. There actually aren’t many interesting things before it got down to just a few people. It comes down to Juvi and Ciclope. They shake hands and Juvi jumps over the ropes. Ciclope unmasks to reveal DEAN MALENKO to a pop that Steve Austin would be jealous of.

Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Crowd is HYPE to see Dean get his revenge. Dean is beating dat ass. Jericho comes back with a nasty hot shot. Jericho follows with a senton, stalling suplex, and Lionsault. They do a series of reversals that ends in the underhook backbreaker. Dean comes back with an Achilles lock, but Jericho gets out of the ring. He comes back with a flying back elbow. Jericho goes for a super rana which is countered with the super gut buster. That was the first move I made when the Smackdown games allowed for corner create a moves. Dean locks in the cloverleaf. NEW CHAMPION! Fans pop huge. Dean has done it! He finally has his revenge from the months of Jericho being a fucking cock towards him and his family. 

TO THE VINNIE MAC CAM.  A white limo is followed around town. Doug Dillinger checks it out and talks to another security guy.

Raven vs DDP Bowery Death Match

This is an enclosed cage match with weapons in the corners. I hope this match holds up as well as I remember, because I remember loving this match. But I remembered loving this whole feud and it has totally held up. DDP gets the early advantage until Raven shoves him into one of the trash cans in the corner. DDP goes into the cage hard. I’d like to see some Flair/Dusty levels of obvious blading. Ric Flair was always my favorite when it came to not even trying to hide his blading. So amazing. Austin’s was also super obvious. Raven gets the weapons out. There is a VCR in one of the cans. DDP comes back with a discus lariat. He has a bullrope. He wraps it around Raven’s neck and throws him into the cage. Now he’s trying to hang him from the roof. DDP uses the VCR. CZFNW!!! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUSSSS!!! Raven kicks DDP off of him, which sends him back first into one of the trash cans. He then goes to down with the trash can, low blows, and cookie sheets. I can’t believe how big cookie sheets got in pro wrestling in the late 90s. Fucking cookie sheets. THEY DON’T HURT. I’ve been hit with one. I’ve hit someone with one. They don’t hurt at all. Raven gets a sleeper on, but DDP backing into the corner bumps the ref. I don’t know why you need a ref bump in a death cage match, but it is a Raven match after all. DDP hits the chair drop toe hold. The Flock try to enter the cage. Hammer attacks them with a stop sign. He handcuffs Reese to the guard rail, then calmly walks off when the riot squad go after him. They then enter the ring and attack DDP. Kidman and Whoreass were two of them. Kanyon Cutter to Whoreass! BANG! Kidman hangs from the roof and tries to attack, but also gets hit with a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! Raven hits the Evenflow. After a series of reversals, RAVEN hits a Kanyon Cutter! BANG! So many bangs. So homoerotic. DDP gets up before the 10 count. Another series of reversals ends with DDP hitting the Kanyon Cutter. BANG! 4 for the match now. DDP is the one to make it up before the 10 count and is declared the winner. DDP leaves the cage and one of the riot guards handcuffs the rest of the Flock members to the cage, including Raven. He takes off his helmet to reveal Mortis. He takes off the Mortis mask to reveal KANYON! BANG! He then redoes the chair shot heard ‘round the world and walks off. KANYON!!!

TO THE VINNIE MAC CAM. More security guys looking for Vince and or top WWF guys to arrive. 

Ultimo Dragon vs Eddie Guerrero

Chavo’s freedom is at stake. They start with a lot of ground work. A lot of the flippy monkey flip lucha kind of stuff in the opening minutes. Dragon hits his kick combo. Eddie bails to the floor, but when he comes back in, he gets put in a Muta lock. Eddie comes back with a gnarly lariat. He throws Dragon the the floor and whips him in to the railing. Then starts choking him with some cables. Eddie goes for a super rana, gets crotched, and then knocked to the floor. Moonsault from Dragon gets a 2 count. He goes for the spinning super rana, but Eddie throws him off and hits the tornado DDT. He misses the frog splash. Dragon almost wins with la magistral cradle. Dragon does an in ring Asai moonsault into Dragon sleeper. Eddie reverses it into a dragon sleeper of his own. He puts his feet on the ropes. Chavo pushes them off. But Eddie hits the frog splash for the win. After the match, Chavo attacks Dragon. Even Eddie wants him to chill out. Eddie and Chavo kind of get into it. Then he makes Chavo kiss him on the cheek because he’s a dick head like that.

TO THE BACK. We see the locker room that is devoted to Vince McMahon should he show up.

Saturn vs Goldberg WCW US Championship

I hope this is as awesome as their last match. Why this was changed from gauntlet to singles match I don’t know, but this is better anyways. I forgot to mention that Saturn finally shaved his head a few weeks ago. He should have done it a long time ago since his hair was in bad shape. Press slam to power slam. Then a Warrior style press slam. Saturn bails to the floor after that. He comes back in and hits his kick combo in the corner. He hits a leg sweep and slaps Goldy, which was not a good idea. It goes to the floor where Goldberg clotheslines the ring post. Saturn does a drop kick off the apron. Saturn hits a spin wheel kick back in the ring and puts a sleeper on. It doesn’t last long before he’s belly to belly suplexed out of it, but he comes right back with a neck breaker. Saturn goes for a vertical suplex. It is reversed to into the power neckbreaker. Saturn comes back with a t-bone and gets a chair. He uses it to hit a drop kick off of. He tries it again and gets speared. Jackhammer for the win. Definitely not as cool as their first match. I really thought Saturn vs Glacier would happen at this show due to Saturn shitting all over Glacier on Thunder, but I guess not. 

Eric Bischoff vs Vince McMahon

Bischoff wins by forfeit. Lol. I still think it’s funny that he ended up working for Vince. I wonder how much that damaged his ego. I’m sure he made bank, but still. I would imagine it was much worse than whatever Heyman felt in his various WWE runs over the years. Seems like it would be admitting publicly that Vince was the better man and better businessman. And the better businessman part seems like it would kill Bischoff. 

