NWA World Championship Wrestling 4/12/86

TO THE TONY. Dusty and Baby Doll are the first guests of the night. Dream brags about buying Baby Doll a dress from Paris. He's ready to take the title from Flair at the Crockett Cup.

Hector Guerrero/Manny Fernandez vs George South/Tony Zane

Curious that Hector and Manny are teaming up tonight when they aren't a team in the Crockett Cup. Hector is teaming with Chavo, while Manny is teaming with Jimmy Valiant. They're both Mexican, so I guess that means they should be a team. Sound wrestling logic, I suppose. Hector was so good. I've said it before, but all the Guerreros were excellent. I'm not even sure Eddie was the best one in the family, he just got popular at a time when that style was more accepted and was able to be seen by more people worldwide. Manny was pretty good, too. He'd beat the dog shit out of jobbers. Wonderful flying knee drop, too. Manny and Hector get the win with a catapult crossbody block. 

TO THE TONY. Hector and Manny get to talk about their win and the Crockett Cup. I guess they're known as the Latin Connection. Hector says something about lucha. Tony was clearly confused when they were speaking Spanish, lol.

Black Bart vs Gene Ligon

I recently shit on Black Bart's push because it was clear he wasn't going up the card, but since then, he has won the Mid-Atlantic Championship, so what the fuck do I know. He's just a boring dude and his guillotine leg drop (known as the Trash Compactor) looked like shit.

TO THE TONY. Tully Blanchard is out to talk about what he did to Ron Garvin last week, which was repeatedly smashing Ron's hand with his hard shoe while Arn and JJ held it against the ring post. Essentially, he tells Ron to stop being a little bitch by complaining about his sore hand. Either put a cast on or wrestle like a man. 

Ivan Koloff/Nikita Koloff/Baron Von Raschke vs Italian Stallion/Nelson Royal/Denny Brown NWA World Six Man Tag Team Championship

The Baron is filling in for an injured Krusher Khrushchev. The NWA forced the Russians into this match, as the champs were about to have to vacate the titles due to not defending them in 30 days. Let's not think too hard about the Communist Russians teaming up with the Nazi German. Or that Baron was 46 but looked at least 73. Ivan was 44, yet also looked about 20 years older. Also weird is that Ivan Koloff is the guy that ended Bruno Sammartino's 7 year reign, yet regularly has significant trouble against unknown jobbers in the TV studio. Nikita, who has been refusing to wrestle on TV for weeks now, wins with a standing Russian Sickle. Title retained.

TO THE TONY. Ron Garvin is there to talk about his injured hand and rebut Tully's comments. On last week's show, he claimed to be a proud American, despite his thick Montreal accent. He also implies that the Horsemen are terrorists. From now on, any member of the Horsemen is fair game anywhere in the world. They better keep their eyes peeled, because Ron is going to fuck them up whenever he can find them.

TO THE TONY. LOD and Paul Ellering  are there to talk about the final match against the Russians in Baltimore. The last time they faced off, Hawk was injured, leading to a 2 on 3 handicap match where Paul was almost paralyzed. But Hawk is healthy. Shit is gonna go down.

Wahoo McDaniel vs Ron Rossi

Wahoo chops the shit out of Ron and gets a very easy win. I'm consistently annoyed at how many other wrestlers and even announcers call him Wahoo McDaniels.

TO THE TONY. Magnum T.A. has been waiting for months to get Nikita in his hands. It's going to happen soon. Fuck yo' Kremlin. Magnum definitely was going to be the next generation Dusty Rhodes, with a harder edge to him. I completely buy him as a tough fucker who will beat the shit out of you.

Jimmy Garvin vs Rocky Kernodle

I want to like Garvin, but I just can't disassociate him with Michael Hayes. Sorry, Jimmy Jam. You had a dope brainbuster and did the Stunner years before Austin. But all I can think about when I see you is Michael Hayes. Brainbuster gets the win.

TO THE MEAN BY GOD TONY. Ric takes more time to shit on the RNR. This entire feud is based upon Ric saying all of the RNR's fans were in training bras. On the other hand: "I like those double Ds, brother, you know what I'm tellin' ya?" 

Arn Anderson vs Sam Houston NWA TV Championship

Sam Houston is who Black Bart defeated to become the Mid-Atlantic champion. I don't know where the Mid-Atlantic title ranks, as there are about 80 NWA titles. World, US, National, TV, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic Heritage, Junior Heavyweight, International Junior Heavyweight, World Tag Team, US Tag Team, Six Man Tag Team, National Tag Team, and more. Plus each region had their own versions of most of those. Anyway, Flair is here to do color and you'll never hear someone put Arn Anderson over more in your life. He also puts over Houston and has very high praise for Tony Schiavone as well. He's in a good mood, I guess. Arn hits the spinebuster for I think the first time on TV in this match. Ric calls it a "double inverted powerslam". He gets the win with his normal finisher, the Gourdbuster. And he killed dudes with it. Title retained.

TO THE TONY. Arn takes time to brag about how he's earned that title, then talks about how he and Tully are going to win the Crockett Cup, after getting drunk before the show.

TO THE TONY. The RNR's are out here to talk about the Crockett Cup, the titles, and Ric Flair.  

Shaska Whatley/Barbarian vs Vernon Deaton/Randy Mulkey

It's weird that the Mulkeys are jobbers, but don't team together. Also, this Jim Jones/Jimmy Valiant stuff is the worst. Barb and Pez win.

TO THE TONY. The Russians return to talk about putting down the Road Warriors and Magnum. 

Rock N Roll Express vs Ray Traylor/Carl Styles

Ray Traylor is, of course, Big Bubba/Big Boss Man. He's been appearing for the past few weeks as a job guy who gets a little more offense than most of the jobbers due to being twice as big as most of them. The RNR throw dropkicks and Ric Flair immediately hits the ring. We got us an impromptu title match!

Ric Flair vs Ricky Morton NWA Championship

Fans are so hot for this. Morton gets multiple near falls in the opening minute. It appears Ric has underestimated the "teeny bopper". Flair never seemed like a big guy, but he looks huge in comparison to Morton. Like that Sheamus/Balor picture. This is very much the Flair Formula, but Ricky Morton possibly winning the title is a lot more believable than most of the guys Flair would face on TV. The RNRs are about the most over thing in JCP, pretty much even with Dusty and Magnum. Despite being a tag team specialist, the audience believes Ricky can do this. There is a ref bump, Flair's ass comes out, Flair gets posted and blades. Ric comes off the top with a crossbody. Ricky rolls through and gets a visual win over him that Robert Gibson counts. I'm assuming this was a title match based on Ric surrendering the title to the ref before the match.

TO THE TONY. Jim Cornette shows up to say about 90 words per second.

TO THE TONY. Dusty is out to congratulate Ricky Morton and has to get censored for saying ASS. Not here on the Superstation.

Midnight Express vs Paul Garner/Bob Owens

I'm telling you, Midnight Express squashes put LOD to shame. It's so weird because they don't look very threatening. And then they just demolish dudes.

TO THE TONY. Paul Jones and his Army are out to continue this interminable feud with Jimmy Valiant. 


Pretty big show for the studio. This is kind of technically the go home show for the Crockett Cup, which is next Saturday, although there is a normal TV show on that night as well, but obviously pre-taped.