Bret Hart vs Randy Savage Special guest referee: Roddy Piper

Even in 1998, I’m excited for this. Both guys could still go, although this was really the last year that they could. Piper has to throw Bret into the ring to start things. Also, Piper came out second, which is weird for a special guest ref. He should have been the first guy out. Bret gets out to an early start. It goes back and forth and all of the sudden Savage is on the offense with chokes and punches. I really go back and forth between Savage and Hall having my favorite wrasslin punches of all time. Piper is such a shitty ref that he can’t even wear a ref shirt. He’s wearing one of his own shirts. Like a dick head. It goes to the floor pretty early on. Bret tries to throw the steps on Savage, but Macho moved just in time. Now it heads out into the crowd. I believe Bret goes face first into the hockey boards. It gets back in the ring and Bret changes the pace with one kick to the knee. He continues to work over the knee and we are told that Scott Hall has arrived in the building. Russian leg sweep. Then a fucking solid piledriver. Then a DDT. Bret showboats and Savage kicks out at 2. Bret misses the second rope elbow. You knew he was going to miss as soon as he did it like a normal elbow drop. Savage goes up top and hits the elbow, but lands on his bad knee and doesn’t make the pin right away. Bret kicks out. Bret comes back with a headbutt to the DICK and the Sharpshooter. Liz runs out. Savage reversed the hold and now has a terrible Sharpshooter of his own. Bret got to the ropes. Liz argues with Piper. Bret hits a low blow and then hits Piper in the back of the head. Bret had something on his hand, but now Savage has it. Hogan comes out and attacks Macho’s GOOD knee. This lets Bret put on the Sharpshooter. Savage taps out, even though the Sharpshooter is a move that is is hard on the back, not legs. Whatever. 

The Outsiders vs The Giant/Sting WCW Tag Team Championships

This is weird because it is Wolfpac vs WCW/nWo Hollywood. Still isn’t explained why Giant rejoined the nWo, but the announcers assumed it was because it was easier to get at Nash. This is the first time Hall has been around since sometime in March, I believe. Lol’d at Nash being announced at 7’4” when he was a LEGIT SHOOT 6’10”. I don’t even exaggerate that much for my dick. Survey time. Crowd is definitely there to see the nWo. Hall and Sting start out. Hall hits a short chokeslam and taunts Giant, but Sting comes back right away with two Stinger splashes. He goes for the Deathlock. Nash tries to break it up. Sting and Giant run off the Outsiders. Then Nash and Giant get tagged in. Nash dominates right away. Then Nash hits a big kick and elbow drop. Crowd doesn’t really know how to react. Outsiders are still kind of heels, Giant is a full heel, and Sting is a face. Fans are chanting I believe for Hall, but I can’t really tell. Sting gets tagged in and booted in the face from Nash. Hall hits the fall away slam. Nash comes back in and hits the snake eyes. Hall hits a lariat from the outside. Hall and Nash then double team repeatedly for a while on Sting. He’s the only real face, so it makes sense for him to be the FIP. This is like a long Nitro main event. Sting makes the tag. He goes to town on Nash. Leg drop! I guess that was a tribute to Hogan. He goes for a Superfly Splash, but misses. Hall hits Nash with one of the titles while Nash was about to jackknife Giant. SWERVE. Sting and Giant are the new tag champions, and Hall has joined Hogan. Sting just stood there emotionless as the show ended. 

I’ll never understand why guys don’t turn on their partners at the start of the match. I mean, I get it from a booking stand point, but not a psychology stand point.

WCW Slamboree 1997

Steven Regal vs Ultimo Dragon WCW TV Championship

Regal no longer wants to be a lord. He wants to be an ass kicker. A lot of mat wrassles to start this. This is a really weird mesh of styles. I'm not sure it works. Dragon just full on soccer punting Regal repeatedly is pretty cool, though. Regal repeatedly attempts to lock on the Regal Stretch. Everything is a counter into it. Ultimo's ground game is quite MMA inspired. LOUD chants for Regal.  They should be cheering for him. The last few weeks he's just beaten the fuck out of everyone. Ultimo seems pretty annoyed with Sonny getting involved. Regal with the Dynamite/Joe "nah brah I an't taking this dive" counter.  It takes a long time before Ultimo even starts attempting any of his usual high flying offense. Ultimo gets pissy again about Sonny kicking Regal. Sonny kicks Dragon. Regal wins with a back suplex and Regal Stretch. New champion! The title has come home! This was just a solid match. Nothing blow away, certainly not what you'd expect on paper with those names. But it was very solid. And almost 20 minutes long.

Luna Vachon vs Madusa

This was supposed to be a title match, maybe. Madusa beat Akira Hokuto in Japan for the title, but Sonny Onno's shenanigans created a legal battle, so Akira still has the title. Lee Marshall joins for commentary for this, I assume due to the shared AWA history between him and the competitors. I wonder what Luna would look/sound like out of character. Kind of interesting that the commentary for this is basically the same commentary for the Divas Revolution stuff, talking about the rise of female superstar athletes and how these women want to be on that level. 18 years earlier. This match is really bad except for the crazy bump Luna took from a lariato. Right on her fucking neck. Madusa wins with a German suplex. I never liked how she did that move. She grabs the hips instead of doing a waist lock. It always looks weird. And keeping in line with "we're athletes, not fuck dolls", Madusa strips after the match.

TO THE MEAN GENE. He hypes the hotline, which has Mark Madden and...Jeff Katz, a guy who got into Hollywood and joined New Line Cinema specifically so he could make sure Freddy vs Jason got made. And then brought Freddy vs Jason vs Ash to the comic world. This dude got to work in WCW and on Freddy vs Jason? What a life. Macho and Liz come out. They send Gene away and head to the ring. Macho talks and DDP comes out of the crowd, with the bent crutch that Hogan and Savage used on him. Macho gets the fuck out of dodge. Bischoff comes out to make sure Macho doesn't do anything crazy, while also bringing in the B team. DDP says that Macho can't fight because he has to go to Hogan's house to wash his car and kiss his ass. "Virgil, to the side, brotha." Lol. Macho gets the nWo to back down and heads to the ring. He's immediately beaten down with the crutch. DDP then takes out Virgil, Buff, and Bischoff. Norton attacks DDP's kidneys, and then the gang beat down happens. Giant runs out for the save. Macho has to be held back from going BACK to the ring. 

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Yuji Yasuraoka

Yuji is probably best known for his work in Tenryu's promotions. He was the tag partner of Tomohiro Ishii in the late 90s. That's about all I know about him. He has a lovely mullet and Power Rangers type gear. Fans also have no clue who he is, of course. He made his WCW debut the night before on Saturday Night. It's not a shocker that fans give no fucks about this. Everyone loves Rey, but not enough to be into a slow paced match with some guy they've never heard of. If they were doing a fast paced, high flying match, I think the fans would buy into it. Instead, they're doing a slow, grounded match after this same crowd saw a similar match with Regal/Ultimo just a bit ago. Lance Storm is name dropped here, having been partners with Yuji and Jericho. Brain thinks that name sounds like a weatherman from Omaha. No one acknowledges it. Yuji focuses much of his offense on the arm of Rey, which is kind of weird. Why would anyone ever work on a body part that isn't the legs with Rey? This is technically proficient and has solid psychology, but it hasn't been engaging. Yuji hits a gnarly double arm DDT, at least. Rey wins with the West Coast Pop and a weirdly long match for a complete unknown.

Mortis vs Glacier

CHARACTERS WELCOME! Mortis attacks as Glacier slides into the ring, just beating him down in the corner, destroying that chilly knee. You can't hit a Cryonic Kick if you can't stand. Mortis calls for Wrath, who stalks out. Glacier makes a brief comeback before Wrath makes it to the ring, causing a DQ in about 90 seconds. I have to say, this angle gets a lot of flack, but I'm kind of into it. There is almost no promo time, so the whole story is told with in ring stuff and commentary. Everyone is colorful and weird, and there is crazy shit like Mortis trying to gouge eyeballs out with spiky helmets. Glacier gets destroyed after the bell rings. Eventually, a fan (The Cat) hits the ring and saves Glacier. Why, that's ERNEST MILLER! WE KNOW HIM! Fucking lol, first Tony says a fan has hit the ring, then recognizes him as Ernest Miller, karate world champion who has BEEN WRESTLING ON WORLDWIDE FOR WEEKS. Lol. How low on the totem pole are you when you've been on TV for weeks and the announcers think you are a random fan? 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Just there to hype the hotline.

Jeff Jarrett vs Dean Malenko WCW US Championship

Despite fans cheering for JJ during his entrance when the threw up the four fingers (this is Charlotte, after all), they hate him once the match starts. There is a clear difference in the characters and how each wrestle very early on. Both hit a drop toe hold. When Dean does it, he tries to transition it into submissions. When Jeff does it, he tries to showboat. Dean is doing some cool shit here. Really living up to the "man of 1000 holds" moniker here. Countering EVERYTHING to start with. Jeff has to try basically everything twice to get anything done to TMF. Both are working over the legs, and Jeff's  alleged experience over Dean shows. Even though Dean debuted almost 10 years before Jeff. Wiki says Dean debuted in 1979. I don't know if that means as a ref or as a wrestler, but he's been in the business longer than Jeff regardless. Both are second generation wrestlers, but Dean is 7 years older than Jeff. Since Jeff has been known longer on the big stage, he has more experience. Because wrestling. This is VERY counter heavy, and the fans are very into it. Towards the end of the match, both men clank heads, sending Jeff to the floor. Mongo comes out, throws Jeff back in the ring, and then leaves with Debra. Dean wins clean with the cloverleaf. Title retained. Fans were very hot for this.

Meng vs Chris Benoit Death Match

I have to wonder why Sullivan didn't throw Barb/Meng at Benoit months ago. In the opening moments of this, Meng is actually quite measured and methodical, as compared to the past few weeks of uncontrollable rage. This is really about showing that Benoit is as tough as Meng more than anything. But the thing with Meng is that despite how often everyone says he's the toughest and meanest guy in the business, he almost always loses to bigger stars. Sure, he and Barb can murder High Voltage, but put them in the ring with the Steiners or Outsiders and they're going to lose every time. This is a death match, but there are rope breaks and count outs. Benoit never backs down in this, even with multiple spots of Meng just hammering him with 10-15 shots in a row. And Meng really eats those German suplexes. After an extremely physical match, Meng counters the diving headbutt with the Tongan Deathgrip for the win. This time, Nancy can't make him let go.

Konnan/Hugh Morrus vs Steiner Brothers

For the first time maybe ever, the Steiners are wearing fully matching gear. Will the Steiners actually have a real, full match tonight? They haven't had one all year. Scott and Hugh begin. Hugh gets thrown and bumped all over the place. BTW, fuck Konnan. Did he ever even get actual training? Based on his bumping, I'm inclined to believe he didn't. Scott gets murdered on a snake eyes on the ropes. Wtf, Hugh. That was reckless as shit. Scott wins with the Frankensteiner, but it is pretty clear he's still not at 100%. After the match, Konnan turns on Hugh and walks away from Jimmy Hart. Fuck Konnan. 

Steve McMichael vs Reggie White

Mongo, at one year in the business, is tasked with the role of being the veteran here. It takes three shoulder blocks of no one budging before Mongo is the first to go down. Scrimmage line in the sand! Did the Packers organization tell Reggie that he couldn't wear his actual jersey? He's wearing a shitty see-through practice jersey. Reggie is what he is. A guy in his first match in a featured match of PPV of the biggest wrestling company in the world. Mongo is 100% better than Reggie, which really says it all. DROPKICK from Reggie White. Lmao, "Jesus may have your soul, but I got ya ass, now!" was not the best thing to say to the ultra-religious Reggie. Mongo ends up focusing on the knee of Reggie. Seems like a good call. After a low blow : "I'm going to church. I think I heard the church bells ringing now." Lol. Look, Mongo wasn't a good wrestler, but I cant hate on his enthusiasm and what he was doing. He clearly put a lot of work and thought into his wrestling, even if he wasn't very good. This actually isn't that bad. Especially considering Mongo is Mongo and Reggie White had never had a wrestling match. There is a story, selling, and clear effort from both guys to do the best they can. Reggie had the match won with a splash, but Debra has the ref distracted. Mongo tries to use the briefcase, only for Gilbert to take it from him. But Double J shows up with a SECOND briefcase, which Mongo uses to get the win. Kind of a weird finish since Mongo pretty much cost Jeff his match earlier in the show.

Ric Flair/Roddy Piper/Kevin Greene vs Kevin Nash/Scott Hall/Syxx No Disqualification

Did you know that Syxx was from "Mindianapolis"? You'd think Buffer would get his shit right considering how much he was getting paid. Nash's grays are showing strong tonight. His grays were coming in even in 1994. He would have been the Silver Fox by 1997 had he not been coloring his hair. Ric Flair is, of course, a god in Charlotte. He's also making his return to in ring action for the first time in 7 or 8 months. Syxx and Flair begin the match. It's a little odd that Ric Flair is feuding with the Cruiserweight Champion, right? Lol at Syxx doing the strut only to get hit with the most violent of chops. And then Syxx fucking blasts Ric with a spin kick. These two are already hot with each other. Flair is a feeling himself. He's a runnin' right. "JUMP YO ASS ON SOME TRADITION!...excuse me." Lol, Dusty. Hall tags in. Ric tags Kevin Greene, who is very animated. Hall spits in his face and tags in Nash. Crowd is hot as shit for this. Huge shoulder block sends Nash down. Jumping lariato! Body slam! Nash bails on this shit. Double lariatos to Hall and Kid. I though Greene was about to do a dive. Hall makes the wise choice to ask for old ass hobbled Roddy Piper. And it doesn't even work. Old ass Piper REKS the Wolfpac until Syxx hits a cheap shot from behind in the bad leg. This ends up being the first offense the Wolfpac even gets, nearly 10 minutes in. Even that doesn't last long, as a hot tag to Flair has chops and punches for everyone. Holy shit, Hall's power game is on point. Flair came off the top and Hall caught him at the weirdest angle and just muscled him back up with ease into the fall away slam. AND made him take a flat back bump. The Wolfpac has regrouped and now has Flair on the ropes. Just knocking the shit out of him. You don't see Flair getting stiffed like this too often. Pee Wee didn't see the tag to Piper, so Piper just decks him. Nick Patrick comes out as the replacement. Flair puts Hall in the figure four. Piper gets Nash in the sleeper. Greene takes out Syxx. WCW WINS! WCW HAS DEFEATED THE NWO! That match was a lot of fun.

This show was fun and definitely solid in the ring, but I think it might have been a little heavy on the sports side of sports entertainment. The most entertaining match was the main event, which was full on entertainment and very little sports. Maybe it was planned to have the show be so sport heavy so when the fans finally got to the entertainment part of the night (main event/Mongo vs Reggie), they'd be extra into it. I know I was getting a little tired after the fourth fifteen minute match on the show. 

Certainly a big night for WCW, and they didn't even need Sting.

WCW Slamboree: The Lethal Lottery: Battle Bowl: Lord of the Ring 1996

I don't understand why TV and PPVs have different commentary teams, but I'm pretty happy with it.  

Animal/Booker T vs Hawk/Lex Luger

I thought maybe Lex would miss the show due to the chokeslam from Nitro.  His hair looks like shit.  Animal and Lex begin.  Lex hits a powerslam that appears to reinjure Animal's back.  Lex is awkwardly knocked out of the air while Brain is burying football players.  Everyone wants to see Hawk and Animal go at it.  This being WCW, I wouldn't at all be surprised to see none of the teams on opposing sides have any interaction with each other.  Spinarooni into the Harlem Back Front Leg Round Swizzle Armbar Side Kick.  Ax kick.  Lex has been in the entire match for his team.  Hawk breaks a pin, which pisses Lex off.  Then all 4 men start brawling in the ring.  Double count out.  Not surprised that Hawk and Animal never got into it with each other.  


Public Enemy vs Taskmaster/Chris Benoit

Sullivan and Benoit seem to be on the same page.  Benoit and Rocco start the match.  A lot of ECW loose ends in this.  Rock throws a surprising head scissors.  Then a rana.  Neck tie, excuse.  "Oh, stomped him right in the belly welly."  "You ever did that?  Stomped a rock?"  Lol what the fuck are you talking about, Dusty?  Who stomps rocks?  Another rana is countered with a powerbomb, then Benoit does the cabbage patch.  Chris Benoit, busting a move.  Who would have thunk?  Sullivan gets tagged in and things get EXTREME.  Plunda, posts, tables, chairs.  Benoit saves Sullivan from a table bump.  No one saves Benoit from getting suplexed to the floor.  Sullivan chucks a big plastic chair that looks like might have hit someone in the front row with the legs.  Sullivan and Benoit were both put on a table.  As PE goes for the Big Papa, Sullivan gets off and holds Benoit in place for the move.  PE roll Benoit in and get the pin.  Sullivan fakes a knee injury to go to the back.


Sgt. Craig Pittman/Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner/ASSHOLE MAN

She's called the Booty Babe, but that isn't the area Kim is shaking.  Only on PPV.  Pittman finally found a manager: Teddy Long!  Holla holla.  Tag team match, playa!  Pittman and Beefer begin.  Of course.  The two dudes no one wants to see.  I'm pretty sure someone yelled out BRUTUS YOU FUCK.  Teddy does not look like Montel, Brain.  Cism.  Scott tags in.  Tiger bomb.  Then he tags right back out.  Rick tags in.  Rick gets crushed with a German suplex.  Rick responds with a stiff as fuck Steinerline.  Pittman goes for a tag.  Scott has to think about it, but finally does.  Unsurprisingly, we get a lot of amateur style stuff.  But what everyone really wants are some suplexes.  Scott throws the first one.  A t-bone.  Steinerline from Rick.  Rick checks on Scott, who SWERVED him with a roll up.  Dragon suplex from Rick.  Super t-bone from Scott!  Tags are made.  Beefcake is able to get a tag while in the Code Red.  Rick pins Pittman with a German suplex.


Blue Bloods vs VK Wallstreet/Jim DOOGUN

Doggan and IRS.  Come on.  LOL at Brain saying Finlay and Regal haven't gotten along in 100 years, and Dusty immediately telling him how stupid of a statement that is because they aren't 100 years old.  "Ziffle 'im out."  What?  What the fuck is ziffle?  Soliloquing is one of my favorite Dustyisms.  IRS wins the uppercut exchange.  Duggan and IRS get into it.  All Duggan's fault.  IRS had the advantage for his team and then Duggan wanted to shove him around.  Duggan punches everyone.  That cheating motherfucker tapes up his fist and KOs Taylor as Dusty starts singing.  

Dick Slater/Robert Eaton vs Alex Wright/Disco Inferno

Alex gets a completely negative reaction.  Slater and Disco start.  I'd rather see Disco vs Terry Funk.  Disco gets whooped and tags out.  Eaton tags in.  Slater hits Disco in the back with his cowboy boot while Disco was dancing for the win.  

DDP/Barbarian vs Hugh Morrus/Meng

DDP somehow got his job back due to a mysterious benefactor.  And then he got to replace Bobby Walker in this match.  As Hugh comes out, "GOD YOU SUCK.  GOD YOU SUCK."  DDP has new gear and looks a little less like a shitbag.  I think he got his Teen Spirit knock off, but the dubbed version is horrible.  Maybe it isn't dubbed version, because it isn't the same one that was used later PPVs on the Network.  Hugh knocks DDP to the floor, only to completely miss a pescado.  FoF are tagged in and go right after each other.  Chopping the shit out of each other.  Barb press slams DDP onto Meng.  Hugh hits a big elbow off the top.  He goes for it again because he and DDP fucked up the spot the first time.  Belly to belly superplex from Barb to Hugh.  Somehow, Hugh was the first one to get up and actually lands the moonsault for probably the only time in his career.  DDP breaks the pin.  Barb boots Hugh's head off.  We got a double pin!  Barb's was the one that counted.


Big Bubba/Stevie Ray vs Fire & Ice

Bubba has now joined the DoD, grew out his goatee, and dresses like a biker.  "Big Bubber".  Dusty.  Dusty Dusty Dusty.  Look at the racial equality here.  Stevie and Norton start.  Norton hits a shoulder block and huge chop.  NWO B Team EXPLODES.  Bubber tags in and knocks Norton all around.  Flapjack Norton!  Ice train tags in.  Mojo needs to watch Ice Train to see how ass based offense is done. Bubber is knocked into Stevie and then hit with a double shoulder block.  Fire and Ice advance.  


Arn Anderson/Eddie Guerrero vs Randy Savage/Ric Flair

Flair's music start and he doesn't come out.  Macho's music plays and he does come out.  Ric's music starts again.  He waits for Arn to attack Macho before he runs out.  BAMBOOZLE!  Eddie takes offense, shoves Arn off and goes after Ric.  The Yaks head half way out.  Flair elbows Macho before tagging him, then forces Eddie to tag Arn.  Macho gets fired up. FIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD UUUUUUUPPPPPP.  Spinebuster!  Flair tags in and immediately attacks Macho.  Eddie tags in and pokes Ric in the eye.  Tornado DDT.  Macho attacks Flair.  Arn DDTs Eddie.  Flair pins Eddie.  Liz slaps Macho!  DDT on the floor! 8 matches in 70 minutes.


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene has HOOTERS girls with him for the round 2 drawings.  Due to uneven teams, 1 team gets a bye.  And that team is Fire & Ice.  


Brad Armstrong vs That Motherfucker Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Dean defeated Otani to win the title the night before.  This is the first Cruiserweight Championship defense on a WCW PPV.  This is definitely needed after 8 tags in a row.  Brad actually pretty much dominates the first few minutes.  Dean puts a stop to all that bullshit with a low dropkick.  TMF tears the knee apart for a while.  Tree of Keanu dropkick to the knee.  I think maybe a high flyer instead of Brad would be better for this card.  Brad gets back into it by getting a boot up on a Vader Bomb.  Despite all this leg work, Brad goes up top to hit a missile dropkick.  Then he puts TMF in the cloverleaf.  Most of Brad's ass has been hanging out for most of the match.  TMF Gutbuster for the win.  Title retained.



TO THE MEAN GENE.  More Hooters girls, more Gene being a creep, and more drawings.  

Dick Slater/Robert Eaton vs VK Wallstreet/Jim DOOGUN

Bleh.  Two Duggan matches.  I like that IRS put his suit back on.  "Slater and Bob of Earl".  The heels let IRS and Duggan fight it out.  I already think 2 rounds was a bad decision.  Boy is this not good at all.  Dusty is at a loss for words once he says something about locking up on all fours in the referee position and Brain repeats it.  Eaton rolls up IRS after Duggan punches his partner.  Then they fight after the match.  

Public Enemy vs Randy Savage/Ric Flair

Macho attacks Flair during entrances.  Security tries to get him under control.  Flair fights back.  Other wrestlers come out to hold Macho.  Looks like a couple of cops as well.  PE wins via forfeit.  

DDP/Barbarian vs ASSHOLE MAN/Rick Steiner

Beefer and DDP begin.  DDP takes a hard fall to the floor and gets all tied up in cables.  Tags are made.  A lot of throws and thuds. DDP breaks up a pin with an elbow drop to the head, which puts Asshole down.  


Konnan vs Jushin Liger WCW US Championship

Konnan now comes out wearing a Mexican flag hat, and a Cuban flag poncho.  Wtf, does Konnan really have KKK shaved into his head?  The answer is YES.  Tenay tries to tell the story of why.  Brain doesn't care to hear it.  Gnarly looking brainbustaaa. The KKK on his head is because he's playing Konnan the Rapper on a TV show, which was something he took from a stage show.  Konnan was doing theater work?  A lot mat work.  Tenay early on said that pro wrestling holds were being used in MMA and he expected these guys to use MMA stuff.  A bunch of fucking slaps that look like trash from both.  Liger, I know you can hit harder than that.  Superplex from Liger.  He sends Konnan to the floor and attempts a dive.  Konnan gets his feet up.  Liger was back in control in the ring anyway.  Fisherman buster.  Konnan gets the nearest of near falls from an Alabama Slam.  Liger almost wins with a roll up out of a powerbomb.  This ref sucks.  Liger Bomb.  Liger goes for another diving headbutt.  Konnan gets his feet up and hits a BT Bomb for the win.  Title retained.



TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Flair tries to say "synopsis" and says Jesse Katsopolis I think.  He assumes the jail ordered this PPV, so Macho can watch Ric kiss Liz.  He then changes his attention to Mongo.  A FOOTBALL PLAYER talking to Ric Flair?  Ridiculous.  He talks about Debra and Mongo arrives.  Ric challenges Mongo to a tag match.  Mongo can pick any one he wants as a partner.  Mongo just so happened to think this might happen tonight and he brings out his partner, Kevin Greene. Well, how convenient.  

Battle Bowl

Eaton, Dick Slater, DDP, Barbarian, Norton, Train, PE.  The winner gets a title shot and the Lord of the Ring ring.  How the fuck would anyone in this match get a title shot?  Fucking lol.  They could have at least had one guy who wasn't a Saturday Night regular.  Standard shitty battle royal.  The best thing is Dusty calling Eaton by a different name every time he refers to him.  You know what's progress?  When you got a double deal where if you got a big screen you got two more screens in the middle of it.  That's progress.  Bobby Eaton decked Col. Parker after he got eliminated.  The only interesting part was when DDP hit 3 Kanyon Cutters in a row.  BANG BANG BANG!  DDP is the Lord of the Ring and will get a title shot at GAB.  


TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene is in the back with Giant and Jimmy Hart.  Jimmy and Lex will be handcuffed together.  Giant says dumb shit about pests, like a cockroach in his apple pie.

Sting vs the Giant WCW Championship

Lex is hand cuffed to the snake in the grass, jimmy Hart.  Sting hits a big flurry of offense that does absolutely nothing, so Sting goes to the floor to regroup.  It didn't help.  Body scissors from Giant.  Sting was about to get chokeslammed through the VIP table, but Lex put Jimmy on the table and Giant stopped.  Lex inadvertently causes a ref bump back in the ring.  Giant is in the corner.  Lex and Jimmy are on opposite sides of the corner.  Giant has Lex by the neck.  Sting throws a bunch of Stinger Splashes.  Lex falls.  Jimmy gets pulled on top of the buckle.  Sting tries a Stinger Splash and misses, then falls into Giant's balls.  After another ref bump, Sting has the deathlock on.  Jimmy and Lex fight over the mega phone, which ends up hitting Sting.  Chokeslam for the win.  Title retained. 


The Lethal Lottery is a cool concept, but it has never produced a good show.  Especially not this show, where they did 8 tag matches in a row in 70 minutes.  They hyped LOD being on opposite sides for the first time ever for weeks and they had zero interaction in the match.  The idea of DDP getting a title shot at this stage is ridiculous.  Really nothing of note here at all.  Dean/BA was a solid Saturday Night match.  Sting/Giant would have been a perfectly fine Nitro main event.  None of the tag matches were very interesting.

WCW Slamboree 1993: A Legends Reunion

The show starts with a whole bunch of old, saggy white dudes in the ring. I see one non-white guy, which is Thunderbolt Patterson.

Jesse is ill or hurt or something, so Larry is replacing him for the night. Maxx Payne plays some really inappropriate HEAVY METAL ROCK AND ROLL DEVIL MUSIC at this legends show. Then a bunch of dudes in speedos carry out a caravan that has the Fabulous Moolah in it. Two of the guys carrying her out were Ice Train/MI SMOOV and Mustafa. This music is so inappropriate for god damn MOOLAH.

TO THE BISCHOFF. Eric and Missy talk about Scott Norton and how Sting will face the Prisoner. The lighting dies on Eric and Missy and they stand around not knowing what the fuck to do. What a great way to start the show. Missy looks like an adult Miley Cyrus and it really freaks me out. She wants a DP with the Hollywood Blonds.

Bobby Eaton/Chris Benoit vs 2 Cold Scorpio/Marcus Bagwell

A Benoit/Eaton team seems like a rib to see how bad the promos can be. Benoit and Scorp start. The have almost an indie repeck stand off, but Scorpio wins the exchange. Benoit kicks at Buff, which brings him in the ref gets distracted. Eaton and Benoit try to double team Scorp, but Scorp is too fast. Tags are made. Buff gets back dropped over the top, which should be a DQ. It isn't, though. The heels can not get any momentum. Buff gets clobbered while running the ropes and Eaton throws him over the top as revenge. Diving knee drop. Benoit is tagged in. Hooking lariatoo. Second rope leg drop. Lots of double teaming and heeling on poor Buff. Rookie of the year, you know. Buff gets his knees up on a Superfly Splash. Hot tag to Scorp. Twisting splash. Eaton breaks the pin. Eaton accidentally hits Benoit. Scorp hits a crazy corkscrew moonsault legdrop landing right on Benoit's FUCKING FACE for the win. God damn.

Van Hammer vs Sid Vicious

Sid is back! And oddly enough, Hammer comes out looking just like Sid of 1989. I guess Col. Parker wanted to manage Hammer, but Hammer turned him down and attacked him, so Parker brought Sid back. And Sid squashed this punk in about 30 seconds. Huge pop for Sid. And god damn does he look impressive. Those fucking traps and delts are ridiculous.

TO THE BISCHOFF. Eric is with Red Bastien and Bugsy McGraw. Get Bugsy out of here. He isn't Dusty Rhodes. Red's mustache is pretty dope at least.

Dick Murdoch/Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka vs Wahoo McDaniel/Blackjack Mulligan/Jim Brunzell

Some random ass teams. Who would book Muraco and Snuka on the same team? How is Brunzell anywhere near this match? Snuka and Brunzell start. Mulligan is tagged in. Murdoch tags in and former partners explode. Those bird legs and beer gut. Dick Murdoch is the best. Even old, fat, close to death Murdoch was a blast to watch. Hopefully a lot of his stuff gets put out on the Network. Wahoo and Muraco are in. Wahoo slams the shit out of the Rock. Brunzell hits the dropkick on Dick. Flying head scissors from Dick! Big powerslam from Muraco. Have you ever seen Muraco before he met steroids? Completely unrecognizable. He kind of looked like baseball era Randy Savage. Muraco accidentally nails Snuka. Dick slips trying the Calf Brander, but recovers and hits it. Smart idea to have Brunzell work the majority of the match. Although Wahoo and Mulligan look exactly the same as they did 8 or 9 years before. Snuka accidentally hits Muraco and they get into it. A brawl erupts and the ref loses control. The match is thrown out.

TO THE HYATT. Missy speaks with the Assassin and Mad Dog Vachon. Mad Dog growls and scares Missy. Assassin is so fat he can't even get his mask to fit his head. He throws an open challenge to Dusty. Dude looks like the Revolting Blob.

Ivan Koloff/Baron Von Raschke vs Thunderbolt Patterson/Brad Armstrong

This was supposed to be Thunderbolt and Bob Armstrong, but Bob recently had knee surgery, so Brad replaced him. Baron is too god damn old to be out there. Dude looks like a great grandpa. Shit, he looked that old in the 70s. Why is a Communist and a Nazi teaming up against a black man and Southern white man? Equality, that's why. Thunderbolt is like a black Dusty Rhodes. He and Baron start the match. Ivan looks like he could still go, though. It's kind of interesting how at this time in the WWF, history isn't mentioned even for their own guys, but WCW puts on a show with a ton of AWA guys and talks about WWWF history and feuds frequently. The Claw! Thunderbolt broke it. Thunderbolt pins the Baron after a double chop to the throat.

TO A FLAIR FOR THE GOLD. Tonight, Ric promised to reunite the original Four Horsemen. Blanchard isn't going to show up. Ric blames Barry Windham for it. Ole and Arn are brought out. And the newest member of the Four Horsemen....Paul Roma! No reaction. If there was a reaction, it was negative. He's really the best they could do to replace Tully?

Dory Funk Jr. vs Nick Bockwinkel

NWA vs AWA. Dory is another guy who looked like a grandpa in the 70s. Verne Gange is with Nick. Gene Kiniski is with Dory. Johnny Valentine is on commentary. Old man balls EVERYWHERE. Come on, Dory, put some pants on. No one wants to see a 700 year old man wrestle in his underwear. At least put some knee pads on. Dory hits a stiff uppercut. Some good old timey chain wrasslin. Nick gets control on the mat. Dory uncorks some uppercuts in the corner. Cravat. Nick works a head scissors with an arm bar. Funk rolls out of it. It kind of makes me sad that 400 year old Bock is in better shape than I've ever been in my life. Big slam from Bock. Dory bails. Back in the ring, more uppercuts. Tight chinlock from Dory. Bock throws some forearms of his own. Some stiff ones. Dory goes down. Lou Thesz reference! Nick is doing what he can to lock on a Boston crab. Dory powers out. Back suplex from Dory. Dory works a great standing arm bar. Standing bow and arrow. 10 minutes have gone by, 5 minutes remain. Nick reverses it. He had a nice butterfly grip to keep the hold. Dory hits a super stiff uppercut right in the jaw. Sounded like it broke a jaw. 2 minutes left. Piledriver from Dory. Rope break. Butterfly suplex is blocked. Backslide from Bock. Spinning toe hold! 60 seconds remain. Bock turns it into a small package for 2. Bock completely forgets how to apply the figure four. He eventually gets it on. Gene stomps him, which the ref allows I guess because he's old. Time limit expires.

TO THE BISCHOFF. My goodness, it's LOU THESZ! Look at that handshake! Oh yeah, Bob Geigel is with them. But Lou Thesz!

Rick Rude/Paul Orndorff vs Dustin Rhodes/Kensuke Sasaki

Dustin and Sasaki is a pretty weird ass team. Rude is not impressed by the body of Kensuke. Kensuke shoves Rude into the corner. WCW Rude is god tier Rude to me. The short hair was a much better look, he was even more cut up, the chest hair, and actually getting to show he was a fine wrestler. The faces get off to an early lead. Rude and Dustin have a show down. Huge back drop from Dustin. He goes for a lariato and goes over the top rope. Orndorff works him over on the guard rail while the ref is distracted. Wonderfully Ravishing work Dustin over for a while. Rude tries to hit a piledriver. He can't, so he goes for a tombstone, which Dustin reverses. 2 count. Sort of hot tag to Kensuke. Series of lariatos. He does his own hip swivel. Press slam. Orndorff shoves Kensuke off the ropes. Rude Awakening for the win. Kensuke completely no sold it and immediately jumped to his feet after the 3 count.

TO THE HALL OF FAME. Gordon Solie introduces us to the WCW Hall of Fame class of 1993. He begins by reading off a list of dead wrestlers. Way to start the ceremony off with a bang. Jesus man. The very first inductee...LOU THESZ!!! The second inductee is Verge Gagne. Boy, Gordon has one hell of a wide stance. Probably to make sure he doesn't fall over drunk. The third inductee is Mr. Wrestling II. The final inductee is the late Eddie Graham. Mike Graham accepts for his father.

TO THE HYATT. Missy speaks with John Tolos and some other guy who I have no idea who she said or who he is. A promoter I believe.

Sting vs The Prisoner

Fucking Nailz! Get that creepy son of a bitch out of here. Not only is he in the same gear, but he also has the Boss Man's night stick. This was supposed to be Sting vs Scott Norton, but Nailz attacked Norton and took his place. Nailz ambushes and beings choking Sting in the corner. Repeatedly. Nailz is dominating. It's not good. I can tell you that much. Apparently Nailz had a reasonably successful run in the AWA, both as a face and a heel. I can't imagine this guy as a face. Choking with a camera cable now. Sting won with a top rope clothesline. This sucked. Nailz only knew how to do chokes. It's like 1991 Undertaker without any of the athleticism.

TO THE BISCHOFF. Eric speaks with the Crusher and Ox Baker. Crusher just rambles on and on, making no sense. And he's smaller than Eric Bischoff. How weird is that? Ox takes Eric as his man bride I think.

Ricky Steamboat/Shane Douglas vs Hollywood Blonds WCW Tag Team Championships Steel Cage

Shane and Steamboat are in masks and body suits as "Dos Hombres" because Shane was injured and is being replaced by Tom Zenk. They had previously dressed up as the team to get a surprise win over the champs. Austin and Steamboat begin. Austin tries to rip the mask off and gets chopped. He tags out. Pillman also gets chopped. Tags are made and Zenk gets Austin in an arm bar. Austin tries to suplex Zenk into the cage and instead gets shoved into the cage multiple times. Austin takes a rough back drop into the cage/ropes. Then thrown into the other side. A lot more team work from the Hombres. Austin can't throw a slam due the back drop into the cage. Tree of Keanu with Austin hanging from the top of the cage. The hombres take turns splashing Austin until he just falls and it was ugly. Hard to see who got the worst of it, but Austin is able to make a tag. He's recovered a few moments later, but his back is still hurting from the back drop at the start of the match. Diving elbow. Looks like Zenk is getting wrecked in the corner. Pillman goes up for something and is caught with a boot to the face. Zenk isn't able to make a tag, but he does hit a dropkick. He then runs into a big spinebuster. Rocket Launcher. Zenk got his knees up. Larry says that Austin has the potential to be the guy getting all the legends rewards in the next century if his body can hold up. Hot tag to Steamboat. Chops everywhere. Electric chair. Double noggin knocker. 10 count punches. Look at Steamboat and Austin, exposing the business. Everyone but Steamboat goes into the cage. Steamboat hits a crossbody from the top of the cage. It was only a two count, but the bell rang. The match continues! DDTs. Double dropkicks. The Blonds won't stay down. Stun Gun OUTTA NOWHERE on Zenk. Blonds win! Titles retained.

TO THE BISCHOFF. Eric speaks with Dusty, Mr. Wrestling II, and Stu Hart. Stu looks confused and on the verge of tears, just like his good friend Bret Hart. Dusty accepts the challenge of the Assassin.

Arn Anderson vs Barry Windham NWA Championship

This is a match that probably should have happened a few years earlier. It's a shame Barry won the NWA Championship when it became second tier within WCW. Arn scores two near falls in the opening minute, one with a belly to belly. Barry is shook. Barry throws a punch that knocks a few of the remained hairs from Arn's head. Arn feigns a punch to set Barry up for a DDT. 2 count. Barry rolls to the ramp. I think the DDT broke Barry's nose. Arm comes off the second rope and got caught with lariato. Barry hits his own DDT. Arn is tossed to the floor and hit with an elbow in the face. Barry is brought out the hard way. No disqualification is called for it. Barry goes face first into the guard rail, which busts him open. That would be a DQ under WCW rules, but it is legal under NWA rules. Does it make any sense that the WCW rules are more old school than the NWA rules? Why are top rope moves still apparently banned in WCW, but not the NWA? Arn goes after the cut and continues to open it further. Arn goes up top. Barry dropkicks him and Arn falls to the floor. Hurt his knee it looks like. Diving lariato from Barry. Half his head is covered in blood. Knee drop. Spinebuster OUTTA NOWHERE! Barry rolls to the floor to avoid a pin. He grabs the belt and walks away. Arn throws him back in the ring. Arn shoves the ref, which didn't cause a DQ, but did allow Barry to drill Arn with the belt to pick up the win. Title retained.

Davey Boy Smith vs Big Van Vader WCW Championship

Vader has no idea how to react when Bulldog no sells a short arm lariato. A Vader Attack doesn't take him down either. Vader is legit shook. The power of HGH. Vader takes to just punching the shit out of Bulldog in the corner. That seems to work. Harley gets a punch in on the floor. Vader misses a Vader Attack on the floor and goes into the front row. Walking body slam from Davey. Delayed vertical suplex. Too bad Bulldog ran into a boot right after. But as Vader tries something off the second rope, he's got in a powerslam and then knocked to the floor. Crucifix is countered into a Samoan drop. Big Vader Bomb. Bulldog kicks out! The second rope Vader Attack works this time. Superplex is countered into a super gourd buster. Diving headbutt from Bulldog. Big ass jammer from Bulldog. Lariatooo. Superfly Splash from Bader. As soon as he landed, he screamed SHIT and then let out a bellow. Bulldog recovered first, but was thrown to the floor. Harley does a knee drop. Back in the ring, Vader throws more punches in the corner. Electric chair from Bulldog! Flurry of offense from Bulldog can't put the champ down. Running powerslam! They were in the ropes and Harley pulled Bulldog to the floor. Right in front of the ref, who lets the match continue. But he called for the bell when Vader hit Bulldog with a chair. Faces run down and get crushed. Sting saves Bulldog from a powerbomb.

TO THE MAGNUM BISCHOFF. Magnum and Bischoff wrap up the show.

A good, if kind of weird show. Vader/Bulldog was good. Dick Murdoch was good. Dory/Bock was interesting. Like a 15 minute version of a 60 minute 70s NWA match. Cage match was pretty good but would have been better with Shane.